The all-star celebration of Pete Seeger’s 90th birthday at Madison Square Garden in New York City is now available on DVD through Clearwater. Over 40 renowned musical artists, including Joan Baez, Bruce Springsteen and Dave Matthews, perform songs written or inspired by the legendary folk icon, political activist and avid environmentalist. This once-in-a-lifetime gathering of multi-generational stars is full of admiration and awe of Seeger and his life—truly a birthday party not to be missed!

Comprised of a two disc high quality DVD set, The Clearwater Concert brims with over three hours of music and choice interviews. Relive the concert experience, or join in the sing-a-longs for the first time—it’s an inspiring, joyful reminder of how music brings together people who want to make a difference in the world.

Pete Seeger said: “I never expected to see 18,000 people in Madison Square Garden for a birthday party, much less one of my own. Bless you all and bless all the great musicians on stage! This is one of the greatest singing audiences I ever heard in all my life.”

All proceeds of this remarkable DVD will benefit Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, a non-profit enviromental advocacy and education organization founded by Pete Seeger over forty years ago that is dedicated to protecting the Hudson River and creating the next generation of environmental leaders. For more information about Clearwater, please visit


notloB Folk Concert artists who shared the birthday stage and appear in the DVD include

Peggy Seeger - 10/30/08
Ruthy Merenda - 6/2/07, 6/9/07, 6/28/08 & 7/10/09
Mike Merenda - 6/9/07 & 6/28/08 & 7/10/09
Lyn Hardy - 6/28/08
Jay Ungar and Molly Mason - 7/10/09
Laura Cortese - 2/29/08