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10th annual BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards Nominees

Radio 2 Folk Awards

The tenth annual BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards will be held in London on Monday 2 February 2009. Mike Harding presents highlights from this celebration of the best in folk and acoustic music on Wednesday 4 February.

Read about the awards and how the nominees are selected

The Nominations for the Folk Awards 2009 are:


Chris Wood
BBC Music Profile | Official Site

Eliza Carthy
BBC Music Profile | Official Site | Wikipedia

Julie Fowlis
BBC Music Profile | Official Site | Wikipedia

Karine Polwart
BBC Music Profile | Official Site | Wikipedia


Bob Fox & Stu Luckley
Offical Site

Chris While & Julie Matthews
BBC Radio 2 Video Interview | Official Site |

BBC Tees Megson Feature | Official Site |

Spiers & Boden
BBC Oxford Interview | Wikipedia


Dreams of Breathing Underwater – Eliza Carthy

Low Culture – Jim Moray

This Earthly Spell – Karine Polwart

Trespasser – Chris Wood


All You Pretty Girls – Andy Partridge (performed by Jim Moray)

Come Down Jehovah – Chris Wood (performed by Chris Wood)

Mr Magnifico – Eliza Carthy/Ben Ivitsky (performed by Eliza Carthy)

The Cottager’s Reply – Frank Mansell/Chris Wood (performed by Chris Wood)


Fakenham Fair – Bellowhead

Lucy Wan – Jim Moray

The Lady of York – Chris Wood

The Lark in the Morning – Jackie Oates


Bella Hardy
Official Site | MySpace

Jackie Oates
BBC Cambridge 2007 | Official Site | MySpace | Wikipedia

Jeana Leslie & Siobhan Miller
BBC Young Folk Awards 2008 | BBC Cambridge 2008 | MySpace |

The Shee
Official Site | MySpace


BBC Cambridge 2007 | Official Site | Wikipedia

The Demon Barbers
Official Site

BBC Radio 2 Video Interview | Official Site | Wikipedia

Seth Lakeman
BBC Music Profile | Official Site | Wikipedia

John Leonard, Producer of The Mike Harding Show, explains how the awards are chosen and why they are important.

The BBC Folk Awards is an occasion to celebrate folk music and the people who make it. The event was started in 1999 as a way of celebrating the folk world's achievements, an opportunity to get artists and industry people together and thank them for their work over the previous twelve months. It's also a chance to showcase to the media just some of the artists and music that we, the people who work in the industry, have been particularly proud of during the year.

The awards themselves are voted for by a panel of around 170 broadcasters, folk journalists, festival organisers, agents, promoters etc; people whose job it is to make judgement of one sort or another about folk music during their daily work. The voting is in two stages: the first round is open and the panel can vote for anyone they like in each of the designated categories. These votes are collated and the top four artists in each category declared as nominees. The panel is then asked to vote again to choose an award winner in each category from these nominations.

We constantly aim to improve the Folk Awards, to maintain its credibility and increase its impact. I feel these are great times for folk music; it seems to be reaching a much larger audience and I'm delighted to see so many new names nominated this year. It's my favourite night of the year and, once again, thanks to BBC Radio 2 for its continuing support.


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