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notloB Parlour Concert News, April 2013

notloB Parlour Concert News, April 2013

The Rushad Eggleston concert sold out!
The Brittany Haas, Natalie Haas, Lily Henley & Kellen Zakula w/ Rene del Fierro concert sold out!
The Fellswater concert sold out!

The Bronwyn Keith-Hynes, Catherine Bowness and George Clements concert sold out!

Do we see a pattern here?
Get your reservations in as soon as possible, these upcoming concerts will sell out!
In this edition 
1.   Thank you for supporting live music
2.   Next notloB concert
3.   Future notloB concerts
4.   Lord Geoffrey Presents / seeking new venues
5.   Other live music and event recommendations
6.   Housekeeping

notloB Parlour Concerts is unique in the greater Boston area in terms of the model (admission is by suggested donation, all proceeds, less production costs, go to the artists). The series would not be possible without the support of our loyal patrons and volunteers. Join us and bring a friend or two or three to an upcoming concert! Please spread word by “liking”/sharing our Facebook page -
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Friday, April 19, 2013
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If you like Rushad Eggleston’s concert at 186 or Natalie Haas’ at the private home in Watertown, you will love Mike Block. “BowSmack is the fusion of Mike Block's versatile cello playing and singing with Tupac Mantilla's crazy "anything goes" percussion stylings.”
8-10pm - concert
Concert reservations strongly suggested, workshop required:
Volunteering. notloB is volunteer-powered. If you are interested, please read the volunteer policy and apply via email to


Dakota Dave Hull
Doors 7:30, Concert 8:00
Preceded by a separate admission workshop*
Loring-Greenough House, 12 South Street, Jamaica Plain

“One of the best guitarists in the world.”
—Dave Van Ronk

“Hull is something of a guitar god in his native midwest, where he’s been 
dazzling audiences for over 30 years with his lush finger-picking and quicksilver 
flat-picking. He is also a sly raconteur with an encyclopedic knowledge of vintage 
American music.”
—Scott Alarik, Boston Globe, March 2004

“There’s a million good things I could say about Dave Hull but I’ll narrow it down to two: He’s an excellent picker, both flatpick and fingerstyle, he collects some fine instruments, and we’ve been at a lot of good places to eat together.”
—Norman Blake

“Hey Dave, thanks for sending me your Loyalty Waltz album. I just put it on to use as background music for something I was reading. Damn you, I never read a thing. Listened to the whole album straight through. Nice album, my good man. Keep on.”
—Geoff Muldaur
Hailed by everyone from Dave Van Ronk to Doc Watson, from the Washington Post to downbeat, Dakota Dave Hull’s guitar style spans a wide musical geography to create an infectious, uniquely personal blend of jazz, ragtime, folk, blues, Western swing, and vintage pop. Dakota Dave is a restlessly curious, adventurous traveler along the broad highway of America’s music. In his playing the masters speak, but in a vocabulary that is Dave’s alone: alternatively mirthful and moving, always melodic.
A gifted composer as well as a strikingly original interpreter of older tunes, Dave calls what he does “classic American guitar.” Folk legend Van Ronk called Dave “one of the best guitarists in the world.”
Most of all, Dakota Dave’s music is great fun. As Douglas Green (Ranger Doug of Riders in the Sky) puts it, “There is an imp within Dave Hull that always expresses itself on the fretboard; a witty, intelligent yet respectful imp who frolics in his music, an imp Dakota Dave neither fights nor lets take control, but simply absorbs into the heart of his style.”
On stage or in the recording studio Dave has performed with Utah Phillips, Doc Watson, Robin and Linda Williams, Dave Van Ronk, John Renbourn, Paul Geremia, Spider John Koerner, Cam Waters, Sally Rogers, Butch Thompson, Peter Ostroushko, Garrison Keillor, and Norman Blake, and many others. His albums include three with early performing partner Sean Blackburn and six solo efforts (the acclaimed Hull’s Victory and Reunion Rag, both on Flying Fish) with four more, New Shirt, Sheridan Square Rag, The Loyalty Waltz and Time Machine on Arabica Records. Airship, a duo album with singer/guitarist/fiddler Pop Wagner was widely praised. His three albums with guitar and mandolin ace Kari Larson (also on Arabica) have become legendary. Most recently, Dave recorded an album of mostly traditional music duets with the noted guitarist Duck Baker, When You Ask a Girl to Leave Her Happy Home.
Dave is a recipient of a 2013 Traditional Arts grant from the Minnesota State Arts board.
*WORKSHOP: "The Art of Making Arrangements" $30 (less 20% JPTC members). RESERVATIONS AND PRE-PAYMENT REQUIRED. Arrive 6:30, workshop 6:45-7:45pm.
CONCERT: Doors 7:30, concert 8-10pm. $20 at the door, $15 in advance. 20% discount for JPTC members + $1 preservation fee. 
COMBINED WORKSHOP AND CONCERT: $10 discount for combined concert + workshop.  
email notlobreservations at gmail dot com
In your reservation request please specify you are reserving for the workshop, the concert, or both.
As always, coffee will come from JP Licks and pastries from Fiores Bakery. Assorted teas will also be available.

