Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tornado Rider

"In this era of pop-driven acoustic music, notloB is keeping the folk tradition alive." ~ Jack Hardy

notloB Folk Concerts

Tornado Rider
Saturday, May 7
Unity Somerville, 6 William Street 
(corner College Ave. 3 blocks north of Davis Square) 
doors 7:30, concert 8:00

Rushad Eggleston - Cello, Vox
Graham Terry - Bass, Vox
Scott Manke - Drums, Vox

Wild Western Neolithic Cello Banditry meets Thunder-Twinged Yodeling Elf Rock of the 4th Dimension!!!

Tornado Rider is a one-of-a-kind mystical experience driven by the mammoth power of an electric cello. They sing powerful anthems about falcons, whirlwinds, and pretty girls, which will haunt your brain for weeks. Their delivery of this groundbreaking new style of music is filled with so much energy, it forces you to do a lightning dance! They are fronted by the most animated and original cellist known to man, who yells triumphant melodies as he leaps around the stage dazzling the crowd with his virtuosity. If you ever have the chance to witness Tornado Rider’s magically costumed theatrical parade of showmanship, musicality, athleticism, and humor, you will be transported to another dimension, and you WILL be entertained!!!

This will be the THIRD time notloB has presented Tornado Rider.

Doors 7:30
Concert 8:00

Suggested donation $12 at the door; $10 if reservation is made at least 24 hours in advance* and to Unity members; $5 student (with ID) rush (limit 50) and under 18.
*reservations to notlobreservations at gmail dot com

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Just another band from Boston"

Joy Kills Sorrow and the Boston Boys performed a co-feature on Saturday, May 9, 2009....

Maybe TCAN was thinking about it when they selected a Boston Boys photo for its website publicity for JKS?

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Friday May 20, 2011 - 8:00 PM
Stemming from traditional bluegrass into a modern sensibility, Joy Kills Sorrow offers a rich arsenal of original songs that blends genres as eloquently as it does its eclectic ensemble of instruments. This cross-genre string band mixes dark humor and upbeat music with purpose, eloquence and wit. Joy Kills Sorrow comes together as a truly unique talent.
 Admission $18 members $16
Students/Seniors $1 discount