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This will be your last email from WGBH

"This will be your last email from WGBH" read the subject line.

No more spam! Great news!

Until one reads the body..."This is your last email from WGBH for this fiscal year." (italics added)

WGBH: Produced in Boston, shared with the world
Dear Friend of WGBH,
This is your last email from WGBH for this fiscal year.We know summer is a busy time. We've been busy, too, working on another great year of programs, including a brand new, three-part WGBH-produced miniseries called Broadway or Bust.

But we have to close our budget gap by the end of August to bring you our strongest lineup. 
Broadway or Bust premieres Sunday, Sept. 9 at 8pm on WGBH 2. 
If you think we've brought real value to you, your family, and your community, we hope you'lltake a minute to click and give online now.
Donate today
Can we count on you? Thank you!


Daren Winckel
Director of WGBH Membership
Email Subscription Information 
Thank you for allowing us to reach you by email, the most immediate and cost-effective means of reaching our members, viewers, and listeners. Your email address will be used for communications only from WGBH.

There's a term for enticing a consumer with one thing but when they arrive at the store are told it is not available - bait and switch.

In this case I was not surprised. WGBH has a history of deceiving the public, asking for their money, then, once signed on as members, canceling their favorite programs. For example, suckers, er members who gave in good faith during the Fall '09 fund drive and gave to WGBH-fm at the $150 and above level were entitled to join either the Celtic or Folk Club. When folk programming was dropped a month or two later, many contacted WGBH to get a refund, but refunds were not disbursed.
 As a counter-balance to WGBH management's blatant disregard for "the peoples' music...

"I can only assume this has something to do with the almighty dollar. Isn't this supposed to be public radio and aren't we the public. Folk music has been a mainstay on WGBH for as long as I can remember. Acoustic artists are as popular as ever and in some ways even more popular then in days gone by. I don't get it. WGBH should be ashamed of itself. Well, as Ma Joad said, "We're the people and you can't stop us and you can't lick us. We just keep coming, 'cause we're the people."-Jim Kweskin, November 11, 2009...."To: Supporters of Folk and Blues on WGBH

...I bring to your attention several social networking groups that are fighting for not only restoration of canceled folk, blues and classical or reduced jazz programs.

Supporters of Folk and Blues on WGBH - Created 11/09, "Supporters of Folk and Blues on WGBH" is dedicated to the few hearty souls who fought the good battle wi
th WGBH's blueblood stuffed shirts and lost the battle, but not the war to save not only folk and blues on WGBH. As we learned at community forums, folk and blues are gone, and there are no guarantees for jazz and Celtic.

"Leslie Warshaw, a WGBH producer for over 30 years and now retired, noted that the station constantly spoke in her day of “mission.” Gradually it changed from “mission” to “service” and then, she noted wistfully, became “business.”"

We are the dedicated listeners and supporters of "Folk on WGBH" and "Blues on WGBH", deemed "nonnews elements" that do not fit the new "single format" (news/talk). Both programs were canceled 12/1/09.

WGBH's words from the past ring hollow today. "WGBH enriches people's lives through programs and services that educate, inspire, and entertain, fostering citizenship and culture, the joy of learning, and the power of diverse perspectives." ~ WGBH website

"We are proud of the folk and blues programs we have offered and of the many contributions that WGBH and our hosts have made to these genres, so it was a difficult decision to discontinue Blues on WGBH and Folk on WGBH..." ~ press release announcing program cancellation.

To read additional background information, the official WGBH statement and host/producer information, go to

PLEASE NOTE: We are well-aware that there are internet and other alternatives to folk and blues programs. The purpose of this group is to SUPPORT Brendan Hogan, Brad Paul and Naomi Arenberg, their former shows and we the "public" listeners. Any posts that suggest our quest is futile or we give up and listen to AAA WUMB ("Boston's NPR music station") or other stations/programs will be deleted.

Allied websites & Faceboook pages and groups:

NPR Ate My Local Public Radio Station ~

Keeping the Public in Public Radio ~ &

Northeast Community and Independent College Radio ~

NEFolk ~


Boston's So-Called "Public" Radio NPR Affiliates (WGBH, WBUR, WUMB & WCRB)
"Boston's So-Called "Public" Radio NPR Affiliates (WGBH, WBUR, WUMB & WCRB)"

is an open group with a mission to build a community to discuss Boston's FOUR "public" radio stations that are affiliated with National Public Radio, NPR. In a nutshell, is their management providing programming that serves the public interest how can the public influence Boston public radio policy and programming? 