3.                  FUTURE NOTLOB CONCERTS
Sunday June 2, 2013
All are invited to the notloB Open House and Pickin' Party - Celebrating Six Years and 100 Concerts, Sunday, June 3 at the historic Loring-Greenough House in Jamaica Plain.

It all began June 2, 2007, with Sometymes Why (Ruthy Ungar Merenda, Kristin Andreassen and Aoife O'Donovan). Six years and 99 concerts later the series continues. Thanks to all who have made this all possible!
Ed Stanley and the Jamaica Plain Tuesday Club (owners of the Loring-Greenough House).
Naiomi Arenburg and Brad Paul, producer/hosts of "Folk on WGBH", who had many notloB artists on their former programs before Saturday night concerts.
Park Avenue Congregational Church, Arlington
Randy Winchester and the Clarendon Hill Presbyterian Church, Somerville
The Jackson Homestead, Newton
Bettie Walker of Unity Somerville.
Dana Westover (sound at Unity).
Sweet Finnish Bakery
Fiores Bakery
JP Licks
All the volunteers
Alll the artists
All the patrons.

No reservations are required, just come by.
Because the Loring-Greenough House is a beautiful 262 year old historic museum, we ask that only very well behaved children be brought inside.
A donation of $5-10+ per person will be taken, with the proceeds going to the Jamaica Plain Tuesday Club.

