Monday, June 28, 2010

Kimber Ludiker named 2010 Grand National Champion Fiddler !

...second year in a row!

From Grand Master Fiddler Championship:

The Grand Master Fiddler Championship would like to congratulate the 2010 Grand National Champion Fiddler Kimber Ludiker! The GMFC is extending this year's champion at Weiser an automatic invitation to compete as a Finalist at the 39th Annual Grand Master Fiddler Championship in Nashville, TN, October 1 and 2, 2010.

Kimber is a member of Della Mae and Broken Blossoms. who performed at a notloB concert on April 11, 2009.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Si Kahn's visit to WCUW

Si Kahn  dropped by WCUW to help promote community radio and generously donated 24 signed copies of his new book .  Contact WCUW to become a member/renew your membership and get your copy (call anytime, but your support during "In the Tradition", Tuesday 5-8pm is appreciated).

See more photos here .

Creative Community Organizing
A Guide for Rabble-Rousers, Activists, and Quiet Lovers of Justice

Community Organizing cover Si's latest work is a different kind of community organizing book. As with other books, including some by Kahn himself, it does describe many of the practical tactics organizers use. But it's also about community organizing as a way of thinking and a way of life.

For Kahn, it has been a way of life. He has been intimately involved in some of the most important progressive struggles of the past fifty years - the civil rights movement, the Harlan County miners' strike, the fight against prison privatization, and many more. In this unique and moving book he uses his experiences and those of the women and men he's worked with to illuminate critical aspects of organizing not touched upon by more conventional manuals.

The stories Kahn tells are entertaining, funny, sad, and inspiring, but they're more than that - they're examples of creative community organizing in action. And like the secular rabbi he calls himself, Kahn lays out the specific lessons each tale is meant to teach - not only strategy and tactics, but advice on how to deal on a personal level with the demands of a difficult but vitally important job. Creative Community Organizing will help established organizers become more innovative and encourage them to question established principles and decide whether or not they still work. Aspiring organizers will discover a whole new way of looking at the world - they'll gain a sense of empowerment, understand that they can live and work in ways that help make the world more just and humane.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pete Seeger CD “Tomorrow’s Children” Due July 27th

Over the past year I have twice had the very good fortune of crossing paths with Pete and Toshi Seeger and the kids of classroom 12, last June in Beacon at a ceremony honoring the town's leading citizens, and this past weekend at the Great Hudson Revival (Clearwater Festival).  The picture below was taken at the festival's Family Stage.

Pete Seeger CD “Tomorrow’s Children” Due July 27th

On his latest studio album, Tomorrow’s Children, the indomitable Pete Seeger continues his life’s work of communication and inspiration to action. This CD is like a joyful town picnic featuring Pete as a (global) village elder, assembling his neighbors to appreciate their past and present, to celebrate their triumphs against environmental threats, to swap old and new stories, to appreciate the natural glories surrounding them and to make sure that the following generations “carry it on” – the unifying spirit and power of music, the “folk process” of adapting or writing songs to respond to current situations.

The 19 newly recorded songs on Tomorrow’s Children testify to Seeger’s long-held credo, “Think globally, act locally.” Once considered a controversial outsider by some of the residents of his adopted hometown of Beacon, NY, the international icon of sociopolitical activism has since involved himself in local activities and issues and became accepted as a neighbor. His concern about the heavily polluted Hudson River that runs alongside Beacon inspired the construction of the 107- foot Sloop Clearwater, “America’s Environmental Flagship,” which sails the Hudson spreading environmental education and awareness.

When Beacon fourth-grade teacher Tery Udell invited Clearwater educator and singer Dan Einbender to teach her students about the Hudson, class sessions became songfests, and where there are songs, there’s Pete. He became a regular visitor to the kids’ classroom in 2007.

