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notloB News, feBruary 2011

notloB News, feBruary 2011

Since June 2, 2007, notloB Folk Concerts has presented local and touring old-time, blue/newgrass, traditional folk, Celtic and blues artists to audiences throughout the greater Boston area. Our current venues are the historic Loring-Greenough House (built in 1760, 40+ seats, unplugged) in Jamaica Plain  and 175 seat Unity in Somerville. The concerts are volunteer run and not for profit. 100% of the patron donations go to the artists and production expenses. 

 "The concerts always have a warm atmosphere and are fun to play. From a musician's perspective, I really appreciate the effort Jeff puts into his shows. Nobody on the Boston folk scene works harder to pull a concert together."
~ Alastair Moock

"In this era of pop-driven acoustic music, notloB is keeping the folk tradition alive."
~ Jack Hardy 

In this edition 
  1. Thank you for supporting live music
  2. Upcoming concerts
  3. Festival recommendation
  4. Dinner and a show
  5. Volunteering
  6. Turn your radio on!
  7. Housekeeping
notloB Folk Concerts is unique in the greater Boston area in terms of the model (admission is by suggested donation, all proceeds, less production costs, go to the artists. The series would not be possible without the support of our loyal patrons. So why not share the news? Bring a friend or two or three to an upcoming concert!

Julie Metcalf & Andy Reiner
Loring-Greenough House, 12 South Street, Jamaica Plain 
Saturday, February 4, 2012
Doors 7:30, Concert 8:00pm

Kimberly Fraser, Brian Conway & Mark Simos
http://www.kimberleyfraser.com, http://www.brianconway.com, http://www.devachan.com
Unity, 6 William Street, Somerville
Friday, February 17, 2012
Doors 7:30, Concert 8:00pm

Katie McNally & Eric McDonald
Loring-Greenough House, 12 South Street, Jamaica Plain
March 2, 2012
Doors 7:30, Concert 8:00pm

See the website for artist biographies and full details.

Like notloB Folk Concerts, the Boston Bluegrass Union-produced Joe Val Bluegrass Festival is volunteer run. This year is the festival’s 27th!
February 17-19, 2012
Sheraton Framingham
Framingham, MA
Blue Highway (Sun)
Michael Cleveland and FlameKeeper (Sat)
The Whites (Sat)
Special Consensus (Sat)
Sierra Hull and Highway 111 (Fri)
Steep Canyon Rangers (Fri) 
The Claire Lynch Band (Sat)
The Spinney Brothers (Fri)
Bill Keith and Jim Rooney Reunion
Berklee Bluegrass All-Stars (Fri)
Joe Sings Joe (Fri)
Flatt Lonesome (Sun) 
Bluegrass Gospel Project (Sun)
Amy Gallatin and Stillwaters (Sat)
The Reunion Band (Sat)
Della Mae (Sun)
Evergreen (Sat) 
For more information go to its website, http://www.bbu.org/jvhome.htm
We hope to see you there!
4. DINNER AND A SHOW.   Somerville concert patrons can save 10% when dining at the House of Tibet Kitchen, 235 Holland Street, 617-629-7567 (in nearby Teele Square).  Simply make a concert reservation, print and bring your confirmation email and show it to restaurant staff.   Please tip at the pre-discount rate.  Before being seated please identify yourself to the staff as attending the “notloB concert”.

At the Loring Greenough House ~ publicity, hospitality and set-up/take-down.
At Unity ~ admission table, merchandise, hospitality & lighting.
At all venues ~ publicity & flyer/handbill duplication and distribution.
If you are interested, please read the volunteer policy and apply via email to notloBreservations@gmail.com

notloB’s Jeff Boudreau co-hosts and produces “In the Tradition”, every otherTuesday, 7-9pm, WCUW-fm, broadcasting at 91.3fm and streaming at http://www.wcuw.org
Upcoming radio guest schedule:
February 7 ~
 Joe Val Bluegrass Festival Special w/ phone guests Claire Lynch, Darol Anger and Amy Gallatin.
February 21 ~ Bleeding Hearts, with in-studio guest Marylou Ferrante

7. Housekeeping. notloB Folk Concerts’ past artists include the Spider John Koerner, the Sacred Shakers, The Folk Brothers (David Massengill and the late Jack Hardy), Peggy Seeger, Geoff Bartley, Mary McCaslin, Bob Franke, The Rowan Brothers, The Ungar Family Band,   Aoife O’Donovan, Kristin Andraessen, Mike and Ruthy Ungar Merenda, Sometymes Why, Pat Wictor, Jud Caswell, Dennis Brennan and many others. Concerts in your own home, as was done for the Bowman and Matt Brown, can be arranged.