1          06/02/07         LGH     Sometymes Why
2          06/09/07         LGH     Mike & Ruthy Merenda w/ Torey Adler
3          06/20/07         LGH     Sharon Lewis & Rose Polenzani
4          07/20/07         LGH     Danielle Miraglia & Tom Bianchi w/ Brendan Hogan
5          08/11/07         LGH     Dave Carter Tribute - Adam Sweeney, Eric McDonald, Beth DeSombre, Ryan FitzSimmons, Dana Price & Chris Thompson
6          08/18/07         LGH     Geoff Bartley w/ Eliza Blue
7          09/21/07         LGH     Brian Webb
8          10/06/07         LGH     Dennis Brennan w/ Mary Lou Ferrante
9          10/20/07         LGH     Teresa Storch & Lenore
10        11/02/07         LGH     Rowan Brothers w/ Eric McDonald
11        11/10/07         LGH     Kristin Cifelli w/ Carrie Cheron
12        11/17/07         LGH     Mare Wakefield & Dan Gonzalez
13        12/15/07         LGH     Jud Caswell & Pat Wictor
14        12/22/07         LGH     Bob Franke
15        01/19/08         LGH     Jon Shain w/ Robin O'Herin
16        02/09/08         DC       Benefit for VFP: Chuck Williams, Beth DeSombre, Lenny Soloman Band, Michael Troy)
17        02/29/08         LGH     Kristin Andreassen with Laura Cortese & Tristan Clarridge
18        03/01/08         LGH     Ryan Fitzsimmons & Greg Klyma
19        03/15/08         LGH     Lissa Schneckenburger featuring Matt Heatonand Corey DiMario
20        03/22/08         LGH     The Tornado Rider Band (Rushad Eggleston & Gabriel Cazes) w/ The Accident That Led Me to the World
21        04/05/08         LGH     Chris Merenda & Adam Sweeney
22        04/19/08         LGH     Hungrytown (Rebecca Hall & Ken Anderson) w/ Molly Pinto-Madigan
23        05/03/08         LGH     Tripping Lily
24        05/17/08         LGH     Alastair Moock
25        06/20/08         LGH     Flynn
26        06/28/08         LGH     Mike & Ruthy Merenda & special guest Lyn Hardy
27        08/13/08         JD        Dave Carter Tribute - Chris Thompson, Beth DeSombre, Ryan FitzSimmons, special guest Eric Lee
28        09/20/08         CHPC   John Flynn & Greg Greenway
29        11/01/08         CHPC   The Folk Brothers
30        11/15/08         CHPC   Mary McCaslin & Geoff Bartley
31        01/31/09         CHPC   Sacred Shakers w/ Mark Brine
32        02/28/09         CHPC   The Hanneke Cassel Band, featuring Ari Friedman and Christopher Lewis w/ Fionnuala O'Donovan
33        03/28/09         CHPC   Bob Franke & Martin Grosswendt
34        04/11/09         PACC   Broken Blossoms & Folk Arts Quartet
35        05/09/09         PACC   Joy Kills Sorrow & The Boston Boys
36        05/16/09         Jackson Homestead    Newton Celtic seisiún led by Sean Smith, featuring Katie McNally & Doug Lamey
37        05/23/09         PACC   FRFF "most wanted" showcase Abi Tapia and BMUZ
38        06/05/09         US        Spider John Koerner w/ Elizabeth Butters
39        06/19/09         Jackson Homestead    Brendan Hogan & Frank Morey
40        07/10/09         US        The Jay Ungar & Molly Mason Family Band
41        07/11/09         Jackson Homestead    Mary Lou Ferrante & US Sam
42        08/15/09         Jackson Homestead    Tim Mason & Tom Begich
43        09/11/09         US        Jonathan Byrd, Greg Klyma & Anthony DaCosta
44        10/03/09         US        Malinky w/ Matching Orange
45        10/10/09         Jackson Homestead    Mark Brine
46        10/25/09         GHC     Marylou Ferrante
47        11/06/09         US        Lissa Schneckenburger Band w/ Ari and Mia Friedman
48        11/21/09         Jackson Homestead    Claudia Nygaard
49        11/22/09         GHC     Claudia Nygaard
50        12/04/09         US        Jeremy Kittel Band (featuring Tristan Clarridge, Simon Chrisman and Bodek Janke)
51        12/12/09         Jackson Homestead    David Massengill
52        12/13/09         GHC     David Massengill
53        01/29/10         Jackson Homestead    Jim Infantino
54        01/23/10         US        Blue Moose and the Unbuttoned Zippers
55        02/12/10         US        A benefit for the New England Folk Music Archives, featuring Sam Weiser
56        02/25/10         GHC     Sarah McQuaid
57        03/07/10         Jackson Homestead    Geoff Bartley
58        03/12/10         US        Red Hot Blacktop w/ Matching Orange
59        03/14/10         GHC     Lucky 13
60        04/11/10         Jackson Homestead    Hannah Sanders and Liz Simmons
61        04/17/10         LGH     Tri
62        05/01/10         US        Tao Rodriguez-Seeger Band
63        05/15/10         LGH     Jim Hurst
64        06/04/10         US        Long Time Courting
65        08/13/10         US        Folk Arts Quartet
66        09/08/10         LGH     Jenee Halstead & Robby Hecht
67        09/17/10         LGH     Tashina Clarridge & Jefferson Hamer
68        09/18/10         US        Tornado Rider
69        09/24/10         US        Ben Powell Quartet
70        10/01/10         US        Andrew McKnight
72        10/27/10         LGH     David Rovics
73        11/05/10         US        Guy Mendilow Band
74        11/06/10         LGH     Tony Bird
75        12/04/10         LGH     Julie Metcalf and Mariel Vandersteel
76        02/05/11         LGH     Stash Wyslouch & Andy Reiner
77        03/04/11         US        Chasing Blue & Joe's Truck Stop
78        03/19/11         LGH     John Roberts & Debra Cowan
79        04/08/11         US        The Bee Eaters
80        05/07/11         US        Tornado Rider
81        05/13/11         LGH     Bread and Bones
82        09/23/11         US        Kyle Carey
83        10/20/11         LGH     Flynn Cohen & the Deadstring Ensemble: featuring John McGann, Matt Heaton, and Danny Noveck
84        02/04/12         LGH     Julie Metcalf and Andy Reiner
85        02/17/12         US        Kimberly Fraser, Brian Conway & Mark Simos
86        03/02/12         LGH     Katie McNally & Eric McDonald
87        04/12/12         LGH     Darol Anger & Emy Phelps w/ special guest Sharon Gilchrist
88        05/23/12         LGH     Jim Hurst
89        08/17/12         LGH     Sandra Wong & Ross Martin
90        10/10/12         LGH     Richard Wood & Gordon Belsher
91        11/01/12         LGH     Keith Murphy & Becky Tracy
92        11/08/12         LGH     Mike + Ruthy
93        12/08/12         LGH     August Watters and Jose Lezcano
94        01/18/13         LGH     Katie McNally & Eric McDonald
95        02/18/13         Watertown B. Hass, N. Haas, L. Henley & K. Zakula
96        02/23/13         LGH     Fellswater
97        03/09/12         LGH     Bronwyn Keith-Hynes, Catherine Bowness and George Clements
98        04/19/13         LGH     Dakota Dave Hull
99        05/??/13         LGH     TBA
100      06/02/13         LGH 6th Year Anniversary Open House

