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Public Radio Capital, "Broadening the reach of public media"

According to its own records, Big Brother, through "Public Radio Capital", has has spent more than $313 million to acquire commercial and college radio stations, bringing them into the government's National Propaganda Radio fold.

This information comes from

 "Broadening the reach of public media" indeed!

ClientTransaction sizePrimary
(note a)
1Public Television 19, Inc/KCPT (notes b,g)$1,650,0001,317,900

Acquisition of KTBG-FM (Kansas City, Kansas) 2013


WKTL-FM Operating Agreement (Youngstown, Ohio) 2013

3University of Texas$6,000,0001,554,653

Acquisition of KXBT (Austin, Texas) 2012

4The Working Group (note e)$170,000

Financing through Public Radio Fund (Oakland, Calif.) 2012

5Radio Bilingue (note e)$400,000

Financing through Public Radio Fund (Fresno, Calif.) 2012

6WXEL Public Broadcasting (note e)$2,000,000

Financing through Public Radio Fund (West Palm Beach, Fla.) 2012

7Delaware First Media (note e)$105,000117,641

Financing through Public Radio Fund (Dover, Del.) 2012

8Classical Public Radio Network$3,750,0001,772,557

Acquisition of KUSF (San Francisco, Calif.) 2012

9University of Missouri $40,000117,198

Acquisition of WQUB (Quincy Ill.) 2012

10University of Southern California$7,500,0002,057,105

Acquisition of KXSC (Sunnyvale, Calif.) 2012

11Colorado Public Radio$12,000,000

Refinancing (Denver, Colo.) 2012

12Marfa Public Radio Corporation (note e)$175,000

Financing through Public Radio Fund (Marfa, Texas) 2011

13University of Southern California $205,00078,854

Acquisition of K212AA (Los Gatos, Calif.)

14Ohio State University$2,000,000

Sale of WOSU-AM (Columbus, Ohio) 2011

15Listeners Community Radio of Utah $225,000106,617

Sale of KZCL-FM (Logan, Utah) 2011

16Iowa Public Radio $1,750,000421,783

Acquisition of KZHZ-FM (Patterson, Iowa) and KZHC-FM (Pleasantville, Iowa) 2011

17The Wheeler School

WELH-FM Operating Agreement (Providence, R.I.) 2011

18University of Alabama$1,100,000891,671

Acquisition of WHIL-FM (Mobile, Ala.) 2011

19Radio Bilingue (notes e,f)$650,000

Financing through Public Radio Fund (Denver, Colo.) 2011

20Denver Educational Broadcasting Inc. (note e)$500,000

Financing through Public Radio Fund (Denver, Colo.) 2011

21Northern Kentucky University $6,750,0003,300,000

Acquisition of WPAY-FM & WPFB-FM/AM (Cincinnati, Ohio) 2011

22Marfa Public Radio Corporation$300,000141,272

Acquisition of KOCV-FM (Odessa, Texas) 2011

23Essential Public Media (note b)$6,000,0001,784,349

Acquisition of WDUQ-FM (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 2011

