Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Results of the 34th annual Lowell Banjo and Fiddle Contest

Via its Facebook page,  Lowell National Historical Park has announced the results of the 34th annual Lowell Banjo and Fiddle Contest.

The judges have spoken and the results are in! Congratulations to the winners of the Banjo & Fiddle Contest and a big thank you to judges Maggie Holtzberg and Jim Bollman.

Here are the winners in each category:

Southern Appalachian Old Time Fiddle...
1st : Eden Forman, Gloucester
2nd : Cathy Mason, Melrose
3rd : Bach Bui, Cambridge

Southern Appalachian Old Time Banjo
1st : Lukas Pool, Medford
2nd : Tim Rowell, Marblehead
3rd : John Reddick, Lexington

Bluegrass Fiddle
1st : Bronwyn Keith-Hynes, Jamaica Plain
2nd : Sarah Hubbard, Westfield
3rd : Dave Reiner, Lexington

Bluegrass Banjo
1st : Gabe Hirshfeld, Newton
2nd : Joe DePasquale, Brookline
3rd : Matt Witler, Boston

Banjo & Fiddle (any style)
1st : Eden Forman, Gloucester & Lukas Pool, Medford
2nd : Bronwyn Keith-Hynes, Jamaica Plain & Matt Witler, Boston
3rd : Sadie Curry, Boston & Jordan Alleman, Brighton

Northern Fiddle
1st : Natalya Trudeau, Lowell
2nd : Kathleen Parks, Boston
3rd : Adrienne Howard, Beverly

Twin Fiddle
1st : Fiona Henry & Natalya Trudeau, Lowell
2nd : Carol A. Kycia & Aram Hollman, Arlington
3rd : Benjamin & Delaney Foss, Rehoboth

Youth (12 and under)
1st : Theo Bester, Reading
2nd : Cordelia L. Rozmiarek, Beverly
3rd : Ceiligh Cacho-Negrete, Amesbury

Click here to see additional photos of t
he 34th Annual Banjo & Fiddle Contest, presented by the Lowell Summer Music Series and Lowell National Historical Park at Boardinghouse Park.

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