Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lord Geoffrey Presents Announces Spring 2014 Season

Continuing from where it left off last year...

  • John Mailander and Molly Tuttle
  • Ellie Buckland and Isa Burke 
  • Cat and The Moon
  • Dylan McKinstry and Friends
  • Dan Bui and Friends
  • Molly Pinto Matigan and Friends
  • Adrinna Ciccone and friends, featuring Neil Pearlman
  • Jacob Means and Friends
  • High Rock Mountain
...Lord Geoffrey Presents' 2014 series in Cambridge will resume on Friday, March 21, featuring rising young talent from the Berklee College of Music!  

The concerts are presented at Outpost 186, 186-1/2 Hampshire Street, Inman Square, Cambridge, an art gallery with great site lines and acoustics, not a bar where artists are forced to compete with loud conversations and blaring televisions, or a cramped listening room where patrons are packed into a tiny table.

Friday, March 21, 8pm
Elizabeth and Ben Anderson, a brother/sister Scottish fiddle duo.
"They are fantastic!"
-Natalie Haas

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Sunday, April 13, 7pm
Joe's Truck Stop Acoustic
"Conceived at a greasy spoon, Joe's Truck Stop is here to replace the pills in that there jar. Please, put those away."

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 Wednesday, May 14, 8pm
Fresh Haggis 
(Elias Alexander, Kathleen Parks and Eamon Seffton)

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Friday, May 16, 2014, 8pm
Lady Rogo and friends
"Crossing an old genre with a young fire.
She's sweet, she's Lady Rogo."

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Saturday, May 31, 8pm
Jenna and Mairi
Rooted in traditional Scottish and Appalachian Old-Time music"

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