"WGBH is considering cancelling Eric's decades-old weekday evening programming, as well as Jazz with Steve Schwartz. We think this would do a disservice to listeners and the greater Boston community and we'd like WGBH to reconsider."

Save Jazz on WGBH Now!
Here's a page that includes both jazz programs--Eric Jackson and Steve Schwartz are the best! Let's see what we can do together....OCCUPY WGBH?

Occupy WUMB
"WUMB is operated under license granted to UMass Boston, an educational institution, but is not run in the interest of the UMass students and the area "urban community." UMass Amherst, Dartmouth and Lowell are operated independent college / community radio stations. Why is WUMB different? Occupy WUMB until it is converted from an NPR affiliate staffed by non-students on the UMass payroll into an independent college / community radio station with bylaws and a board of directors elected by its members...."

Towards Independent College / Community Radio WUMB
""Fans of Former Folk Radio WUMB" is now "Towards Independent College / Community Radio WUMB"
Why "Independent College / Community Radio WUMB"? With the sudden and unexpected "retirement" of general manager Pat Monteith, UMass Boston has a golden opportunity to fulfill its educational charter and use the broadcast license it holds and the facilities it owns more appropriately than it is now doing: to educate its students and truly involve the Columbia Point/Dorchester-area community. Thus we are shifting our overall vision from one that would have returned WUMB to a format similar to its pre-NPR affiliation ("Folk Radio WUMB") to that of a station that is run of, for and by UMass Boston students. This revised position is in line with UMass Boston's stated "Missions and Values."*..."

NPR Ate My Local Public Radio Station
"Share your NPR takeover horror stories like "College radio station KVTI, the popular 51,000-watt “I-91″ from Clover Park Tech College in Tacoma, has been absorbed into the borg of NW Public Radio... or send to keeppublicradiopublic@"

Keeping the Public in Public Radio
"The mission of "Keeping the Public in Public Radio" is to inform and educate public radio listeners, to expose national programming trends taking place at their local public radio stations, and to support local listener groups in their efforts to restore listener ownership to their stations..."

WGBH, WBUR & WUMB "official" facebook pages:

WBUR 90.9 FM
Boston's NPR News Station. Live on 90.9 FM and worldwide at
Stories curated by Nate Goldman, Robin Lubbock, Kassandra Sundt, and Abby Conway.

WGBH Radio Boston
WGBH Boston Public Radio enriches people's lives through programs that educate, inspire, and entertain.
WGBH Boston Public Radio enriches people's lives through programs and services that educate, inspire, and entertain, fostering citizenship and culture, the joy of learning, and the power of diverse perspectives.
Company Overview
WGBH Boston Public Radio engages listeners worldwide through a rich array of on-air, high-definition and online radio services. In addition to co-producing PRI’s The World, WGBH Radio offers listeners a diverse selection of musical, cultural and public affairs programming, including a 24-hour all-classical HD radio channel as well as streaming audio heard by Web surfers around the globe. WGBH Boston Public Radio broadcasts on 89.7; WCAI, the Cape and Islands NPR® Station; Classical New England 99.5; and a variety of on-demand streams and podcasts.
We encourage your feedback and thank you for your comments. Please remember to remain courteous, respectful and on topic.

WUMB Radio Network
WUMB Radio is dedicated to produce, acquire, and disseminate high quality, diverse and valued public service radio programming to significant audiences. The radio station is committed to serving as a local and national resource for the cultivation, promotion and preservation of various genres of folk music through its radio programming and selected enterprises.
Company Overview
WUMB-FM is a non-commercial radio station licensed to the University of Massachusetts with studios at the UMass Boston Campus as the central hub for a network of six public radio stations in Boston, Worcester, Falmouth, Orleans, Newburyport and Stow Massachusetts. The Boston, Worcester and Falmouth stations all broadcast on 91.9FM. The Newburyport station can be heard on 91.7FM, and the Orleans station can be heard on 1170AM. All five facilities simulcast the identical program schedule, which is produced from our studios located at the UMass Boston Campus. The station's 24 hour a day broadcast schedule reaches tens of thousands of listeners in over 275 cities and towns in eastern and central Massachusetts and Cape Cod along with parts of Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Connecticut. A webcast of our signal can also be heard, live, around the world through the internet via

