Friday, November 5, 2010

Songs of Imagined Migrations ~ The Guy Mendilow Band's Ladino Project

"In this era of pop-driven acoustic music, notloB is keeping the folk tradition alive." ~ Jack Hardy

notloB Folk Concerts

Songs of Imagined Migrations ~ 
The Guy Mendilow Band's Ladino Project

Date and Time
Friday, November 5 · 8:00pm - 10:00pm

Location Unity Church of God,
6 William St.
Somerville, MA

More Info
notloB Folk Concerts presents this special homecoming concert at the end of the band's fall 2010 tour. This is the Boston debut of this program.

The Guy Mendilow Band performs centuries-old music from Jewish communities from places such as Smyrna, Salonica, Jerusalem and Sarajevo, sung in the Judeo-Spanish Ladino. Stories of sailors seduced by sirens at sea, murder, intrigue, fantastic dreams and the treachery of kings and qu...eens abound in these colourful canticas. Led by Israeli performer Guy Mendilow, the group makes this ancient music relevant to modern audiences by recasting it through the multicultural lens drawn from the places Mendilow and his musicians have called home, from Israel and Brazil to the United States. The result is a dynamic blend of Sephardi tempered with Brazilian street beats and blues in vibrant musical storytelling awash with warm vocal harmonies, intricate textures and spellbinding rhythms.

“This isn’t for quirky ears, it’s for jaded ears that need to be shaken awake with something substantially different that keeps the interest on the beam throughout. Delightfully different, even when it seems like it might be familiar. ” —Midwest Record

$18 at the door; $15 if reservation is made at least 24 hours in advance to notlobreservations at gmail dot com  A LIMITED NUMBER OF SEATS WILL BE RESERVED FOR STUDENT RUSH, suggested donation $5.

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If you would like to become involved with this not-for-profit music series as a volunteer, please send an email to the reservation address above.

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