Friday, October 2, 2009

Turn your radio (or computer) on ... get in touch with community radio

Reprinted from NEFolknRoots.

It's pledge time again.

Rarely played on commercial stations, non-commercial broadcast/streaming radio and internet stations are the primary purveyors of folk/roots/blues/bluegrass/Celtic/old-timey music.

Scan the programs listed below for that have been entered into this group's calendar over the years. It's a compilation of the members' programming choices* representing several genre coming from North East US stations. Bookmark this page and refer back throughout the week, Discover some new programs. Maybe you'll find a new station that will satisfy a musical need.

Maybe the listings will help you to decide to which station(s) to support.

If you are adversely affected by the poor economy or otherwise unable to give your financial support, these and other public stations would be very pleased to talk with you about volunteering opportunities.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday


* If there are errors or omissions, as always, send your information to the "owner" address which appears on the home page.

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notloB said...

The program links do not seem to be working. They can be accessed via the source message - - in NEFolknRoots.