We can find no Facebook presence for WCRB, described by WGBH as "Classical New England." "Classical New England is the classical music media source for audiences from Rhode Island to New Hampshire and beyond through 99.5 WCRB Boston, 89.7 HD-2 Boston, 88.7 

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notloB Parlour Concerts Announces Fall Season

notloB Parlour Concerts Announces Fall Season

International Flavor and Old Friends

Three world-touring acoustic acts will comprise not-for-profit notloB Parlour Concerts’ Fall, 2012 season at the historic Loring-Greenough House in Jamaica Plain. Series producer Jeff Boudreau proudly notes that the concerts begin notoB’s sixth year presenting at the historic (c. 1760) house museum.  “And at this rate, our one hundredth concert should correspond with our sixth anniversary in early June, 2013.” Plans for that event are underway and are being kept secret, but no doubt will include some of the brightest starts in the Boston and New England string band, old time, Celtic, traditional and neo-trad folk heavens. Past notloB artists include Aoife O’Donovan, Rushad Eggleston, Tristan Clairridge and Corey DiMario of Crooked Still, Sharon Gilchrist and Kristin Andreassen of Uncle Earl, Tao Rodriguez-Seeger, Ruthy Ungar, Mike Merenda and Chris Merenda of the Mammals; Celtic artists Brian Conway, Malinky, the Jeremy Kittel band, Hanneke Cassel, Matt and Shannon Heaton, Long Time Courting, Flynn Cohen, the late John McGann; local folk luminaries Bob Franke, Geoff Bartley, the Rowan Brothers, Dennis Brennan, Alistair Moock, and Mark Simos.

“We’re on the cutting edge of local acoustic music. For example, in 2007 we presented “Sometymes Why” as our very first concert, followed in 2008 by Joy Kills Sorrow, The Boston Boys, the Folk Arts Quartet and Blue Moose and the Unbuttoned Zippers. The next year Joy Kills Sorrow was signed by Signature Sounds Records, Blue Moose and the Unbuttoned Zippers won the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival “artist most wanted to return” award, and Folk Arts Quartet was a Falcon Ridge main stage artist.

notloB also has a solid history of presenting legends, including Spider John Koerner, Mary McCaslin, Jack Hardy, David Massengill, Peggy Seeger, Paul Geremia, Jim Hurst and Jaime Brockett, a name familiar with those who grew up with the folk revival music scene at the Olde Vienna Kaffehaus.

“People used to pop culture may not recognize the names of the artists we present, but one thing we do is to deliver a consistent level of acoustic excellence, be they an internationally touring veteran or a rising talent,” explains Boudreau.

The Fall season would appears to be a continuation of the high standards evidenced since 2007. It begins Wednesday, October 10 with Richard Wood & Gordon Belsher.  Award winning Prince Edward Island fiddler Richard Wood has performed all over the world, including Carnegie Hall with “the Chieftains”, and on “David Letterman” with Shania Twain. Most recently, he performed for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during their Royal Visit to Canada, and with Symphony Nova Scotia at the East Coast Music Awards in 2011. Combining deep-rooted traditional prowess with high-voltage rock’n’roll attitude, each performance includes elements of Celtic jigs & reels tempered with beautifully melodic original airs. Richard’s exciting live show dazzles with unending energy & pounding rhythms, along with virtuoso musicianship and an endearing stage presence. Accompanied on guitar, vocals, mandola and bodhrán by Gordon Belsher, Gordon’s solo CD’s have been nominated for Canada’s East Coast Music Awards. As accompanist and featured vocalist with Richard Wood, he has toured extensively across Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Europe, Australia, and performed as part of a cultural delegation for
Canada in Tokyo, Japan.

“Truly Richard Wood and Gordon Belsher brought the house down at St. Kieran’s! From opening explosion to standing ovation, they endeared themselves into our hearts forever!” - Joan Chamberlain, St. Kieran’s Executive Director, Berlin New Hampshire

“Perfect precision, playfulness and power!” - Charlottetown Guardian

A new dimension to the series is the addition of master classes or workshops. Prior to their performance, in separate rooms, Richard will be offering a fiddle workshop and Gordon Belsher will be offering either a DADGAD guitar or a bodhran workshop for up to 5 participants.  