Reservations / information.  Sending a reservation request is appreciated. It also helps as we can contact you when the occasional concert must be canceled due to severe weather. Please send an email to  notlobreservations at gmail dot com at least 24 hours prior to the concert. Information about the concert series, the venues and the artists can be found at the website.

Keeping in touch.  There are several ways to stay informed of scheduled events:
Volunteering / Street team. This is a 100% volunteer-run effort. Concerts would not be possible without volunteer assistance.   All interested in helping can read the Volunteer Policy. “Guerilla” publicity builds community by spreading the word to family, friends and neighbors. Posting flyers in your neighborhood music shops, book stores, coffee shops and workplace is appreciated.   If interested, please send an email to notlobreservations@gmail.com

Admission is by suggested minimum donation.  A suggested minimum donation (varies by concert), often with discount to those making reservations and sometimes to students and seniors, is requested. Your donations cover venue rental, sound system rental, sound engineer, publicity and other production expenses. 100% of the balance goes to the artists (many of whom travel many miles).  Sometimes there are shortfalls, so extra donations are gladly accepted. If you cannot afford the suggested donation amount, consider volunteering!

Photography, video recording, & sound recording.   No still, video or sound recording is permitted without permission of the artist and the house. If you would like to share photos of past concerts, email the pictures and/or web link to notlobreservations@gmail.com

Thank you for supporting live acoustic music!
notloB Folk Concerts

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notloB Parlour Concerts presents Julie Metcalf and Andy Reiner, 2/4

notloB Folk / Parlour Concerts

Julie Metcalf and Andy Reiner

Saturday, February 4, 2012
Doors 7:30, Concert 8:00
Loring-Greenough House
12 South Street
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

notloB Parlour Concerts is proud to once again present Julie Metcalf and Andy Reiner.  Julie's first notloB performance was on 4/11/09, with the Folk Arts Quartet. She since performed with Mariel Vandersteel (Blue Moose and the Unbuttoned Zippers) on 12/4/10.  Andy has performed for notloB three times, twice with Blue Moose and the Unbuttoned Zippers (5/23/09 & 1/23/10) and once with BMUZ mate Stash Wyslouch (2/5/11).

Julie Metcalf
Fiddler Julie Metcalf began as a classical violinist in Worcester, MA. Coming from a family of musicians, she was encouraged to make music from an early age; Julie picked up the violin for the first time when she was 4 years old and has been playing ever since. When she was twelve, Julie discovered fiddle music and jazz through PBS and country radio, and began learning Celtic tunes on her own. 

Julie studied classical violin at Boston University's College of Fine Arts. Recently, she has immersed herself in the study of both traditional folk and contemporary styles of music, including Celtic, Appalachian, bluegrass, jazz, and Latin music. She is a graduate of Berklee College of Music with a degree in Violin Performance. 

Julie plays viola in the Paper Star Trio, formerly the Folk Arts Quartet. The Paper Star Trio is a grooving chamber-folk string ensemble that plays contemporary arrangements of world fiddle music. She can also be spotted playing violin with Mariachi Palenque.

Andy Reiner
Andy Reiner grew up in a musical family in Lexington, Massachusetts.   He began playing at age 5, learning fiddle from his father, (award-winning and Mel Bay Published Author) Dave Reiner, as well as taking classical violin lessons.  Just when the young Andy was struggling with the issues of whether playing the fiddle was “cool”, attending Mark O’Connor’s Fiddle Camp in Tennessee in ’97 and ’98 changed his life forever.

Andy continued to attend fiddle camps over many summers which were a constant source of inspiration, learning, and jamming.  Traveling from Maine to Colorado and even to Cape Breton NS, he took classes with many legends including Vassar Clements, Darol Anger, Richard Greene, Natalie MacMaster, Buddy Spicher, Jerry Holland, Bruce Molsky, Ashley MacIsaac, Becky Tracy, Rachel Maloney, Casey Driessen, Mark Wood, Laura Risk, and Aubrey Haynie.  

