Friday, April 10, 2015

Darol Anger and the Furies, Arlington, 4/25

notloB Music presents...
Darol Anger and the Furies

Darol Anger (5-string fiddle and mandocello) | Emy Phelps (guitar and vocals) | Jenna Moynihan (fiddle) | Mairi Chaimbeul (harp and vocals) | Aidan O'Donnell (bass)
Saturday, April 25, 8pm
PACC (sanctuary), Arlington

In Greek mythology, Furies were ferocious godlike female avengers who would swoop down on mortals and destroy them. In this band, the only difference is that instead of destruction, inspiration occurs. Darol Anger and the Furies is a new group put together uniquely for this decade, comprised of a fantastical all-star array of talented feminine presences, plus two notorious tricksters. Note: Due to health issues Eric Law will be unable to tour. He is being replaced by Aidan O'Donnell. 
Tickets and more info
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Dinnner and a show!

This is the Furies original lineup, instrumentation will be the same but besides Darol and Emy the other artists will be Jenna, Mairi and Aidan.


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