November sees two concerts in quick succession. Thursday, November 1 brings Keith Murphy & Becky Tracy across the border, from Vermont that is. Patrons who attend violinmaker Bob Childs’ annual Childsplay in Lexington will recognize Murphy as its artistic director. Becky and Keith are dynamic performers of traditional music from Newfoundland, Quebec, Ireland, France and beyond. Tracy’s fiddling pulses through tasteful arrangements of dance tunes and resonates with beauty on traditional slow airs. Keith’s gentle and expressive singing in English and French is balanced by the drive and power of his guitar playing and percussion. Combined, they produce a range and richness of sound that is striking for a duo. Their playing is seamless, the result of years of playing together and touring across the U.S., Canada and in Europe. Their repertoire also includes Keith’s original compositions (many of which are included in the Black Isle Music tune collection). He is a prolific tunesmith with a writing style strongly based on traditional dance music. Keith and Becky were two-thirds of the popular Vermont trio, Nightingale and are veterans of several other bands including Childsplay and Assembly (Keith),  and Wild Asparagus (Becky). Becky released her first solo recording, Evergreen, in 2001. Keith’s album, Bound For Canaan (traditional songs from Eastern Canada and New England) was released in the summer of 2005. He has recently rededicated himself to his work as a solo performer.

Mike + Ruthy follow the next week, Thursday, November 8. Although notloB usually presents one concert per month at the Loring-Greenough House, when opportunity knocks, Boudreau answers the door. “We had finalized booking Keith and Becky when I received a phone call from Mike Merenda about a November date as part of their northeast tour.” Having presented Ruthy once as a member of Sometymes Why, twice as a duo, and again as a part of Ruthy’s dad’s (Jay Ungar) The Ungar Family Band, Boudreau has a soft spot in his heart for these Mammals. “There are artists one just does not say ‘no’ to. Ed Stanley, President of the Tuesday Club, which owns the Loring-Greenough House, was very understanding and accommodating.”

As a duo Mike + Ruthy have refined their sound down to the very core of acoustic American music, demonstrating an uncommon ability to create songs as lyrically sophisticated as Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen and as harmonically beautiful as Gillian Welch & David Rawlings or Simon & Garfunkel.  With their arsenal of fiddle, banjo, guitar, ukulele and their hallmark harmony singing,  a Mike + Ruthy concert is overstuffed with soulful songs and stories and a timeless sound that is spellbinding and pure.

Over a decade of touring has taken them worldwide where they've performed well over a thousand concerts in listening rooms, living rooms and festivals as well as performances at NYC's Carnegie Hall accompanying Arlo Guthrie in 2005 (with their former band The Mammals) and Madison Square Garden as part of Pete Seeger's 90th birthday celebration in 2009.

Mike + Ruthy's 4th release is entitled “The NYC EP” featuring the premiere recording of "My New York City" a beautifully revived Woody Guthrie lyric from the Woody Guthrie Archives.  The song will also be included on "My Name is New York," a 4-CD compilation being issued by Woody Guthrie Publications including new recordings by Pete Seeger, Arlo Guthrie, and Bob Dylan and more.

Booking notloB’s December artist is currently“ in the works.”

Living legends and rising young stars performing in a 261-year-old house make notloB Parlour Concerts a Boston treasure.

notloB Parlour Concerts Fall Season

Wednesday, October 10 - Richard Wood & Gordon Belsher 
Artists' websites ~ &
Facebook event ~

Thursday, November 1 ~ Keith Murphy & Becky Tracy
Artists' website ~
Facebook event ~

Thursday, November 8 ~ Mike + Ruthy
Artists' website ~
Facebook event ~

All concerts are presented at the historic Loring-Greenough House, 12 South Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
Doors 7:30, Concert 8:00pm

Admission is by suggested donation (amounts vary, will be specified on the website).

Reservations are strongly advised, due to the venue’s intimate size.
Email notlobreservations at gmail dot com.

Pastries from Fiore's
Coffee from JP Licks
Public transportation information:

notloB concerts are volunteer-run and not-for-profit. 100% of patron donations go to the artists and production expenses.

