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notloB Folk Concerts presents the FOLK ARTS QUARTET

notloB Folk Concerts


The Folk Arts Quartet

notloB Folk Concerts is thrilled to present for the second time FOLK ARTS QUARTET.  Since their last notloB appearance at the Park Avenue Church in Arlington, FAQ "“hibernated” while Liz accepted a Fulbright grant to pursue a year-long study and research program at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance (University of Limerick, Ireland). Meanwhile, others of the founding members also pursued other musical projects.  In summer 2010, FAQ returns to the scene with a new lineup—welcoming Jenna Moynihan and Lea Kirstein—and tours in New England, New York, Philadelphia, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia."

notloB Folk Concerts presents the Folk Arts Quartet
at the Unity Church of God, Davis Square, Somerville
Somerville, MA ~ Under the structural guise of a string quartet, the Folk Arts Quartet breaks musical molds by fusing the worlds of folk and chamber music to produce a cross-over genre they call “ChamberGrass.” With contemporary arrangements, they perform their own tunes alongside traditional Celtic & folk tunes on Friday, August 13, 2010 @ 8:00 p.m. The concert will take place at The Unity Church of God, 6 William St., Somerville, MA. Suggested minimum donation is $12 at the door; $10 if reservation is made at least 24 hours in advance and to UCG members; $10 students (with ID) and seniors; $5 children under 13. Email for reservations, or go to  for more information.

Folk Arts Quartet (FAQ) fuses the worlds of folk and chamber music in a wild amalgam they call “ChamberGrass.” With firm roots in Celtic and American fiddle styles, FAQ enlivens traditional tunes and new compositions through innovative arrangements, recordings, and performances.

“It’s not uncommon for a modern string quartet to play some crossover material,” remarks cellist Liz Davis Maxfield, “but what we’re doing is different. We aren’t a classical quartet playing ‘an arrangement of a folk tune.’ We are fundamentally folk musicians, who know the traditions and styles, but we also happen to have extensive technical training and chamber music experience.”

The founding members of Folk Arts Quartet met in 2008 while studying at Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA), piloting their groovy, contemporary arrangements in Boston’s fertile folk music scene. At Berklee, FAQ had the honor of being mentored by some of today’s best contemporary string players, including Eugene Friesen, Mads Tolling, and John McGann. FAQ’s sound quickly grew in popularity as the quartet performed for audiences at venues such as Club Passim and WGBH’s St. Patrick’s Day Celtic Sojourn.

“Evidently passionate and extremely tight, it was an absolute delight to see them perform,” wrote Anja McCloskey, writer for Wears the Trousers Magazine.

Scots Trad Music Award winner and FAQ mentor, Natalie Haas, said “The Folk Arts Quartet is comprised of four incredibly talented young [musicians], each bringing her own unique style of fiddling to this group, which is the first of its kind in the Celtic genre. They are taking the string world by storm with their zesty arrangements of both traditional and original tunes, blending the raw, folksy sounds of a string band with the sophistication and grace of a classical string quartet.”

In March 2009, FAQ released its debut, self-titled album prior to spending the summer touring throughout the U.S. and Canada. In response to FAQ’s performance on the main stage of the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, the Festival’s musical director touted FAQ as one of her “favorite bands to watch this year.” (Cover Lay Down, 8/09)

In late 2009, FAQ “hibernated” while Liz accepted a Fulbright grant to pursue a year-long study and research program at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance (University of Limerick, Ireland). Meanwhile, the other founding members pursued independent musical projects.

In summer 2010, FAQ returns to the scene with a new lineup—welcoming Jenna Moynihan and Lea Kirstein—and tours in New England, New York, Philadelphia, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.

Liz Davis Maxfield - Cello
Ivonne Hernandez - Fiddle
Jenna Moynihan - Fiddle
Lea Kirstein - Viola

Folk Arts Quartet (2009)


“In this era of pop-driven acoustic music, notloB is keeping the folk tradition alive.” ~ Jack Hardy

notloB Folk Concerts (Somerville and Jamaica Plain) are volunteer run and not for profit.
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Correction.  In the original post I wrote that FAQ was a Falcon Ridge "most wanted" artist, they were not, rather they were selected as a main stage artist with no prior appearance history.

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notloB Folk Concerts Call for Volunteers

notloB Folk Concerts are 100% volunteer run and not for profit. Patron
donations go to covering production expenses (rent, sound engineer,
green room food, publicity) and paying the artists. Concerts are a
labor of love that require many hours of volunteer labor. Volunteering
is fun and very rewarding.