The classroom gatherings and performances inevitably led to a series of recordings by Pete, Dan, musician and CD co-producer (with Dan) David Bernz, the children (known as “The Rivertown Kids”), as well as adult musicians, high schoolers and even 14 grammar school percussion students. The result of such a disparate musical cast is a delight to the ears as presented on Tomorrow’s Children. Pete is on every track of the CD, singing, storytelling, playing banjo and 12-string guitar, but he shares the studio spotlight with all of his guests. Their voices, instruments and the songs they have adopted or adapted are woven into a colorful quilt depicting our nation’s history (“Take It from Dr. King,” the tribute to Pete’s fellow civil rights warrior performed on the “Late Night with David Letterman” show; “I See Freedom,” the true story of a runaway slave who settled in Beacon); the possibilities of an ecologically clean world (the newly co-written Seeger song “Solartopia” featuring guest vocalist Dar Williams), and the natural beauty worth preserving (“Down by the River,” “The River that Flows Both Ways,” and others). Perhaps most importantly, Tomorrow’s Children contains songs of empowerment and cooperation adapted or written by the kids themselves such as “We Sing Out” (“…so our voices can be heard,” with a melody borrowed from Tom Paxton), an updated version of the old gospel and union song, “We Shall Not Be Moved,” and a set of new verses to Seeger’s Biblically-inspired standard, “Turn, Turn, Turn,” added for the children by Pete’s wife of more than 60 years, Toshi.
No matter who’s singing the songs, the spirit of Tomorrow’s Children is pure Pete. The reflective title track extols “the dream of changing the world into something new . . . Our greatest joy was opening the way for you.” And as Pete sings in “It’s a Long Haul,” “It’s a job for the many/Not just for the few . . .haulin’ together and makin’ up a rhyme.” That sounds like Paradise to Pete – a common goal approached with unity of purpose and effort, and sneaking in some fun, too. You needn’t be one of tomorrow’s children to take these reminders to heart.

1 Quite Early Morning (with spoken introduction)
2. We Sing Out
3. There’ll Come a Day
4. Solartopia
5.Down by the River
7. Mastinchele Wachipi Olewan (The Rabbit Song)
8. The River that Flows Both Ways
9. I See Freedom
10.Take It from Dr. King
11. De Colores
12. It Really Isn’t Garbage
13.English is Cuh-ray-zee
14. River Song (Back and Forth the Hudson Flows)
15.It’s a Long Haul
16. We Shall Not Be Moved
17. Turn, Turn, Turn
18. Tomorrow’s Children
19. Quite Early Morning


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

notfarG House Concerts Presents Bill & Eli Perras

Performers of Original, Inspired, Acoustic Folk & Blues from DeLand, FL

Sunday, June 27, 2010
6:30pm - 9:30pm
A private residence in Grafton, MA
will be given on registration
Grafton, MA

The many inspired lyrics given to and interpreted by Eli, combined with Bill's bluesy finger-style guitar playing create a very uniquely modern take on true Americana music in its purest form. Receiving much recognition for their tightly woven musical creativity, they humbly remain true to their personal values. They speak out with strong heartfelt lyrics accompanied by soulful genuine pentatonic rhythms against social injustices, corporate greed, and daily follies in everyday life. They can grip your heart, search your soul, change a mindset, or softly strike a funny bone, all the while leaving the audience with a sentiment for the common good we desire in all mankind.

Bill & Eli have opened for Bill Staines, Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen, Michael Smith, John Gorka, Jack Williams, Anne Feeney, Scott Ainslie, Small Potatoes, Emma's Revolution, Paul Geremia, Panama Red and many more nationally recognized entertainers. They are regulars at the many Florida folk music venues and festivals and frequently travel the country sharing their music beyond the Sunshine State.

Join us for a potluck dinner (bring an entrée, salad, desert and adult beverage of your choice, coffee and tea are provided) at 6:30.

Concert begins at 7:30pm.

Suggested minimum donation $10, all proceeds to the artists.

Reservations required - notlobreservations|at|gmail|dot|com

notloB Folk Concerts & notfarG House concerts
Website ~
notloB mailing list ~
notfarG mailing list ~
Facebook notloB~
Facebook notfarG ~

See for other area concerts.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Media Blitz Record Co. ——- Aoife O’Donovan ——– Limited edition 7″ vinyl with handmade silkscreened sleeves ——— AWESOME!!!!

very cool, 7" vinyl, silkscreened artwork, recorded on analog tape and some of the best acoustic musicians alive!

From Jacob Silver.

Media Blitz Record Co. ——- Aoife O’Donovan ——– Limited edition 7″ vinyl with handmade silkscreened sleeves ——— AWESOME!!!!