"In this era of pop-driven acoustic music, notloB is keeping the folk tradition alive." 
-Jack Hardy

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Local Musician Geoff Bartley Donates Proceeds of "The Ballad of Dave Rizzuti" to Rebuilding New Orleans

From 3x notloB artist Geoff Bartley (8/18/07, 11/14/08 & 3/7/10)

"Dear friends, fans, and everybody else with no idea how they ever ended up on this scurrilous list,
Following Hurricane Katrina, my friend Dave Rizzuti was so ticked at the 
George W. Bush administration's indifferent response to the destruction in New Orleans that he went down there to help. When he got there, he hooked up with an outfit called Community Collaborations International (CCI). CCI works around the world to restore and rebuild communities that have suffered damage from natural disasters. Dave goes down to the Big Easy every year to help rebuild and has also been to Haiti with CCI to help down there.
I wrote a swampy bluesy song about Dave called... you guessed it... The Ballad of Dave Rizzuti... and sent it to the guy who owns and runs CCI. He liked it and sent it to his marketing guy. I suggested putting it up for sale to benefit New Orleans, and he promptly put it up at with all proceeds going to CCI specifically to help rebuild New Orleans.
If you go here: you can hear my fabulous song. Give your email and zipcode to CCI in the spaces provided on the page if you want to download my song for free.
It's a pretty cool song... bluesy and swampy. I sang all the parts, played the basic National steel guitar part, then added mandolin, electric upright bass, and two electric guitar parts... whoa!
You'll also be given the opportunity to send from $1 to $25 to CCI specifically to help rebuild New Orleans.
P.S. The page at says "support this artist"... the "artist" is CCI... this is the way all pages at are set up.

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No Students Needed

Boston has a reputation of intolerance and insularity. "No Irish need apply", the busing violence of the 1970's, the nonsense Bill Russel had to endure, Tim Thomas' racist remarks about Joel Ward...

But a state university excluding students from participating in licensed operation? Ridiculous.

Last night from 10pm until midnight "Boston's NPR music station" WUMB ran on "autopilot", as if it were an ipod on shuffle mode, the music broken by pre-recorded station identifications and infomercials. No human presence was there. WUMB's schedule indicates a two hour period Mondays through Thursdays that had been personed by students who had completed the Albert O school of radio broadcasting training in October, 2011.

With those four students, then General Manager made a feeble attempt to break the no-students-on-air barrier by authorizing the four, allowing very limited air time and keeping them on a very tight leash, absolutely controlling the content they played and the words they spoke.

Having no "on-air personality" last night goes a long was to reinforce the public's impression that WUMB wishes to continue to be known as an insular institution run of, by and for highly paid management on the state dole who have no plan to give up their nest egg and turn over operations to UMass Boston students and the Columbia Point community.

With sister stations WMUA (UMass Amherst), WUML (UMass Lowell) and WUMD (UMass Dartmouth) chartered as recognized student organizations staffed with very limited paid advisors and run by student and community volunteers, why does the Commonwealth and UMass Boston continue to pour funds into WUMB management salaries and allow it to be run as a student-free zone?

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NEFolk's Festival and Camp Database, end of August - early September

Note: If the formatting below is off it is because Blogger and the source are incompatible. View the original source here.

NEFolk's Festival and Camp Database, end of August - early September
From  NEFolk's Festival and Camp Database 

All festivals/camps with dates contain current year information; "99" in the day field indicates either no information could be found or the producer has yet to submit to NEFolk current year information. Please encourage festival and camp producers/publicists to share information via email to; one of the moderators will update the database. The table was developed over several years by J. Boudreau and cannot be used for commercial purposes without permission. The database, last updated 8/20/12, lists 177 festivals and camps. Please send comments and corrections by email to


English, Scottish and American
Plymouth, MA
() Producer is welcome to post current year info via email to NEFolk@yahoogroups.

comConfirmed / "Pinewoods is a traditional dance and music camp. Located on twenty-five acres in a beautiful pine forest between Long Pond and Round Pond in Plymouth, Massachusetts, it has four custom-built dance pavilions, rustic cabins, swimming in two clear water lakes, an open-air dining hall that looks out over the pond, and a cozy camphouse for gatherings."