We are about to announce August-January concerts. There will be on
average 1-2 concerts/month at the historic Loring-Greenough House in JP
and 1/month at the Unity Church of God in Davis Square, Somerville.

Have you ever wanted to be involved in concert production and promotion?
Here is your chance. Looking for a core of dedicated volunteers to do
publicity/street teaming, set-up/take-down and hospitality. Especially
interested in a Tufts publicity assistant/street-teamer

We use a google group to manage volunteer communication. If you are
interested, apply to be a member of,
and please be sure to include your name, contact information, related
experience and reason why you want to volunteer.

For more info go to

Jeff Boudreau
notloB Folk Concerts

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

NPR Ate My Local Public Radio Station

Readers of this blog are familiar with Boston's loss of folk and roots programming from WGBH (formerly known as "New England's arts and culture station", now "New England's news and information station" and a WBUR wannabe (WBUR is also a NPR affiliate which already had a news and talk format) and WUMB (formerly known as "folk radio WUMB", now refers to its AAA programming as "Boston's NPR music station").  If this is news to you, use the blog's "search" feature located at the lower right corner.

Copied from their sites/recent posts, for your review here are several websites / blogs social networking pages educating the public about the nationalization of local public radio stations.

Keeping the Public in Public Radio

...and its Facebook mirror....

The mission of "Keeping the Public in Public Radio" is to inform and educate public radio listeners, to expose national programming trends taking place at their local public radio stations, and to support local listener groups in their efforts to restore listener ownership to their stations.

NPR Ate My Local Public Radio Station

Dedicated to the "public" (remember us? we used to be a part of "public" radio).

Share your NPR takeover horror stories like "College radio station KVTI, the popular 51,000-watt “I-91″ from Clover Park Technical College in Tacoma, has been absorbed into the borg of Northwest Public Radio and Washington State University..."

"I can only assume this has something to do with the almighty dollar. Isn't this supposed to be public radio and aren't we the public. Folk music has been a mainstay on WGBH for as long as I can remember. Acoustic artists are as popular as ever and in some ways even more popular then in days gone by. I don't get it. WGB...H should be ashamed of itself. Well, as Ma Joad said, "We're the people and you can't stop us and you can't lick us. We just keep coming, 'cause we're the people."
~Jim Kweskin, November 11, 2009, on learning of the cancellation of Blues on WGBH and Folk on WGBH.

p.s. If you have information of a more personal or sensitive nature, you can email that to 

Affiliated with... Keeping the Public in Public Radio Supporters of Folk and Blues on WGBH Support Larry Monroe and Paul Ray at KUT htt...

Whereas "Keeping..." is news oriented (NPR's "Project Argo", the HD radio scam, station takeovers, dropping music in favor of syndicated NPR/APR programs and talk shows, recalcitrant station bureaucrats, etc.), "NPR ate..." is a place where displaced and dissatisfied former fans/members of public stations that have been overrun by the NPR "borg" can share storeis of how they have been affected.

Prometheus Radio Project

...and its Facebook mirror....

The Prometheus Radio Project builds, supports, and advocates for community radio stations that bring together and empower local, participatory voices and movements for social change. To that end, Prometheus strives to: demystify technologies; illuminate the political process that governs access to our media system; and demonstrate the powerful effects of media on our lives and our communities!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

If you love your Uncle Sam, bring them home, bring them home

Pete Seeger @ 2010 Clearwater Festival copyright J. Boudreau

Pete Seeger : Bring Them home

If you love your Uncle Sam,
Bring them home, bring them home.
Support our boys in Vietnam (substitute overseas, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.)
Bring them home, bring them home.

It’ll make our generals sad, I know,
Bring them home, bring them home.
They want to tangle with the foe,
Bring them home, bring them home.

They want to test their weaponry,
Bring them home, bring them home.
But here is their big fallacy,
Bring them home, bring them home.

I may be right, I may be wrong,
Bring them home, bring them home.
But I got a right to sing this song,
Bring them home, bring them home.

There’s one thing I must confess,
Bring them home, bring them home.
I’m not really a pacifist,
Bring them home, bring them home.

If an army invaded this land of mine,
Bring them home, bring them home.
You’d find me out on the firing line,
Bring them home, bring them home.

Even if they brought their planes to bomb,
Bring them home, bring them home.
Even if they brought helicopters and napalm,
Bring them home, bring them home.