I can’t even explain how excited I am to announce the very first release on Media Blitz Record Co.  It’s been a long time coming for Media Blitz to actually start releasing records, and shortly we’ll have the vinyl in our hands.  SO STOKED.

The first release is by our dear friend Aoife O’Donovan.  The two songs on the 7″ were recorded over here at the studios at Media Blitz East in 2006, and just sat around in the vaults for a few years waiting to be released.  An incredible cast of musicians and friends were involved with the making of this 7″, including such Media Blitz regulars as Nico Georis, Ryan Scott, Rushad Eggleston, Aoife (of course), and (obv) Robin MacMillan and me, Jacob Silver.  A few relatively new friends were also involved with this record: Brittany Haas, who played violin, Alejandro Venguer, who mixed the record, Brian Turner from Cricket Press, who did the artwork, and Aaron Schultz, who runs a great record label called Bastard Jazz.  Aaron helped facilitate the actual production of the vinyl itself.  Each step in this long process was as crucial as the next, and each person’s incredible contribution is what has made this project turn out so great.

We will be having a record release party at the Rockwood Music Hall in NYC on Tuesday, June 22 at 8pm.

Click here for more info.

As of right now, the only way to get the record is to buy one at one of Aoife’s shows (click here to see if she’ll be coming through your town anytime soon), but that will soon change.  In a few weeks we will have online ordering set up, so you’ll be able to purchase a record from anywhere in the world.  Each record purchase also includes a free download!  Even if you don’t have a record player, it’s totally worth it to buy one of these records.  The artwork is absolutely stunning.  Pretty enough to frame and put on your wall.  Please check back soon if you’d like to order a record, or email me and I’ll let you know as soon as it’s available.

The concept of Media Blitz Record Co. is simple.  To release high quality music that was recorded at Media Blitz, and at least co-produced by me or Robin MacMillan.  All of our releases will be on vinyl, and will all be recorded on analog tape.  Stay tuned for upcoming releases.  We’ve got some INCREDIBLE stuff on the way.



Monday, June 14, 2010

Elizabeth Butters' L-1 stolen

Elizabeth Butters, reports her guitar has been stolen.

In her own words...
My guitar got stolen last night in bed-stuy after our show. It's the only one I've ever had and it would be a huge help if friends could help keep an eye out in pawnshops here or on craigslist. It was a 1964 l-1's a picture. Thanks in advance!

...there was a small crack on the upper half of the body and someone'd carved his/her social security number on the back of the neck by the tuning pegs. I don't know the serial number right now, but I might be able to get it.
Reach Elizabeth through facebook

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

(Mostly) Northeast Folk/Roots/Bluegrass/Cajun/Celtic Festivals


(Mostly) Northeast Folk/Roots/Bluegrass/Cajun/Celtic Festivals

Table Description: As accurate as we can maintain it. Email suggestions/corrections to Program & performers subject to change, always verify with the festival.
Start Date v End Date Festival URL Genre City State 2010 Performers 2010 Thread Comments

