Tuesday, December 13, 2016

One mystery solved, another continues

Back on July 8, 2016, I noticed

Might anyone know...
At the intersection of Mass Ave and Lowell Street in Arlington are three free-standing rocks. I thought they might have something to do with the Battle of the Foot of the Rocks, but now I am not certain.
On closer inspection today I found the left rock contains a rectangular recess which could have held a bronze plaque.
Was it never installed?
If so, what did it say?
Was it installed and stolen?
Chiseled into the center rock are the words "Foot of the Rocks 1819".
The right rock contains a bronze plaque containing narrative of the Wellington family.
I was expecting but nowhere could I find a dedication or memorial to the Battle of the Foot of the Rocks. Perhaps that is what was on the missing(?) plaque.
Substantiated information is appreciated.