4. LORD GEOFFREY PRESENTS - Lord Geoffrey is a scurrilous card-carrying member of the Boston-area folk scene whose mission in life is to re-kindle the great folk scare by presenting in unique rented spaces (galleries, historic homes, church sanctuaries, clubs...) vintage musicians of that era as well as up-and-coming young whippersnappers! 
April 7 - BowSmack (Mike Block & Tupac Mantilla@ tba
notloB’s brother series has the opportunity of presenting Julliard-trained cello virtuoso Mike Block in his new project with world percussionist Tupac Mantilla, but none the usual unusual venues are available. If you are aware of a suitable space – an art gallery, a yoga studio, a black box theater, a museum, a private home…please email as soon as possible!

April 30 - John Mailander and Molly Tuttle @ Outpost 186

John Mailander and Molly Tuttle 
In Workshop and Concert
Tuesday, April 30
Outpost 186, 186 Hampshire Street (Inman Square), Cambridge MA
All ages.6:45-7:45pm - fiddle & guitar workshops
Lord Geoffrey Facebook:

Appending recommendations in the monthly newsletter was making it too big, please read my recommendations in Cecilia’s Choices.
Founder Jeff Boudreau recognized the need to create a unified "go to" resource for sharing unique, unusual and superior greater Boston live music and arts events. La crème de la crème, so to speak. From their own sources augmented by member input, Cecelia's Choices editors recommend concerts, recitals and other performances as well as workshops, classes and opening information, many of which are "off the radar" or unique or uncommon. No more need to join umpteen different genre-specific Facebook groups and pages, just come here to choose from the cream. Please contribute your event on the main page for consideration to be featured as the date draws closer....


Reservations/information.  Sending a reservation request is appreciated and is insurance against being turned away at the door, if the concert sells out. It also helps as we can contact you when the occasional concert must be postponed or cancelled due to severe weather or other circumstances. Please send an email to at least 24 hours prior to the concert. Information about the concert series, the venues and the artists can be found at the website.
Keeping in touch.  There are several ways to stay informed of scheduled events:
Admission to notloB Parlour Concerts is by suggested minimum donation. If you cannot support the artists with dollars, please consider volunteering your time and energy. Your donations cover venue rental, publicity and other production expenses, 100% of the balance goes to the artists (many of whom travel many miles).  Sometimes there are shortfalls, so extra donations are gladly accepted. And please, cash only (no credit cards or checks).
Photography, video recording & sound recording.   No still, video or sound recording is permitted without permission of the artist and the house. If you would like to share photos of past concerts, email the pictures and/or web link to
History. Since June 2, 2007, notloB Parlour Concerts has presented close to 100 old-time, blue/newgrass, folk, Celtic and country blues artists to audiences throughout the greater Boston area. Our venue is the historic Loring-Greenough House (built in 1760, 40+ intimate seats) in Jamaica Plain. The concerts are volunteer-run and not for profit. 100% of the patron donations go to the artists and production expenses. 
 "The concerts always have a warm atmosphere and are fun to play. From a musician's perspective, I really appreciate the effort Jeff puts into his shows. Nobody on the Boston folk scene works harder to pull a concert together."
Alastair Moock

"In this era of pop-driven acoustic music, notloB is keeping the folk tradition alive."
Jack Hardy 

Thank you for supporting live acoustic music!
Jeff Boudreau
notloB Parlour Concerts