6/3/10 6/6/10 Strawberry Park Bluegrass Festival Bluegrass folk & pop folk Preston CT Dailey & Vincent (Friday) Marty Stuart (Saturday) The Greencards (Sat & Sun) Peter Rowan (Friday) The Gibson Brothers (Friday) Dry Branch Fire Squad (Sat & Sun) The Farewell Drifters (Thur & Fri) Kenny & Amanda Smith (Saturday) Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice (Thursday) The Boston Boys (Fri & Sat) Amy Gallatin (Thurs & Fri) Wayne Taylor & Appaloosa (Saturday) Rockin’ Acoustic Circus (Sunday) Darin & Brooke Aldridge (Sunday) Red Molly (Saturday), …and presenting our Folk Music Stage, featuring… The Kennedys (Sat) Dala (Sat) Vance Gilbert (Sat) Red Molly (Sat) Tracy Grammer (Sat) 9016
6/4/10 6/6/10 Mountain Jam VI Roots, rock, bluegrass Hunter NY 10027
6/5/10 6/5/10 31st ANNUAL CAMBRIDGE RIVER FESTIVAL jazz, folk, Latin and world music Cambridge MA tba 9350 Rain or Shine A FREE one-day celebration of the arts along the banks of the Charles River — featuring jazz, folk, Latin and world music performances, dance, art demonstrations, family art-making activities and over 100 specialty food purveyors and craftspeople! The Cambridge River Festival celebrates the arts with a free outdoor event, attracting an enthusiastic audience of 200,000 to the banks of the Charles River. With 30 years under its belt, the River Festival has become a venerated Cambridge “institution” and a highly anticipated annual event. Beginning with a procession from Harvard Square to the Charles River, the Festival’s enormous variety of visual and performing art and food reflects the city’s diverse neighborhoods and cultural heritage. Visitors experience a wide array of Cambridge‐based visual and performing arts which extend along a mile‐long stretch of Memorial Drive between JFK Street and Western Avenue. The Cambridge River Festival collaborates with many local organizations and programs to showcase multiple stages of live national and local jazz, folk, world music, dance, poetry and theater performances. Visitors also enjoy family entertainment, hands-on art-making activities and demonstrations, crafts, and a grand assortment of specialty foods and traditional festival fare. You can also contact Julie Madden, Director of Community Arts: or 617-349-4381.
6/5/10 6/6/10 Michael Arnone’s 21st Annual Crawfish Fest Funk, New Orleans R&B, Delta Blues, Brass, Cajun and Zydeco Sussex County NJ 10035
6/6/10 6/6/10 The festival formerly known as the "Boston Folk Festival" Folk, Contemporary singer-songwriter, pop. Boston MA 9356 Do a google search, this results: "Nine stages of live folk music including singer-songwriter, blues, bluegrass, traditional, and folk/rock. The Festival includes a dance stage, ..." Really? caveat emptor
6/6/10 6/6/10 GREEN ROOTS FESTIVAL Folk, world Jamaica Plain MA Kaos Puppets, Pan Xpressions Steelband, A Far Cry Self-Conducted Chamber Orchestra, Marcus Santos & Bloco AfroBrazil, Incus unplugged, Sardine Circus, Pariah Beat 10079 Free!
6/10/10 6/13/10 Roots on the River Festival Roots, Americana Bellows Falls VT Canadian singer/songwriter Fred Eaglesmith anchors this 4 day festival. 6 shows, 5 venues, 4 days. Outstanding lineups, great food reasonably priced, free parking, deluxe ticket packages. 10th Annual ROTR Festival set to open on Thursday, June 11 2009. Josh Maiocco, Chris Smither, Sonny Landreth, Ninja Monkeys, Spike Dogtooth, Roger Marin Band, Junior Brown, Jenee Halsted, Sweetback Sisters, Caroline Herring, Red Molly, Hayes Carll, The Bottle Rockets, Jeffrey Foucault, Fred Eaglesmith, and more to be added. 8899
6/10/10 6/13/10 Strawberry Park Cajun/ Zydeco Festival Cajun & Zydeco Preston CT Geno Delafose & French Rockin’ Boogie–Sat & Sun Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys–Fri & Sat Pine Leaf Boys–Sat & Sun Brian Jack & The Zydeco Gamblers–Sat & Sun Chris Ardoin & NuStep–Fri & Sat Donna the Buffalo–Saturday Jesse Lege & Bayou Brew–Thur, Fri & Sun Girl Howdy–Sunday Li’l Anne & Hot Cayenne–Thur & Fri Dennis Stroughmatt & Creole Stomp — Thur & Fri The derailers–Fri JimmyJo & The Jumbol’ayuhs–Fri & Sat The Hot Tamale Brass Band –Sat 9188
6/11/10 6/13/10 Worcester Irish Music Festival Celtic Worcester MA 9931
6/11/10 6/13/10 31st Annual Sea Music Festival Traditional Folk Mystic CT Barrouallie Whalers, Barry Keenan, The Beans, Black Brook Singers, Bob Webb, Carl Thornton, Chris Koldewey, Cliff Haslam & 'The Jovial Crew', David Iler, David Coffin, David Littlefield, Deb Cowen, Denise Cannella, Don Sineti, Gabriel Donohue, Geoff Kaufman, Hughie Jones, The Johnson Girls, Mustard's Retreat, Nordet, Peter Kasin and Richard Adrianowicz, Rick Nestler, Stephen Sanfilippo 9995
6/12/10 6/13/10 The 34th annual San Francisco Free Folk Festival Folk, World San Francisco CA