24Essential Public Media (note e)$2,500,000

Financing (WDUQ-FM in Pittsburgh, Pa.) 2011

25KOCE Foundation (note e)$4,527,305

Re-financing (KOCE-TV, in Huntington Beach, Calif.) 2010

26WFCR Foundation (note e)$420,0002,110,123

Financing through Public Radio Fund (Amherst, Mass.) 2010

27University of Houston$9,932,0004,018,325

Acquisition of KTRU-FM (Houston, Texas.) 2010

28Vermont Public Radio$435,00046,515

Acquisition of WVXR-FM (Randolph, Vt.) 2010

29University of South Florida$1,275,000793,757

Acquisition of WSMR-FM (Sarasota, Fla.) 2010

30Ohio State University (note d)$4,871,000917,373

Acquisition of WWCD-FM (Columbus, Ohio) 2010

31American Public Media Group$4,050,0001,801,694

Acquisition of WXEL-FM (West Palm Beach, Fla.) 2010

32Long Island University$850,000133,413

Sale of WLIU-FM (Southampton, New York.) 2010

33Colorado Public Radio$8,300,000

Re-financing (KVOD-FM, prev. KFDN, in Denver, Colo.) 2010

34eTown (note e)$2,300,000

Financing through Public Radio Fund (Boulder, Colo.) 2010

35WGBH Educational Foundation$14,000,0004,006,875

Acquisition of WCRB-FM (Boston, Mass.) 2009

36North Texas Public Broadcasting, Inc.$18,000,0005,901,402

Acquisition of KVTT-FM (Dallas, Texas) 2009

37North Texas Public Broadcasting, Inc. (note f)$17,500,000

Financing (KVTT-FM in Dallas, Texas) 2009

38Cincinnati Public Radio

WMUB-FM Operating Agreement (Oxford, Ohio) 2009

39University of Southern California$1,200,000220,327

Acquisition of KXTY-FM (Morro Bay, Calif.) 2009

40Lakeshore Public Media$1,050,000129,720

Acquisition of WWLO-FM (Lowell, Ind.) 2008

41Wasatch Public Media (note e)$2,818,000

Financing (KCPW-FM in Salt Lake City, Utah) 2008

42Capital Public Radio$4,700,000947,302

Acquisition of KUOP-FM (Stockton, Calif.) 2008

43New Hampshire Public Radio$6,000,000

Financing for new building, studios and equipment (New Hampshire) 2008

44California Lutheran University$1,440,000538,165

Acquisition of KIST-AM (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2008

45Wasatch Public Media$2,400,000830,361

Acquisition of KCPW-FM (Salt Lake City, Utah) 2008

46American Public Media$1,000,000141,432

Acquisition of KBXO-FM (Coachella, Calif.) 2008

47Colorado Public Radio$8,200,000

Financing (KFDN-FM in Denver, Colo.) 2008

48Colorado Public Radio$8,200,0002,548,279

Acquisition of KFDN-FM (Denver, Colo.) 2008

49North Texas Music Foundation$500,000

Sale of a CP in Stephenville, Texas 2007

50American Public Media Group$20,000,0004,302,125

Acquisition of WMCU-FM (Miami, Fla.) and a translator (West Palm Beach, Fla.) 2007

51Santa Fe Community College

Swap of KSFR-FM for KSFQ-FM in Santa Fe, N.Mex. (owned by Educational Media Foundation) 2007

52University of Pennsylvania$4,335,0001,247,380

Acquisition of WZXM-FM and a translator (Middletown, Pa. & Harrisburg, Pa.) 2007

53University of Pennsylvania$1,250,000

Sale of WXPH-FM (Harrisburg, Pa.) 2007

54Northeast Indiana Public Radio$1,750,000454,177

Acquisition of WCKZ-FM (Ft. Wayne, Ind.) 2006

55Jacksonhole Community Radio$18,00017,159

Acquisition of KURT-FM (CP) (Jackson, Wyo.) 2006

56Capital Community Broadcasting$676,40030,000

Acquisition of KFMG-FM and KSRJ-FM (Juneau, Alaska) 2006

57University of Massachusetts$725,000

Sale of WSMU-FM (N. Dartmouth, Mass.) 2006

58Vermont Public Radio$147,00026,617

Acquisition of a CP (Brighton, Vt.) 2006

59Cincinnati Public Radio$411,000

Sale of WVXA-FM (Rogers City, Mich.) 2006

60Cincinnati Public Radio$200,000

Sale of WVXH-FM (Harrison, Mich.) 2006

61Cincinnati Public Radio$380,000

Sale of WVXM-FM (Manistee, Mich.) 2006

62Puget Sound Public Radio$500,000202,222

Acquisition of KVSN-AM (Olympia, Wash.) 2006

63Puget Sound Public Radio$6,000,000

Financing (KXOT-FM in Seattle-Tacoma, Wash.) 2006

64Puget Sound Public Radio

Operating agreement with PRC for KXOT in Wash. 2006

65Oklahoma State University$130,00050,700

Acquisition of two translators (Bixby & Okmulgee, Okla.) 2005

66Radio Bilingue$50,00039,412

Acquisition of KVFR-FM (CP) (Laytonville, Calif.) 2005

67Cincinnati Public Radio$15,000,000

Financing (Cincinnati, Ohio) 2005

68Cincinnati Public Radio$15,000,0002,293,533

Acquisition of 7 Xavier University Stations (Cincinnati, Ohio) 2005 (note c)