Show those generals their fallacy :
Bring them home, bring them home.
They don’t have the right weaponry,
Bring them home, bring them home.

For defense you need common sense,
Bring them home, bring them home.
They don’t have the right armaments,
Bring them home, bring them home.

The world needs teachers, books and schools,
Bring them home, bring them home.
And learning a few universal rules,
Bring them home, bring them home.

So if you love your Uncle Sam,
Bring them home, bring them home.
Support our boys in Vietnam,
Bring them home, bring them home.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

2010 Northeast Folk Festivals, updated 7/1/10

Name:  (Mostly) Northeast Folk/Roots/Bluegrass/Cajun/Celtic Festivals

Table Description:  As accurate as we can maintain it. Email suggestions/corrections to Program & performers subject to change, always verify with the festival.
Start Date v End Date Festival URL Genre City State 2010 Performers 2010 Thread Comments

7/2/10 7/4/10 New Bedford Summerfest Contemporary folk, folk revival, Celtic, pop. New Bedford MA 9101  
7/2/10 7/4/10 Sacred World Interdependence Day Festival World Petersham MA See Facebook event 10105  
7/8/10 7/11/10 Basin Bluegrass Festival Bluegrass Brandon VT 9334  
7/9/10 7/11/10 Eighth Annual HARRY SMITH FROLIC Old-time Greenfield MA you    
7/10/10 7/10/10 The Cape Cod Rhythm and Roots Festival Roots Cotuit MA 10017  
7/10/10 7/11/10 Fourth Annual Plymouth Harbor Folk Festival Folk, contemporary singer-songwriter, pop. Plymouth MA 10334  
7/11/10 7/17/10 Catskills Irish Arts Week Celtic East Durham NY 10030  
7/14/10 7/18/10 The Woody Guthrie Folk Festival Folk revival, old-time, singer-songwriter. Okemah OK 9934 The Woody Guthrie Folk Festival is held annually in mid-July to commemorate the life and music of Woody Guthrie. The festival is held on the weekend closest to July 14 - the date of Guthrie's birth - in Guthrie's hometown of Okemah, Oklahoma. Daytime main stage performances are held indoors at the Brick Street Cafe and the Crystal Theater. Evening main stage performances are held outdoors at the Pastures of Plenty. The festival is planned and implemented annually by the Woody Guthrie Coalition, a non-profit corporation, whose goal is simply to ensure Guthrie's musical legacy.
7/16/10 7/18/10 Solarfest, Folk, jam, focus on VT musicians. Tinmouth VT None listed as of 2/19. 8631 We are looking forward to bringing you another great year of world-class entertainment, the best workshops the Northeast has to offer, plus over 100 vendors and exhibitors showcasing a wide variety of renewable energy and sustainability products, clothing, crafts and delicious food. Tickets go on sale in April. Performers and presenters will be listed as they are confirmed. Workshop proposal and volunteer applications will be available in mid-January. Mark your calendars for SolarFest 2010 - July 16, 17 and 18! For more than 15 years, demonstrating the power of positive energy!
7/16/10 7/17/10 Paulie’s New Orleans Jazz & Blues Festival Blues, Cajun & Funk Worcester MA    
7/17/10 7/18/10 Riverhead Blues and Music Festival Blues, zydeco Peconic River Front, Riverhead NY Joe Krown Trio Rosie Ledet & The Zydeco Playboys, Sean Chambers Band, Little Toby Walker 9950 The 12th Annual Riverhead Blues and Music Festival presented by the Vail Leavitt Music Hall. Come out and enjoy over 30 Live bands performing over the course of two days in front of the scenic Peconic river. Vendors! Food! Carnival! Live Music! Guaranteed to be the best time you will have this summer !
7/17/10 7/18/10 Green River Festival, American roots, blues, gospel, rock and roll, funk, soul, pop, jazz, rap and country Greenfield MA 9116 & 10143  
7/19/10 7/19/10 Blackstone River Theatre Celtic Festival Celtic Cumberland RI Aoife Clancy & Robbie O'Connell, Paddy Keenan, Pendragon, Bua, 10023  