Maine Fiddle Camp

org/Scots-Irish, French & Scandinavian traditions as they've evolved in Maine
Montville, ME
13374 Producer is welcome to post current year info via NEFolk@yahoogroups.

comConfirmed / "A lakeside weekend (June) or weeklong (June & August) music camp for all ages and levels of ability. Families welcome. Dance music in Scots-Irish, French & Scandinavian traditions as they've evolved in Maine. Staff of several traditional musicians giving fiddle, piano, guitar, banjo, cello, accordion, bass and other classes and workshops with performances, jams, singing, dancing, and swimming."

Defunct / on hiatus

09/99/1209/99/12Li'l Rhody Rib & Blues Festhttps://www




Pawtucket, RI
Defunct? There is no activity on its Facebook page.

Hoppin' John Old-Time & Bluegrass Fiddlers' Convention

hn.orgOld-time, bluegrass
Pittsboro, NC
Defunct? hoppinjohn.­org no longer exists.

Greater Danbury Irish Festival


Danbury, CT
On hiatus, will not be produced in 2012


08/24/1208/26/12The American Folk Festivalhttp://www.american

com/Traditional folk
Bangor, ME
(12282) Festival is welcome to post current year info via email to NEFolk@yahoogroups.


Summers End Folk Festival

lkfestival. Folk
Grand Manan Island, NB
Producer is welcome to post current year info via NEFolk@yahoogroups.


Newport Celtic Rock (was Waterfront Irish) Festival




festival/Celtic, rock
Newport, RI
(10658) Producer is welcome to post current year info via NEFolk@yahoogroups.


Quechee Scottish Festival and Celtic Fair


Quechee, VT
(12250) Festival is welcome to post current year info via email to NEFolk@yahoogroups.


LIMM Seafood Craft & Music Festival

me.orgSea Shanty
West Sayville, NY
() Festival is welcome to post current year info via email to NEFolk@yahoogroups.

comDefunct? On 8/4/12 the website held no music festival content, just info about the seafood component.

North Branch Bluegrass Festival
Bridgewater, VT
(10375,10969) Producer is welcome to post current year info via NEFolk@yahoogroups.

comConfirmed. "We're a small family-friendly traditional bluegrass festival on a beautiful private 35 acre site. Our lineup features quality regional musicians. 24 hour field-picking, affordable hot food, and "No Nonsense or Rude Behavior" & "No Visible Alcohol" policies are festival trademarks."

Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Festival

special/Bluegrass & Old Time
Brunswick, ME
(11694) Festival is welcome to post current year info via email to NEFolk@yahoogroups.


Country Bluegrass Festival
Fort Fairfield, ME
() Producer is welcome to post current year info via NEFolk@yahoogroups.


Rhythm and Roots Festival

ts.comCajun, Zydeco, Blues, Roots
Charlestown, RI
(10933) 13285
Confirmed / "New England's hottest festival of roots music and dance!"

Fiddlin' Bear Old-Time Musicians' Gathering (aka "Lake Genero")

Hamlin, PA
(12269) Producer is welcome to post current year info via email to NEFolk@yahoogroups.


Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival


Woodstown, NJ
(10643) Producer is welcome to post current year info via NEFolk@yahoogroups.


CDS/FAC Labor Day Weekend at Pinewoods



Plymouth, MA
() Producer is welcome to post current year info via NEFolk@yahoogroups.


The Bread and Roses Heritage Festival


org/Folk Revival
(10225) 13289 The producer is welcome to post additional information.
Confirmed / The only festival in the region which celebrates the true spirit of Labor Day, in the most appropriate location, the site of the Bread and Roses Strike.

Hudson Valley Green Festival

lleygreenfestiva, Americana
Staatsburgh, NY
() Producer is welcome to post current year info via NEFolk@yahoogroups.


Pawtucket Art Festival


Pawtucket, RI
(10688, 12151)
Confirmed. Producer is welcome to post current year info via NEFolk@yahoogroups.

Fiddleheads Music Camp
http://www.fiddlehe blues to bluegrass, jigs to jazz, cajun to country
Contoocook, NY
() Producer is welcome to post current year info via email to NEFolk@yahoogroups.

comConfirmed / "The purpose of the Fiddleheads Music Camp is to teach and inspire musicians to play with each other in a band setting. Workshops on Saturday and Sunday mornings teach ear training skills, tunes, techniques of different styles and improvising tools. We form bands of various styles, practice playing with others and perform in an energy-filled Saturday evening concert. Jamming of various styles happens Friday and Saturday evenings. From blues to bluegrass, jigs to jazz, cajun to country and more!"