In high school, Andy was priveleged to participate in a renowned jazz program which helped to lay the groundwork of a future uninhibited by any kind of stylistic barrier.  As well, he was deep into an obsession with heavy metal, which, combined with his love for traditional folk music, resulted in the fiddle speed metal band Devil In The Kitchen.  He entered and won many fiddle contests, most notably at the Lowell, MA Banjo and Fiddle Contests, where he has won 1st in Bluegrass Fiddle, 1st in Ethnic Fiddle, three 1sts in Twin Fiddle, and the Andy Wolf Award for Musical Excellence.

Andy soon realized that music was the only option.  He moved to Boston and earned his BM in Violin Performance from Berklee College of Music, graduating in May 2008.  Through his mentors at Berklee - Eugene Friesen, Mimi Rabson, Christian Howes, Stephen Webber, Bruno Raberg, and many others - Andy further developed his sound, ears, and chops.

Along the way, two original pieces of his were performed in the Berklee Performance Center by the Berklee String Orchestra, and he shared the stage with Herbie Hancock, Paul Simon, Gloria Estefan and more at Berklee’s 60th Anniversary Concert, which sold out the Wang Center in Boston.  

Andy found true happiness in Boston as he created a network of hardcore jammers who would descend upon his apartment, “The Fiddle Barn,” to form a unique groove that represented styles from all over the world.  Berklee proved fertile ground for meeting unbelievable musicians.  Between jamming and gigs, he met all the future band members of Blue Moose and the Unbuttoned Zippers and FiddleFoxx.  Stash Wyslouch, guitarist of Devil In The Kitchen, was finally convinced after a year of studying civil engineering at Tufts to come to Berklee to focus on music.  The two are musical soulmates of groove, travelling in countless wacky situations and playing music everywhere from Montreal to Berlin.  

After a temporary relocation for a winter to Salt Lake City to be a music ski bum on the legendary powder and steeps of Little Cottonwood Canyon, Andy now resides in Brighton, MA where the jamming never ends.  Andy tours with Blue Moose and the Unbuttoned Zippers, The Earth Stringband, and Intergalactic Blam as well as teaching lessons, composing, and running his own production and publishing companies!  While Boston shines brightly as a new mecca for acoustic musicians, who knows what the future may hold!   One thing is for sure: Andy Reiner is a powerful musical force that will be playing and creating wherever he is for a long time.

Suggested donation $10.
Doors 7:30, Concert 8:00
Reservations - notlobreservations at gmail dot com

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More Chopped Liver or Alleluia, The Great Storm Is Not Over!

Since 2007 or 2008 I have been having a running battle with "public" radio WUMB about its concert event policy that censors artist names, a policy some in the artist, producer and and patron communities have dubbed to be "insane" .  It is my own contention that WUMB management has an agenda of supporting and promoting only artists it deems worthy of the "WUMB music mix", going out of its way to censor the names of artists sharing local concert bills. Whose interest does this serve?  The ironic part about this policy is many artists it has censored have gone on to be WUMB favorites. 

Since 2008 I have been asking for a) justification of the policy and b) replacement of its dual ("music" and "community") calendar system with just one. No response has been offered and the labor-intensive dual calendar system remains in effect.

All the background one needs to know can be found in the following two blog articles:
notloB Music: Chopped Liver  Dec 29, 2008 WUMB has an insane policy that serves absolutely nobody in the music community. When an artist or venue or producer submits a calendar listing and... 1. ...if the artist or artists are on their play list, the event is posted to its ...http://notlobmusic.blogspot.com/
notloB Music: Alleluia, The Great Storm Is Over! Mar 04, 2009 Former folk radio station (now AAA format playing "WUMB music mix") has partially rescinded its insane calendar artist exclusion policy. First reported yesterday in NEFolknRoots, this has been at least 21 months in coming.http://notlobmusic.blogspot.com/

WUMB's policy has evolved over time.