7/22/10 7/25/10 Ossipee Valley Music Festival Bluegrass, string band, old-time South Hiram ME The Steep Canyon Rangers, The Gibson Brothers, The Claire Lynch Band, Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper, The Bluegrass Gospel Project, The Belleville Outfit, The Good Lovelies, The Packway Handle Band, Darol Anger and the Republic of Strings, Joy Kills Sorrow, The Toughcats, The Bagboys, Muddy Marsh Ramblers, Bits & Pieces and more to come. 9217 One of the largest acoustic music festivals in New England. The festival is held among the tall pines in western Maine on the banks of the Ossipee River. Besides the 40 hours of live music from National touring artists the festival is host to three prestigious contests totaling more than $10,000.00 in prizes, several Contra and Barn dances, over a dozen workshops, children's activities and much, much more. The festival is host to the New England Song Contest, Flatpicking and Banjo Championships. The competitions draw contestants from across the country. Saturday night usually features a Contra dance. Music workshops for beginners to masters level are given by the main stage performers and are offered free of charge.
7/23/10 7/25/10 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Traditional, contemporary singer-songwriter, pop. Hillsdale NY Gandalf Murphy & the Slambovian Circus of Dreams, Vance Gilbert, Dala, Giant Robot Dance, Nerissa & Katrina Nields, and our three top voted by audience Showcase Artists from 2009: The Brilliant Inventions, Swing Caravan and chuck e. costa. 8554 Volunteer application form available 2/19.
7/23/10 7/25/10 Lowell Folk Festival Traditional & ethnic folk Lowell MA 9187 With hundreds of thousands of visitors attending annually, the experience is ever-changing. The four producing partners: The City of Lowell, the Lowell Festival Foundation, Lowell National Historical Park, and the National Council for the Traditional Arts, have continued organizing and presenting the Festival annually during the last full weekend in July.
7/29/10 8/1/10 Gathering of the Vibes Festival Singer-songwriter, bluegrass, psychodelic, soul, rock, reggae. Bridgeport CT To be announced 3/19. 9186 Gathering of the Vibes is an annual music, arts and camping festival now in its 15th year. Vibes has grown into a four-day festival that has featured such world-class talent as Crosby, Stills and Nash; all living members of the Grateful Dead; the Allman Brothers Band; James Brown; the Black Crowes; Buddy Guy; George Clinton and P-Funk; Bruce Hornsby; Les Claypool; and many, many more big names, while continuing to showcase extraordinarily talented, young, up-and-coming bands to the 15-25 thousand people who attend each year.
7/30/10 8/1/10 Champlain Valley Folk Festival "Honoring Traditional Music and Dance in the Champlain Valley" Burlington VT 9794 Note new location
7/30/10 8/1/10 Newport Folk Festival Traditional & revival, roots, singer-songwriter, pop. Newport RI   Had de-evolved into a pop festival, last year came back with a good amount of folk.
7/30/10 8/6/10 Sidmouth Folk Week Trtaditional English folk. Sidmouth UK 9735  
7/30/10 8/1/10 Atlantic Fiddlers' Jamboree Celtic   PEI 10219  
7/31/10 8/1/10 NOFO Rock & Folk Fest 2010 Rock and folk Cutchogue NY Jorma Kaukonen - Mountain (Leslie West & Corky Laing), West, Bruce Jr. & Laing - Richie Havens - Pat Dinizio of The Smithereens - Devon Allman and many others! 10319  
8/1/10 9/5/10 Vermont Festival of the Arts Folkarts Various VT   10089  
8/4/10 8/8/10 Appalacian String Band Music Festival (Clifftop) Old-time Clifftop W. Va.   10038  
8/5/10 8/8/10 Podunk Bluegrass Festival Bluegrass E. Hartford CT Blackstone Valley Bluegrass David Davis and the Warrior River Boys The Earl Brothers Freight Hoppers The Gibson Brothers The Greencards Hot Buttered Rum Josh Williams Band Mike Cleveland & Flamekeepers Next Best Thing Packway Handle Band Rhonda Vincent & the Rage Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder Southern Rail The Expedition Show 8059  
8/7/10 8/7/10 The 1st Annual Saddleback Mountain Bluegrass Festival Bluegrass Saddleback ME 9793  
8/8/10 8/8/10 Wachusett Valley Folk Festival Folk, singer-songwriter, pop folk, comedy. Westminster Ma Ashbrook Haynes – Brooks Williams – Don White – Maeve – Mustard’s Retreat – Pesky J Nixon – Susan Werner – Vance Gilbert    