6/17/10 6/20/10 Jennybrook Bluegrass Festival Bluegrass Tunbridge VT Gibson Brothers, Seldom Scene, Don Rigsby & Dudley Connell, Leroy Troy & The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band, , Audie Blaylcock & Redline, Alan Bibey & Grasstowne, Summertown Road, Acoustic Blue, Smokey Greene, Hemingway Brothers, Brenda Mathews & Friends, and your host bands, The Seth Sawyer Band and The Sawyer Brothers. 8676
6/17/10 6/20/10 Blistered Fingers Family Bluegrass Festival Bluegrass Litchfield ME Alecia Nugent (LA) Sat. Little Roy & Lizzy (GA/TN) Sat. Audie Blaylock & Redline (IN) Fri. The Larry Gillis Band (GA) Thur, Fri. Tim Graves & Cherokee (AL) Fri. White Mountain Bluegrass (NH) Sat., Sun. Bluegrass Diamonds (NB) Fri., Sat. Wilf Clark & The Misty Mountaineers (ME) Sat. Blue Horizon (NS) Thur., Fri., Sun. Phat Grass (ME) Thur., Fri., Sun. Aroostook County Bluegrass (ME) Sun. Blue Around The Edges (RI) Sat. The LaClaires (ME) Sun. Robinson Gospel Sing Along (MA) Sun. And Your Host Band Blistered Fingers (ME) Thurs., Fri. 9210
6/19/10 6/20/10 Clearwater Festival - Great Hudson River Revival Folk, blues, roots Croton-on-Hudson NY 9328
6/24/10 7/5/10 Smithsonian Folklife Festival Folk Washington DC ? 10044
6/25/10 6/27/10 Old Songs Music Festival Folk, traditional, Celtic and world music and dance Altamont NY 9315 "We are not what one might call a "singer-songwriter festival"..."
6/26/10 6/26/10 The Americana Folk Festival Traditional folk Bryn Athyn PA Peggy Seeger, Diana Jones, Jonathan Byrd, Doug & Telisha Williams 9539
6/26/10 6/26/10 Westford Roots, Rhythm & Blues Festival Blues, rock Westford MA * THE JAMES MONTGOMERY BLUES BAND * THE LOVE DOGS * THE UNDAUNTED: PROFESSOR HARP * LYDIA WARREN * MARTY NESTOR BAND * LITTLE JOHN & GREG CARTER * CORETTA SELLARS * And more-- to be announced. 9993
6/27/10 6/27/10 GrayMist Fiddle Fest traditional, bluegrass, Celtic and old-time Groveton NH ? 10086
7/2/10 7/4/10 New Bedford Summerfest Contemporary folk, revioval folk, Celtic, pop. New Bedford MA &!/pages/New-Bedford-MA/New-Bedford-Summerfest/168004690150?ref=ts 9101 2/19: Many more artists are announced in facebook then the official website.
7/8/10 7/11/10 Basin Bluegrass Festival Bluegrass Brandon VT 9334
7/10/10 7/10/10 The Cape Cod Rhythm and Roots Festival Roots Cotuit MA 10017
7/11/10 7/17/10 Catskills Irish Arts Week Celtic East Durham NY 10030
7/14/10 7/18/10 The Woody Guthrie Folk Festival Folk revival, old-time, singer-songwriter. Okemah OK 9934 The Woody Guthrie Folk Festival is held annually in mid-July to commemorate the life and music of Woody Guthrie. The festival is held on the weekend closest to July 14 - the date of Guthrie's birth - in Guthrie's hometown of Okemah, Oklahoma. Daytime main stage performances are held indoors at the Brick Street Cafe and the Crystal Theater. Evening main stage performances are held outdoors at the Pastures of Plenty. The festival is planned and implemented annually by the Woody Guthrie Coalition, a non-profit corporation, whose goal is simply to ensure Guthrie's musical legacy.
7/16/10 7/18/10 Solarfest, Folk, jam, focus on VT musicians. Tinmouth VT None listed as of 2/19. 8631 We are looking forward to bringing you another great year of world-class entertainment, the best workshops the Northeast has to offer, plus over 100 vendors and exhibitors showcasing a wide variety of renewable energy and sustainability products, clothing, crafts and delicious food. Tickets go on sale in April. Performers and presenters will be listed as they are confirmed. Workshop proposal and volunteer applications will be available in mid-January. Mark your calendars for SolarFest 2010 - July 16, 17 and 18! For more than 15 years, demonstrating the power of positive energy!
7/16/10 7/18/10 Green River Festival Americana Greenfield MA 9116
7/16/10 7/17/10 Paulie’s New Orleans Jazz & Blues Festival Blues, Cajun & Funk Worcester MA

