Monday, January 4, 2010

Matt and Shannon Heaton, "Livies" winners!

Congratulations to Matt and Shannon Heaton for their "Livies" awards.

Matt and Shannnon are notlob alumni, having performed with Lissa Schneckenburger at the Loring-Greenough House on March 15, 2008.

Shannon will be returning to notloB as a member of "Long Time Courting" on Friday, June 4. More information about the concert will be posted at the notloB website towards late Winter, or join the mailing list/news group to get information sooner.

Trad Fusion Album of the Year

Lover’s Well from Boston’s Matt and Shannon Heaton. This album blends so many forces and trends so brilliantly, it is impossible to follow them all. Shannon is a great singer and flute player, and Matt’s harmonies and intricate guitar accompaniment are perfection. Guest musicians drop by on the album, but make no mistake, Matt and Shannon are the reason for the season. They don’t come any better. This album celebrates love. These two are in love and it comes through in every tune and song. There is even one in Thai, as Shannon is a fluent speaker!! Who would have thought you could combine Irish trad and Thai and come out a winner? Well, Matt and Shannon, that’s who! This is magic.

Female Musician of the Year

Uh, that would be Shannon Heaton on Lover’s Well. Shannon has her own style on the flute. We hear a lot of Sligo and Roscommon. But, best of all, we hear a lot of Shannon. It takes such talent to combine the musical/cultural threads represented in this album into a fabric that is so strong and so vibrant. No duo has so continuously improved year by year over the course of their careers, and now Matt and Shannon take their rightful place at the top, while Shannon joins the iconic masters of the flute from Kevin Henry, Kevin Crawford and Dennis Watson through Matt Molloy and Kieran Munnelly to Shannon Heaton. She is an artist down to her socks. This woman is the bottom line in flute playing. A trad treasure.

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