8/13/10 8/15/10 The Tweed River Festival Roots Stockbridge VT 10149  
8/19/10 8/21/10 Boston GreenFest Envrionment Boston MA   10256  
8/20/10 8/22/10 Hickory Fest Bluegrass Music Festival Bluegrass, string band, old-time Wellsboro PA 9401  
8/20/10 8/22/10 Philadelphia Folk Festival Folk, pop, singer-songweriter, rock Harleysville PA A.A. Bondy, Amelia Curran, Annie & The Beekeepers, Beats Walkin', Blame Sally, Bonnie "Prince" Billy & the Cairo GangButch Ross, Chris Smither & the Motivators, Erin McKeown, Gandalph Murphy & The Slambovian Circus of Dreams, Give and Take, Giving Tree Band, Groove Band, Iain Matthews, Jah Levi & The Higher Reasoning, Jeff Tweedy, Justin Rutledge, Lee Harvey Osmond, Malinky, Marc Silver & the Stonethrowers, Mickey Clark & the Blue Norther, Mike Cross, Natalia Zukerman, Nudie & The Turks, Richard Thompson, Shannon Whitworth, Sonos, Spinning Leaves, Subdudes, Susan Werner with Trina Hamlin and Natalia Zukerman, Sweetback Sisters, Taj Mahal, Treasa LeVasseur, Trina Hamlin, Vienna Teng Just Added!!! Philly Local Showcase and WXPN’s Helen Leicht presents: Ben Arnold, Mason Porter, Tin Bird Choir, Jake Snider, Dave Quicks Trio Philadelphia Songwriters Project Showcase presents: Tania Alexandra, Johnny Miles, Ryan Tennis, The Fleeting Ends    
8/26/10 8/29/10 Blistered Fingers Family Bluegrass Festival Bluegrass Litchfield ME 9210  
8/28/10 8/29/10 LIMM Seafood Craft & Music Festival Sea Shanty West Sayville NY ? 8156  
9/3/10 9/5/10 Rhythm and Roots Festival Cajun, Zydeco, Blues Charlestown RI 9189  
9/4/10 9/4/10 Open Road Music & Arts Festival   Worcester MA 9835
9/4/10 9/7/10 CDS/FAC Labor Day Weekend at Pinewoods Traditional Plymouth MA Our staff this year features: Will Mentor, leading American dance; Marcie Van Cleave, leading international and English country dance; Barbara Pixton, leading instrumental workshops in international music; Ray Rosenstock, leading vocal workshops in international music; Bob DeLuca, leading intensive morris dance workshops Our musicians: American dance - Anadama (Amelia Mason, Emily Troll, and Bethany Waikman) English dance -Pat MacPherson, Vince O’Donnell, and Patrick Yacono 10049  
9/4/10 9/4/10 Hudson Valley Green Festival Roots, Americana Staatsburgh NY 10233 The Hudson Valley Green Festival is a one-day music, alternative energy, food & beverage festival that will bring more awareness to the Hudson Valley, improving out quality of life through a greener, eco-minded approach to sustainable living.
9/6/10 9/6/10 Bread and Roses Festival Folk Revival Lawrence MA ?   As of 4/24/10 the website has not been updated since the 2009 festival.
9/10/10 9/12/10 Connecticut Folk Festival & Green Expo Pop folk New Haven CT 10058  
9/10/10 9/12/10 Turtle Hill Folk Festival Folk, singer-songwriter. Rush NY 10128 Got folk? Spend the weekend or just a portion of our friendly, intimate, and fun annual mid-September event. Family-oriented, with evening concerts, jams, workshops, campfire singing, dancing and more. Learn more at
9/18/10 9/19/10 Joe Davies Folk Festival Folk, singer-songwriter, pop. Middleborough MA 9795  
9/25/10 9/26/10 Working Waterfront Festival Sea Shanty New Bedford MA 9190 Join us in New Bedford, America's largest commercial fishing port, to learn about the men and women who harvest the North Atlantic. Walk the decks of a scalloper, dine on fresh seafood, mend a fishing net and watch a Coast Guard rescue demonstration. Experience the workings of the industry which brings seafood from the ocean to your plate.
9/25/10 9/25/10 Providence Sustainability Festival Folk & contemporary singer-songwriter. W. Coventry RI 9878 Sponsored by the Apeiron Institute. Note location change from W. Coventry to Providence, and date change from June to September.
10/9?/10 10/10?/10 Taunton River Folk Festival Traditional and revival folk and blues. Taunton MA ?   As of 4/24/10 the website had not been updated since the 2009 festival.; on 7/1 the page could not be found. If anyone has information, please email