As of December 29, 2008:

WUMB Music Calendar
Below, are listings for musicians performing in the greater Boston area, who you can hear on WUMB during our Monday through Friday, 6am-7pm music shows. A link to each venue is included to confirm show times, for additional artists, or for more information.
Note that this calendar does not contain listings for artists heard only during our Weekend shows, or on our nationally syndicated programs. You can find those and more listings here on our Community Calendar, which also includes listings for local arts and cultural events.
As it appears today: 
Below, are listings for musicians, arts and cultural events in the greater Boston area, A link to each venue is included to confirm show times, for additional artists, or for more information.
You can find those and more listings here
You can also find out more about many of the coffeeshouses in the greater Boston area through the Boston Area Coffeehouse Association.
To submit your listings, use the "Calendar Submissions" link under the Calendar + Events menu above.

Note "you can hear on WUMB during our Monday through Friday, 6am-7pm music shows", which infers the listings are all-inclusive as submitted by the artists and producers, has cleverly and conveniently been dropped, with "A link to each venue is included to confirm show times, for additional artists, or for more information" added. Clear the smoke and one can see the defacto censorship practice continues.

A case in point. On February 17 notloB Folk Concerts is presenting Kimberley Fraser, Brian Conway and Mark Simos at Unity Somerville; the next day the trio appears in Rhode Island. On or about November 18 notloB submitted the concert listing via the WUMB events portal but was edited to "Mark Simos" (Mark is approved for Monday through Friday airplay, Kimberly and Brian apparently are not). As the result of a couple of email exchanges with WUMB management, and with the involvement of one or more of the artists, the listing was edited to its current form (see below). At about the same time or soon after, the Blackstone River Theater submitted its event as "Kimberley Fraser and Brian Conway with Mark Simos"; WUMB censored it to "Mark Simos", as it appears today (see screen captures below).

So has the WUMB events calendar policy been changed as conveyed by Jay Moburg on March 9, 2009: "They just changed the policy last week to include any artist we've ever played into the on air section of the concert listings..."? Is the currently stated policy "Below, are listings for musicians, arts and cultural events in the greater Boston area" misleading? 

This "community service of UMass Boston" continues to give the music community lip service while keeping its censorship policy intact. Its censorship policy serves nobody in the arts community and must be ended.


Kimberly Fraser, Brian Conway & Mark SimosUnity SomervilleSomerville, MA8:00 pm 

Venue Web Site
Mark SimosBlackstone River TheatreCumberland, RI8:00 pm 

Venue Web Site


notloB Folk Concert's listing. Source

Kimberly Fraser, Brian Conway & Mark Simos

Friday, February 17, 2012
Doors 7:30, Concert 8:00
6 William Street 
Davis Square

Kimberly Fraser
Kimberley Fraser was born on Cape Breton Island, and nurtured within its rich musical heritage. She first began to impress audiences at the age of three with her step-dancing talents. Soon after that she took up both the fiddle and the piano. Though still in her 20s, Kimberley’s already has a distinguished career. She has traveled the world, from Victoria to Afghanistan, performing at venues such as The Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. bringing Cape Breton music with her wherever she goes. Dan MacDonald of the Cape Breton Post says about Fraser’s versatility, “She has matured to become one of the stellar players of the Cape Breton fiddle tradition, equally at home at a house party, playing for a square dance or on stage for a concert in Bras d'Or or Boston, Scotsville or Scotland.” Kimberley has shared the stage with the finest acts in Celtic music, such as Alasdair Fraser, Martin Hayes and Lunasa. Kimberley is also in demand for her piano skills, accompanying musicians at home and abroad.

Kimberley holds a degree in Violin performance from Berklee College of Music and in Celtic Studies from St Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia. Education is important to her, reflected in Kimberley’s dedication to teaching Cape Breton music both at home and abroad. A master at the trio of fiddling, step dancing and piano, Kimberley is a much sought after teacher for all three. Her reputation as a teacher has brought her to conduct workshops at many camps and festivals, including Alasdair Fraser’s Valley of the Moon Fiddle Camp, the Swannanoa Gathering in Asheville, North Carolina, and The American Festival of Fiddle Tunes in Port Townsend, Washington to name a few. Kimberley also has experience giving workshops to string orchestras demonstrating how traditional music can be arranged for classical ensembles.

In 2006, Kimberley released her second studio album, Falling on New Ground, a winner of the East Coast Music Award for best Roots/Traditional Album of the Year. This self-produced album reflects on her experiences and growth as a musician since the release of her first studio album Heart Behind the Bow in 2000. Falling on New Ground demonstrates Kimberley’s many talents and versatility.  