Turtle Hill Folk Festival

htmlFolk, singer-songwriter.
Rush, NY
(10128) Producer is welcome to post current year info via NEFolk@yahoogroups.


09/08/1209/08/12Lowell National Historical Park Banjo and Fiddle Contesthttp://www.nps

Lowell, MA
(12355) Producer is welcome to post current year info via email to NEFolk@yahoogroups.


The Jamaica Plain Music Festival

Jamaica Plain, MA
Confirmed. "The Jamaica Plain Music Festival is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, incorporated in Massachusetts, which will assemble a convergence of musical genres, drawing upon the wide-ranging artistic community living in this part of Boston. The festival is fully inclusive and will prove to be a vibrant celebration of the music which is so alive in Jamaica Plain."
Edit  Delete
Open Road Music & Arts Festival


Worcester, MA
Confirmed. "Open Road is Worcester’s first sustainable and earth-friendly music and arts festival. On Sat, September 8th 2012, we’ll have 2 stages with over 20 bands, an eclectic variety of cuisine, many local artists and vendors, family-friendly activities and much more. Live music kicks off at 11:00am and will proceed until 8:00pm (later this year!). Vendors will be located around the perimeter to sell art, crafts, food, and more. Kids 10 and under are always free. There will be college discounts as well as WOO card member discounts! The goal of Open Road is to raise the awareness of alternative and sustainable lifestyles while bringing the Worcester community (and beyond) together to enjoy local art and extraordinary music. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Joy Of Music Program in Worcester, MA."
Edit  Delete
Connecticut Folk Festival & Green Expo


htmlSinger-songwriter, pop
New Haven, CT
(10058) Producer is welcome to post current year info via NEFolk@yahoogroups.


Friday, August 17, 2012

23rd Appalachian String Band Music Festival (Clifftop ) Awards

Congratulations to Mike Kropp, the only New Englander to take home a prize from the 23rd annual Appalachian String Band Music Festival (Clifftop)!

notloB Music bestows the "best band name" award to Lyin’ Lizzy and the Psycho Exploding Orangutans, winner of the youth traditional band competition.

Old-time Musicians, Flatfoot Dancers from California to Rhode Island Take Home Prizes During 23rd Appalachian String Band Music Festival

