Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hard economic times at Troubadour 1700

Troubadour 1700 AM

An FCC Part 15 compliant low power radio station in Shirley, Massachusetts USA

Reaching the neighborhoods of Shirley Center, North Shirley, and Woodsville
And worldwide through our live stream.


Progressive easy listening music

(Folk, world, and new age that's ready for the commercial mainstream)


The culture and lifestyle that go with it.

First, thanks to all for the mentions and corrections in recent posts about the
station and the unique category it is in. One thing I never wanted for
Troubadour 1700 is for it to become like a public station that begs for money
every time you turn around. I HATE on air fund raising and off air is almost as
bad. And I have always taken pride in my independence. But during the past few
days, my personal financial situation has become SO depressing, and it is
putting such a straitjacket around my life, that I find it difficult to have any
hope anymore or to even function normally. So I feel the need to make public
something I would normally keep private.

In early February, an intolerable situation forced me to quit my weekday "slave"
job. Despite many attempts to find another income source, none have
materialized. As a result, I have been surviving on $70 to $120 a week. I am
also owed many thousands of dollars from individuals who have borrowed on my
good credit. But the people who owe me are now in even worse economic straits
than I am. Finally, I have already incurred $800 in auto repair expenses - and
may incur hundreds more - before I finally pass state inspection. I can't
maintain what little income I have left without my car.

On the Troubadour 1700 website, I have set up a "ChipIn" donation box. I ask
anyone who enjoys the station, and is in a secure economic position during this
depression, to please chip in a few PayPal dollars to help pay for my internet
connection. This connection is the lifeblood of my stations. If I can get it
paid for the next several months, I can devote what little I earn to vital
living expenses.

Finally, there is one thing I can absolutely guarantee to anyone who is kind
enough to help during this difficult time. Unlike the high living prima donnas
at a certain "public" radio station, your dollars will NOT be pooled with
hundreds of thousands in tax payer revenues in order to hire some self-appointed
"consultant." Whatever money comes in with be spent on the most BASIC ESSENTIALS
OF HUMAN EXISTENCE: keeping a roof over my head, the stations on the air, and
maybe just a bit for inspiration to give me a reason to carry on.

Thanks to any of you taking the time to read this, but, quite honestly, I would
feel a lot better and more comfortable if I didn't have to burden you with it.

Troubadour 1700 AM

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