7/17/10 7/18/10 Riverhead Blues and Music Festival Blues, zydeco Peconic River Front, Riverhead NY Joe Krown Trio Rosie Ledet & The Zydeco Playboys, Sean Chambers Band, Little Toby Walker 9950 The 12th Annual Riverhead Blues and Music Festival presented by the Vail Leavitt Music Hall. Come out and enjoy over 30 Live bands performing over the course of two days in front of the scenic Peconic river. Vendors! Food! Carnival! Live Music! Guaranteed to be the best time you will have this summer !
7/19/10 7/19/10 Blackstone River Theatre Celtic Festival Celtic Cumberland RI Aoife Clancy & Robbie O'Connell, Paddy Keenan, Pendragon, Bua, 10023
7/22/10 7/25/10 Ossipee Valley Music Festival Bluegrass, string band, old-time South Hiram ME The Steep Canyon Rangers, The Gibson Brothers, The Claire Lynch Band, Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper, The Bluegrass Gospel Project, The Belleville Outfit, The Good Lovelies, The Packway Handle Band, Darol Anger and the Republic of Strings, Joy Kills Sorrow, The Toughcats, The Bagboys, Muddy Marsh Ramblers, Bits & Pieces and more to come. 9217 One of the largest acoustic music festivals in New England. The festival is held among the tall pines in western Maine on the banks of the Ossipee River. Besides the 40 hours of live music from National touring artists the festival is host to three prestigious contests totaling more than $10,000.00 in prizes, several Contra and Barn dances, over a dozen workshops, children's activities and much, much more. The festival is host to the New England Song Contest, Flatpicking and Banjo Championships. The competitions draw contestants from across the country. Saturday night usually features a Contra dance. Music workshops for beginners to masters level are given by the main stage performers and are offered free of charge.
7/23/10 7/25/10 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Contemporary singer-songwriter Hillsdale NY Gandalf Murphy & the Slambovian Circus of Dreams, Vance Gilbert, Dala, Giant Robot Dance, Nerissa & Katrina Nields, and our three top voted by audience Showcase Artists from 2009: The Brilliant Inventions, Swing Caravan and chuck e. costa. 8554 Volunteer application form available 2/19.
7/23/10 7/25/10 Lowell Folk Festival Traditional & ethnic folk Lowell MA 9187 With hundreds of thousands of visitors attending annually, the experience is ever-changing. The four producing partners: The City of Lowell, the Lowell Festival Foundation, Lowell National Historical Park, and the National Council for the Traditional Arts, have continued organizing and presenting the Festival annually during the last full weekend in July.
7/29/10 8/1/10 Gathering of the Vibes Festival Singer-songwriter, bluegrass, psychodelic, soul, rock, reggae. Bridgeport CT To be announced 3/19. 9186 Gathering of the Vibes is an annual music, arts and camping festival now in its 15th year. Vibes has grown into a four-day festival that has featured such world-class talent as Crosby, Stills and Nash; all living members of the Grateful Dead; the Allman Brothers Band; James Brown; the Black Crowes; Buddy Guy; George Clinton and P-Funk; Bruce Hornsby; Les Claypool; and many, many more big names, while continuing to showcase extraordinarily talented, young, up-and-coming bands to the 15-25 thousand people who attend each year.
7/30/10 8/1/10 Champlain Valley Folk Festival "Honoring Traditional Music and Dance in the Champlain Valley" Burlington VT 9794 Note new location
7/30/10 8/1/10 Newport Folk Festival Traditional & revival, roots, singer-songwriter, pop. Newport RI
Had de-evolved into a pop festival, last year came back with a good amount of folk.
7/30/10 8/6/10 Sidmouth Folk Week Trtaditional English folk. Sidmouth UK 9735
8/4/10 8/8/10 Appalacian String Band Music Festival (Clifftop) Old-time Clifftop W. Va.
8/5/10 8/8/10 Podunk Bluegrass Festival Bluegrass E. Hartford CT Blackstone Valley Bluegrass David Davis and the Warrior River Boys The Earl Brothers Freight Hoppers The Gibson Brothers The Greencards Hot Buttered Rum Josh Williams Band Mike Cleveland & Flamekeepers Next Best Thing Packway Handle Band Rhonda Vincent & the Rage Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder Southern Rail The Expedition Show 8059
8/7/10 8/7/10 The 1st Annual Saddleback Mountain Bluegrass Festival Bluegrass Saddleback ME 9793
8/8/10 8/8/10 Wachusett Valley Folk Festival Folk, singer-songwriter, pop folk, comedy. Westminster Ma Ashbrook Haynes – Brooks Williams – Don White – Maeve – Mustard’s Retreat – Pesky J Nixon – Susan Werner – Vance Gilbert