69WMHT Educational Communications$1,500,000225,424

Acquisition of WBKK-FM (Amsterdam, N.Y.) 2005

70Oklahoma State University $4,000,000366,025

PRC Acquisition of KGND on Behalf of OSU (Tulsa, Okla.) 2004/2005

71Oklahoma State University $7,000,000626,001

Financing (Oklahoma City & Tulsa, Okla.) 2004/2005

72University of Iowa$450,00056,312

Acquisition/Financing - KIIC-FM (Lamoni, Iowa) 2004

73San Diego State University$1,100,000100,601

Acquisition of KQVO FM (Calexico, Calif.) 2004

74Boulder Community Broadcast Associates$4,100,0002,710,616

Acquisition of KJME-AM (Denver, Colo.) 2004

75Radio for Milwaukee

WYMS-FM Operating Agreement (Milwaukee, Wisc.) 2004

76GBH Telecommunications $3,927,00094,866

Represented in the FCC Auction (Brewster, Mass.) 2004

77Joy Public Broadcasting $1,200,000300,009

Sale of WJTM-FM (Frederick, Md.) 2004

78High Plains Public Radio $1,200,000239,829

Acquisition KAEZ-FM Station (Amarillo, Texas) 2004

79Nevada Public Radio$250,000111,132

Acquisition of KZBS-FM (CP) (St. George, Utah) 2004

80KBPS Foundation $5,500,0001,902,001

Acquisition of KBPS-FM (Portland, Ore.) 2003

81Northeast Public Radio /WAMC $500,000618,461

Acquisition of WAMC-AM (Albany, N.Y.) 2003

82Bates Technical College$5,000,0002,181,922

PRC Acquisition of KBTC-FM from Bates (Tacoma, Wash.) 2003/2005

83Chicago Public Radio

WLUW-FM Operating Agreement (Chicago, Ill.) 2003

84KQED Inc. $3,000,000451,131

Acquisition of KQEI-FM (Sacramento, Calif.) 2003

85Park City Community Wireless $2,400,0002,085,744

Financing (Salt Lake City, Utah.) 2003

86Nashville Public Radio $3,000,0001,029,856

Acquisition of WQDQ-AM (Nashville, Tenn.) 2002

87Chicago Public Radio $550,000100,054

Acquisition of WBEW-FM (Chesterton, Ind.) 2002

88Nashville Public Radio $5,690,000

Financing (Nashville, Tenn.) 2001/2002

89Johns Hopkins University $5,000,0001,679,312

Sale of WYPR-FM (Baltimore, Md.) 2001/2002

90WGBH Educational Foundation $1,500,00040,758

Merger of WCAI/WNAN with WGBH (Cape Islands, Mass.) 2001

91Colorado Public Radio $4,200,0002,394,709

Acquisition of KCFR-AM (Denver, Colo.) 2001

92Colorado Public Radio $6,300,000

Financing (Denver, Colo.) 2001/2002

Transaction Total$313,677,70567,962,623
(a) The column represents the public media service area expanded or preserved by each transaction. Population coverage within the 60dBu (1.0mV/m ) FCC contour. The 60dBu coverage area is considered to be the primary coverage area for a non-commercial FM station and is the contour that is protected from interference by the FCC. Population predictions based upon V-Soft Communications - Probe 3 with Longley-Rice propagation model for the FMs (at 9.1m receiver height above ground) and FCC contour daytime coverage for the AMs. 2000 Census Data for sales before 2004; 2004 Census estimates for sales between 2003 and 2007; 2007 US Census estimated for sales between 2008 and 2010; and 2010 US Census estimates for sales in 2011 on.
(b) Transaction purchase agreement signed but not yet closed.
(c) Including: WVXU-FM/ Cincinnati, Ohio; WVXC-FM/ Chillicothe, Ohio; WVXR-FM/Richmond, Ind.; WVXH-FM/Harrison, Mich.; WVXW-FM/West Union, Ohio; WVXA-FM/Rogers City, Mich.; WVXM-FM/Manistee, Mich.
(d) Transaction size based on net present value of cash flows associated with the purchase price and sellers note, discounted at 3%.
(e) Transaction amount reflects total amount committed.
(f) Loan paid in full.
(g) Transaction total amount includes $550,000 in non-cash consideration. Primary coverage represents potential coverage of the proposed upgraded signal for KTBG-FM.

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