Wednesday, July 7, 2010

NPR Ate My Local Public Radio Station

Readers of this blog are familiar with Boston's loss of folk and roots programming from WGBH (formerly known as "New England's arts and culture station", now "New England's news and information station" and a WBUR wannabe (WBUR is also a NPR affiliate which already had a news and talk format) and WUMB (formerly known as "folk radio WUMB", now refers to its AAA programming as "Boston's NPR music station").  If this is news to you, use the blog's "search" feature located at the lower right corner.

Copied from their sites/recent posts, for your review here are several websites / blogs social networking pages educating the public about the nationalization of local public radio stations.

Keeping the Public in Public Radio

...and its Facebook mirror....

The mission of "Keeping the Public in Public Radio" is to inform and educate public radio listeners, to expose national programming trends taking place at their local public radio stations, and to support local listener groups in their efforts to restore listener ownership to their stations.

NPR Ate My Local Public Radio Station

Dedicated to the "public" (remember us? we used to be a part of "public" radio).

Share your NPR takeover horror stories like "College radio station KVTI, the popular 51,000-watt “I-91″ from Clover Park Technical College in Tacoma, has been absorbed into the borg of Northwest Public Radio and Washington State University..."

"I can only assume this has something to do with the almighty dollar. Isn't this supposed to be public radio and aren't we the public. Folk music has been a mainstay on WGBH for as long as I can remember. Acoustic artists are as popular as ever and in some ways even more popular then in days gone by. I don't get it. WGB...H should be ashamed of itself. Well, as Ma Joad said, "We're the people and you can't stop us and you can't lick us. We just keep coming, 'cause we're the people."
~Jim Kweskin, November 11, 2009, on learning of the cancellation of Blues on WGBH and Folk on WGBH.

p.s. If you have information of a more personal or sensitive nature, you can email that to 

Affiliated with... Keeping the Public in Public Radio Supporters of Folk and Blues on WGBH Support Larry Monroe and Paul Ray at KUT htt...

Whereas "Keeping..." is news oriented (NPR's "Project Argo", the HD radio scam, station takeovers, dropping music in favor of syndicated NPR/APR programs and talk shows, recalcitrant station bureaucrats, etc.), "NPR ate..." is a place where displaced and dissatisfied former fans/members of public stations that have been overrun by the NPR "borg" can share storeis of how they have been affected.

Prometheus Radio Project

...and its Facebook mirror....

The Prometheus Radio Project builds, supports, and advocates for community radio stations that bring together and empower local, participatory voices and movements for social change. To that end, Prometheus strives to: demystify technologies; illuminate the political process that governs access to our media system; and demonstrate the powerful effects of media on our lives and our communities!

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