Aug. 14, 2012
CLIFFTOP, W.Va. – Twenty-one musicians, 12 bands and 12 dancers from California to Rhode Island took home a total of $7,450 in prize money during the 23rd annual Appalachian String Band Music Festival at Camp Washington-Carver in Clifftop, Fayette County, in early August.
Four of the winners were from West Virginia.
More than 4,000 people attended the West Virginia Division of Culture and History’s five-day event that features some of the nation’s finest string band musicians and flatfoot dancers. Participants and visitors included folks from 45 states as well as international visitors from Australia, Canada, England, France, Japan, Norway and Scotland, among others.
Contests were held in four traditional contests – fiddle, banjo, string band and flatfoot dance – plus one neo-traditional string band contest. Ribbons for best original song and best original tune were awarded in the neo-traditional band category.
Next year’s festival will be held July 31 - Aug. 4, 2013.
The contest winners are:
     1st place ($400) - Mac Traynham, Willis, Va.
     2nd place ($200) - Mike Kropp, Wyoming, R.I.
     3rd place ($150) - Joseph DeCosimo, Jonesborough, Tenn.
     4th place ($100) - Luke Richardson, Lawrenceburg, Tenn.
     5th place ($50) - Lynn “Chirps” Smith, Whitewater, Wis.
     Youth Banjo - 15 years of age and under
     1st place ($100) - Victor Furtado, Front Royal, Va.
     2nd place ($50) - Lulu Furtado, Front Royal, Va.
     3rd place ($25) - John Vance, Jr., Chapel Hill, N.C.
     Senior Banjo - 60 years of age and over
     1st place ($200) - Mike Kropp, Wyoming, R.I.
     2nd place ($100) - Carl Baron, Ambler, Pa.
     3rd place ($50) - Bertram Levy, Port Townsend, Wash.
     1st place ($400) - Emily Schaad, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
     2nd place ($200) - Stephanie Coleman, Brooklyn, N.Y.
     3rd place ($150) - Jake Krack, Marlinton, W.Va.
     4th place ($100) - Grace Forrest, Big Sur, Calif.
     5th place ($50) - John Engle, Asheville, N.C.
     Youth Fiddle - 15 years of age and under
     1st place ($100) - Nina DeVitry, Columbia, Pa.
     2nd place ($50) -Andrew Vogts, Chadds Ford, Pa.
     3rd place ($25) - Kitty Amaral, Elk Creek, Va.
     Senior Fiddle - 60 years of age and over
     1st place ($200) - Paul Brown, Winston-Salem, N.C.
     2nd place ($100) - Henry T. Fiddler, Arvada, Colo.
     3rd place ($50) - Jim Childress, Free Union, Va.
     Neo-Traditional Band
     1st place ($700) - Drunken Catfish Ramblers, Fayetteville, Ark.
     2nd place ($400) - Critton Hallow, Paw Paw, W.Va.
    3rd place ($300) - The Olds 78s and the Retro Ramblers, Kingston, Ark.
     4th place ($200) - Westbound Rangers, Nashville, Tenn.
     5th place ($100) - Jubal’s Kin, Longwood, Fla.
     Youth Neo-Traditional Band 
     ($300) - Davy Jones’ Evidence Locker, Elkins, W.Va.
     Best Original Song (ribbon and certificate awards)
     Westbound Rangers, Nashville, Tenn.
     Best Original Tune (ribbon and certificate awards)
     Jubal’s Kin, Longwood, Fla.
     Traditional Band
     1st place ($700) - The Bucking Mules, Jonesborough, Tenn.
     2nd place ($400) - Nervous Tick and the Bites, Galax, Va.
     3rd place ($300) - The Cork Burners, Eunice, La.
     4th place ($200) - White Mule, Bloomington, Ind.
     5th place ($100) - Sweet T and the Twisted Lemons, Vinton, Va.
     Youth Traditional Band 
     ($300) - Lyin’ Lizzy and the Psycho Exploding Orangutans, Front Royal, Va.
     Old-Time FlatFoot Dance - 15 years of age and under
     1st place ($75) - Rebecca Molaro, Asheville, N.C.
     2nd place ($50) - Jeffrey Amundsen, Longwood, Fla.
     3rd place ($25) -  Mattie Amundsen, Longwood, Fla.
     Old-Time FlatFoot Dance - 16 years of age through 40
     1st place ($75) - Sarah Josephine Stewart, Charlottesville, Va.
     2nd place ($50) - Clay Sutton, Marshall, N.C.
     3rd place ($25) - Elizabeth Laprell, Rural Retreat, Va.
     Old-Time FlatFoot Dance - 41 years of age through 59
     1st place ($75) - Jay Bland, Kennesaw, Ga.
     2nd place ($50) - Gordon Hinners, Weaverville, N.C.
     3rd place ($25) - Abby Laiden, Bloomington, Ind.
     Old-Time FlatFoot Dance - 60 years of age and older
     1st place ($75) - Rodney Sutton, Marshall, N.C.
     2nd place ($50) - Marilyn Branch, Kalamazoo, Mich.
     3rd place ($25) - Maureen Busch-Terman, Morgantown, W.Va.
For more information about the 23rd Annual Appalachian String Band Music Festival, contact Caryn Gresham, deputy commissioner for the Division, at (304) 558-0220.
A beautiful retreat listed in the National Register of Historic Places and operated by the West Virginia Division of Culture and History, Camp Washington-Carver serves as the state’s mountain cultural arts center. The facility nurtures the cultural heritage embodied in the site since its dedication in 1942 as a 4-H and agricultural extension camp for West Virginia’s African Americans. The camp is located in Fayette County next to Babcock State Park, just off Rt. 60 (Midland Trail) on Rt. 41.
     The West Virginia Division of Culture and History is an agency within the West Virginia Department of Education and the Arts with Kay Goodwin, Cabinet Secretary. The Division, led by Commissioner Randall Reid-Smith, brings together the past, present and future through programs and services focusing on archives and history, arts, historic preservation and museums. For more information about the Division’s programs, events and sites, visit The Division of Culture and History is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.