Brian Conway 
New York born fiddler Brian Conway is a leading exponent of the highly ornamented Sligo fiddling style made famous by the late Michael Coleman. The winner of two All- Ireland junior titles in 1973 and 1974 and the All-Ireland senior championship of 1986, Brian's early studies were with his father Jim of Plumbridge County Tyrone and with Limerick born fiddler/teacher Martin Mulvihill. However, it was the legendary fiddler and composer Martin Wynne who taught him the real secrets of the County Sligo style. Later, Brian met and befriended the great Andy McGann of New York a direct student of Michael Coleman, who further shaped his precision and skill on the instrument.
In 1979, Brian recorded a duet album, The Apple In Winter (Green Linnet) with fellow New York fiddler Tony Demarco. He released his debut solo CD, First through the Gate, on the Smithsonian-Folkways label in July 2002. This CD was voted the prestigious Album of the Year by the Irish Echo. Brian is also featured on the CD, My Love is in America, recorded at the Boston College Irish Fiddle Festival, and on the documentary "Shore to Shore" which highlights traditional Irish music in New York. He is considered one of the musical rocks of the New York area.
Brian remains faithful to the rich tradition handed down to him. The distinctness of his tone, the lift of his playing, and the deft ornamentation he brings to the tunes have placed him among the finest Irish fiddlers of any style, Sligo or otherwise. He has performed all over North America from San Francisco to New York and places in between such as Chicago, Milwaukee and Colorado. His talents have also been enthusiastically received throughout Ireland and the rest of Europe. His current CD, First through the Gate, exemplifies the versatility that characterizes his concert performances and festival appearances. He is also a noted instructor who has mentored many fine fiddle players, including several who have gone on to win All-Ireland championships.
In 2007, Brian released a CD titled A Tribute to Andy McGann on the prestigious Irish Label Cló Iar-Chonnachta. This CD pairs up Irish Music legends Joe Burke and Felix Dolan along with Brian in a CD which has received glowing accolades since it's release in the summer of 2007. Brian followed this CD with a much anticipated new Solo CD titled "Consider the Source" in deference to the rich environment from which Brian learned his music. This CD was released in 2008 on the Cló Iar-Chonnachta Label. This CD features guest appearances by music greats Niamh Parsons, Dan Milner, Billy McComiskey, Joannie Madden, Felix Dolan, and Brendan Dolan. Earle Hitchner of the Irish Echo described this CD as "Easily one of the best releases this year".

Mark Simos
The musical imagination of Mark Simos weaves a lifetime love of many traditions into innovative musical forms. As songwriter and composer, fiddler, ‘tunesmith,’ and guitar and piano accompanist, Mark draws on long apprenticeship in a wide variety of genres—Irish, Southern old-time, New England, Quebeçois, bluegrass, and Klezmer among others—creating a musical language grounded in traditional forms, yet uniquely his own.

"... a musician's musician, versed in many musical idioms and excelling at all of them. He is one of the few musicians I know equally at home in the often incompatible roles of traditionalist and innovator." —Mick Moloney

Suggested donation $15/12 advance reservation $10 students.
Doors 7:30, Concert 8:00Reservations - notlobreservations at gmail dot com
More info - https://sites.google.com/site/notlobmusic/Join the mailing list - http://groups.google.com/group/notlobmusic

