Wednesday, November 27, 2019

notloB is Coming out of Hibernation, presenting Rushad Eggleston December 5 & 15

notloB Parlour Concerts has been in a long hibernation (its last concert, entitled "Celebrate Midsummer Eve with Kieran Kane and Rayna Gellert" was June, 20, 2018), waiting for a "special" artist to present for its 200th. That "special" artist has turned out to be the one and only Rushad Eggleston, founding member of Darol Anger’s Republic of StringsCrooked Still, and Tornado Rider, and six-time notloBBer.

Concert #200 will be Thursday, December 5, appropriately at Outpost 186 in Inman Square, Cambridge, a familiar notloB haunt, which was the home to 29 presentations between February, 2013 and July 2015; coincidentally, the first there was #100, headlined by Eggleston.  #201 and 202 will be Sunday, December 15 at a new venue in Harvard, MA, its 19th century library re-purposed as a gallery/performing arts center, "Fivesparks." 

Jeff Boudreau, notloB’s chief cook and bottle washer, has had his eye on Fivesparks for some time and actually had two concerts planned but first a construction delay then a completion delay nixed both. "The first cancellation was particularly hard to take", opines Boudreau, as it would have been a fabulous birthday present. Fivesparks construction did not began until two months after the planned date. The second had been planned for March, 2019.

"But now we're back with a trifecta", explains Boudreau. Rushad called just a couple weeks ago, not knowing I had moved to Harvard in 2017, asking for a "Boston gig". After establishing I was now 35 miles west of Inman Square, he asked if we could do two gigs, one each in Cambridge and Harvard. Having seen Rushad perform numerous times for children at the Rhythm and Roots (Rhode Island) and Grey Fox Bluegrass (New York) festivals I came up with the idea of two Harvard concerts, an afternoon children's and evening adult. That is how things evolve when working with Rushad." Boudreau is hopeful the Eggleston concert will be the first of a new curated acoustic music series with old notloB friends, who include notable fiddlers Darol Anger, Brittany Haas, Natalie Haas, Hanneke Cassel. See the complete artist list at

About the artist:
“Eggleston is a
n eclectic, whimsical, inventive performer and personality…a cello player with a difference. Calling himself the Ambassador of Sneth and Wild Cello Goblin, Eggleston improvises in fiddle styles on the cello. Now touring the world—from Italy to Belgium and beyond—as a solo performer on cello, vocals, and kazoo, he wears a jester costume and sings in his own imaginary language.”

Thursday, December 5, 8pm at Outpost 186, 186 Hampshire Street, Cambridge, MA
notloB's 200th concert!
Suggested donation $15-20.
Sunday, December 15, 5pm (kids) & 7pm (adults) at Fivesparks, 7 Fairbank Street, Harvard, MA.
Suggested donation $10 kids, $15-20 adults, $10 seniors.

Reservations for all:
Doors open 15 minutes prior to performance time.
Questions/more information:
email -
Phone – 978-226-8862

 Jeff Boudreau and Rushad Eggleston
Outpost 186
February 12, 2013
Photo credit Jon Strimish

About notloB Parlour Concerts:
Since 2007, notloB Parlour Concerts has presented 200 folk, Old-Time, Blue Grass, Progressive String, Celtic, and World concerts in unique venues throughout the greater Boston area.Facebook -

Monday, August 19, 2019

The Fifth Annual Oldtone Roots Music Festival, September 5-8, 2019, Hillsdale, NY

The Fifth Annual Oldtone Roots Music Festival 2019


September 5-8, 2019 
Cool Whisper Farm, 1011 County Rt 21, North Hillsdale, NY, 12529

The 5th Annual Oldtone Roots Music Festival: Preserving American Music
Musicians and Festival Attendees Dedicated to Preservation through Participation
September 5-8, 2019
1011 Co. Rd 21, Hillsdale, NY 12529Website

HILLSDALE, NY. The Oldtone Roots Music Festival features three stages with traditional music performances, dances, workshops, contests, and children’s activities. The founders’ goal is to preserve American roots music and dance with an intimate and interactive festival that includes opportunities to engage with main stage artists in workshop settings. Jamming in the campground late into the night is encouraged. In the evenings festival goers and artists dance under a tent that perches over a spectacular view of the rolling upstate NY farm valley of Matt and Lisa Schober’s Cool Whisper Farm. It is not unusual to find main stage performers dancing in the dance tent or jamming late into the night in the camping areas. Caleb Klauder of the Foghorn String Band has this to say about Oldtone 19: “I’m going to the Oldtone Roots Music festival because their hearts are in the music and the music there has soul.”

The festival is unique amongst Roots music festivals for its popularity with the artists themselves as well as the attendees, who can often be heard talking about the “Oldtone vibe”.  Well known cajun Artist Jesse Lege (Bayou Brew) stated; “If I had to pick one best festival, and I have traveled to many, near and far....Oldtone is the biggest, most relaxed, friendliest little festival you’ll ever spend a weekend at... like having it in your own backyard.” 

The festival has a core of returning popular Oldtone veteran artists: the Foghorn String Band, Tuba Skinny, the Down Hill Strugglers, Jesse Lege & the Bayou Brew, Run Mountain, Tamar Korn, Travis Stuart, and the Russet Trio, all who have performed since 2016. This year the line up also includes well known bands and artists and exciting new acts: Alice Gerrard & the Piedmont Melody Makers, Roochie Toochie & the Ragtime Shepherd Kings, Bruce Molsky and Allison de Groot, Jerron Paxton, The Alex Leach Band, Sinner Friends, and more. The full line up and schedule can be found on the Oldtone Roots Music Festival Website. 

Oldtone is known for its family friendly atmosphere with puppet shows and interactive entertainment for children. Local food and craft vendors add to the village feel of the four day long weekend festival, and this year, local craft beers from Big Elm, Chatham Brewery, S&S Farm Brewery, and Svendale will be a highlight as well as local hard cider, and wine from Millbrook Winery

Photo from Oldtone Festival 2018 by Juris Mardwig