Friday, November 21, 2008

Kristin Andreassen on "A Prairie Home Companion"

Kristin has graced the Notlob stage twice, once as a part of Sometymes Why (2/07) and once as a solo feature (6/08).

Please tune into "A Prairie Home Companion" for a real treat!

p.s. Keep your eyes and ears open for "Spongy Cactus", her new new/bluegrass project with Jefferson Hamer.


Hey everybody! I'm sitting here at the St. Paul Hotel in Minnesota and I'm super excited to play on A Prairie Home Companion for the next two nights. Here's the deal:

Friday, November 21 • 7:30pm
Live theater show -- not broadcast for radio, but you can come if you're here!

Saturday, November 22 • 5pm
Theater show & live radio broadcast.
See for a complete list of radio stations and times.

Both shows are here:
The Fitzgerald Theater
10 East Exchange Street
St. Paul, Minnesota 55101
Tickets & info: 651-290-1195;

I'll be joined by my good friends Jefferson Hamer (guitar), Emma Leahy-Good (pattycake) & Bryn Davies (bass, oh yeah)

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