8/20/10 8/22/10 Hickory Fest Bluegrass Music Festival Bluegrass, string band, old-time Wellsboro PA 9401
8/26/10 8/29/10 Blistered Fingers Family Bluegrass Festival Bluegrass Litchfield ME The Grascals (TN) Sat. Nothing Fancy (VA) Fri. Karl Shiflett & Big Country (TX) Thur. Mark Phillips & IIIrd Generation (OK) Sat., Sun. The Spinney Brothers (NS) Thur., Fri. Simon St. Pierre (ME) Fri. Bluegrass Diamonds (NB) Fri., Sat. Acoustic Blue (MA) Sat., Sun. Remington Ryde (PA) Thur., Fri. Crossover (CT) Sat., Sun. The Fiddling Landrys (NB) Fri., Sat. Original Conditions (ME) Thurs., Sun. Robinson Gospel Sing Along (MA) Sun. And Your Host Band Blistered Fingers (ME) Fri. 9210
8/28/10 8/29/10 LIMM Seafood Craft & Music Festival Sea Shanty West Sayville NY ? 8156
9/3/10 9/5/10 Rhythm and Roots Festival Cajun, Zydeco, Blues Charlestown RI 9189
9/4/10 9/4/10 Open Road Music & Arts Festival
Worcester MA TBA 9835
9/4/10 9/7/10 CDS/FAC Labor Day Weekend at Pinewoods Traditional Plymouth MA Our staff this year features: Will Mentor, leading American dance; Marcie Van Cleave, leading international and English country dance; Barbara Pixton, leading instrumental workshops in international music; Ray Rosenstock, leading vocal workshops in international music; Bob DeLuca, leading intensive morris dance workshops Our musicians: American dance - Anadama (Amelia Mason, Emily Troll, and Bethany Waikman) English dance -Pat MacPherson, Vince O’Donnell, and Patrick Yacono 10049
9/6/10 9/6/10 Bread and Roses Festival Folk Revival Lawrence MA ?
As of 4/24/10 the website has not been updated since the 2009 festival.
9/10/10 9/12/10 Connecticut Folk Festival & Green Expo Pop folk New Haven CT 10058
9/18/10 9/19/10 Joe Davies Folk Festival Folk, singer-songwriter, pop. Middleborough MA 9795
9/25/10 9/26/10 Working Waterfront Festival Sea Shanty New Bedford MA 9190 Join us in New Bedford, America's largest commercial fishing port, to learn about the men and women who harvest the North Atlantic. Walk the decks of a scalloper, dine on fresh seafood, mend a fishing net and watch a Coast Guard rescue demonstration. Experience the workings of the industry which brings seafood from the ocean to your plate.
9/25/10 9/25/10 Providence Sustainability Festival Folk & contemporary singer-songwriter. W. Coventry RI 9878 Sponsored by the Apeiron Institute. Note location change from W. Coventry to Providence, and date change from June to September.
10/9?/10 10/10?/10 Taunton River Folk Festival Traditional and revival folk and blues. Taunton MA ?
As of 4/24/10 the website has not been updated since the 2009 festival.