The Blackstone River Theater's concert listing. Source

Saturday, February 18, 8 PM, $15.00
Kimberley Fraser was born on Cape Breton Island and nurtured within its rich musical heritage. She first began to impress audiences at the age of three with her step-dancing talents. Soon after that she took up both the fiddle and the piano. Like many in Cape Breton, music is not new to Kimberley's family... she proudly owns the fiddle of her great great grandfather, spanning the musical tradition within her family over a hundred years. Though still in her early twenties, Kimberley's career is already a distinguished one having played with Ashley MacIsaac, Natalie MacMaster, Alasdair Fraser, Lunasa and Martin Hayes. A master at the trio of fiddling, step dancing and piano, Kimberley is a much sought after teacher for all three and has been a long-time instructor at the renowned Gaelic College in Cape Breton. Fraser is continuing her music education by attending the acclaimed Berklee College of Music in Boston. Her CD "Falling on New Ground" won the 2008 East Coast Music Award for best "Roots/Tradtional Album of the Year." New York-born fiddler Brian Conway is a leading exponent of the highly ornamented Sligo fiddling style made famous by the late Michael Coleman. The winner of two All-Ireland junior titles in 1973-1974 and the All-Ireland senior championship of 1986, Brian learned from legendary fiddler Martin Wynne and later befriended the great Andy McGann, a direct student of Michael Coleman, who further shaped his precision and skill on the instrument. He released his debut solo CD, "First through the Gate," on the Smithsonian-Folkways label in 2002. This CD was voted the prestigious Album of the Year by the Irish Echo. Brian remains faithful to the rich tradition handed down to him. The distinctness of his tone, the lift of his playing, and the deft ornamentation he brings to the tunes have placed him among the finest Irish fiddlers of any style, Sligo or otherwise. The musical imagination of guitarist Mark Simos weaves a lifetime love of many traditions into innovative musical forms. As songwriter and composer, fiddler, and accompanist, Mark draws on a wide variety of genres-Irish, Southern old-time, New England, Quebeçois, bluegrass, and Klezmer among others-creating a musical language grounded in traditional forms, yet uniquely his own. Don't miss an amazing evening with two of the top fiddle players performing today!

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Were You in Boston in 1919?

From Steve Suffet
Old Fashioned Folksinger


Today is the 93rd anniversary of the Great Molasses Flood. On January 15, 1919, a huge storage tank belonging to US Industrial Alcohol Company burst, sending 8.7 million liters of molasses crashing through the North End of Boston. The flood, which reached 12 meters in height, killed 21 people and injured 150. Some claimed that anarchists blew up the tank; others said Germans or Russians were to blame. It was none of the above. The disaster happened because the tank had been poorly maintained, rarely inspected, and in this instance overfilled. Corporate greed is not a new phenomenon.

Were You in Boston in 1919? is a song I wrote about the Great Molasses Flood. You are welcome to follow this link to listen to it online and/or to download it for free:

That's me on the lead vocals and guitar, Laura Munzer on the back-up vocals, and Gina Tlamsa on the fiddle. The front page below is from The Boston Post of the following day.

Go for it!

--- Steve

Read wiki's description of the "Boston Molasses Disasterhere .

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Hanna Read's Pledge Project for her debut solo CD, "Wrapped in Lace"

notloB not only supports rising musicians by presenting them in live performance, we also support them when they go into the recording studio to produce their first (and subsequent) CD('s). This occasion is no exception.

Hannah first performed for notloB when as a Berklee undergrad on April 11, 2009, she was a founding member of the Folk Arts Quartet.

If you are not already familiar with Hannah, you soon will be.

My Debut Album

January 2012

Dear all,
Having grown up in Scotland and lived in Paris, Boston and now currently residing in New York City – I have managed to gather many many stories and experiences to form a little group of original songs, which I am binding together to form my debut album!
In late November last year, my band, alongside some very special guests, took to a central Manhattan studio to record a collection of my new songs. I am absolutely thrilled to have completed this initial step of the recording process, however for my album to be taken to the next step of mixing, production, printing and distribution, I need YOUR help!
Today is the first day of a 30 day campaign and I am working with PledgeMusic in order to raise funds for my record. PledgeMusic allows musicians like myself to connect with  friends around the Globe, creating a cooperative, whereby we can work together to make projects like my album, come to life! In exchange for a donation, we offer a variety of gifts such as signed CDs, new t-shirts, fiddle lessons and even house concerts (read the full list on myPledgeMusic page). All proceeds raised go directly towards funding the remaining production processes. Also, all funds raised after the campaign goal is met will be donated to the UK based charity, Breakthrough Breast Cancer.
Any contribution made is much appreciated, be it a pledge or even mentioning this project to a friend. This record can only be made possible because of you and I promise to give my very best work in return. I can't wait to share this music with you!
The wonderfully talented group of people involved are:
Hannah Read (vocals & fiddle)
Christian Li (all keys)
Kenji Herbert (electric guitar)
Gabriel Smith (drums & percussion)
Mike Bono (acoustic guitar)
Jared Henderson (double bass)
Charlie Van Kirk (producer)
and some other very special guests.

View Hannah's Pledge video!!