Monday, October 20, 2008

Is Sufjan Stevens the newest member of "Fast Folk"?

If you are unfamiliar with "Fast Folk", courtesy of wiki

"In December of 1977, singer/songwriter Carolyne Mas started a songwriter's night at The Cornelia Street Cafe in Greenwich Village, New York, after a less formal group started by singer/songwriter/Greenwich Village legend Jack Hardy lost it's spot at a local tavern called The English Pub. The group, which included artists like Jack Hardy, Carolyne Mas, David Massengill, Tom Intondi, Cliff Eberhardt, Michael Fracasso, Jeff Gold, and Rod MacDonald, gave writers a chance to perform for their peers, work on songs in front of an audience, and receive feedback from fellow songwriters. This group, sans some members, and with some new members added, eventually became known as the Songwriter's Exchange, recording an album on Stash Records which was released in 1980. The album was made possible due to the efforts of Robin Hirsch, one of the owners of The Cornelia Street Cafe, who single-handedly had turned the increasingly popular cafe into a hotbed of artists, musicians, poets, and writers. The Greenwich Village music scene was also booming at the time, receiving lots of media attention from major newspapers like The New York Times, which also helped fuel the popularity of the New York singer/songwriter scene in general. The Songwriter's Exchange eventually evolved, and under the guidance of Jack Hardy, the group formed a cooperative and took over the booking of Greenwich Village's SpeakEasy in 1981. The Co-oP, which was launched in February of 1982 , was later renamed Fast Folk, and gained status as a non-profit organization...."

Joan Anderman, pop music critic for the Boston Globe, in a recent article tipped me off about


Hipster Runoff is a side-splitting blog that spoofs alt-attitude, alt-fashion, and alt-lifestyle. Among the site's spot-on sendups: alt-syntax and alt-spelling, the obsession with crafting, and nonstop commentary about Justice and Girl Talk. Go to and you may even get the answer to this pressing question: "Are stepdad jeans the future?" - JOAN ANDERMAN

When I checked it out I spied this photo....

...imagine my surprise, it's remarkably similar to this one held by two "partners in crime."

Is Sufjan Stevens the newest member of "Fast Folk"?

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