Sunday, August 15, 2010

notloB Folk Concerts Seeks Artists for September and October

notloB Folk Concerts... (website) (mail list) (Facebook fan page)
...presents old-time, traditional folk, revival folk, Celtic, blues and bluegrass music.

For September we had planned to present a band from Maine but it has had a personnel change and is on hiatus.  We have not firmed our October booking and considering other artists/bands.

The venue, the Unity Church of God, seats 175 and is located just outside of Davis Square, Somerville.  Past artists include  
The Folk Brothers (Jack Hardy and David Massengill), 
The Hanneke Cassel Band, featuring Ari Friedman, cello & Christopher Lewis, guitar w/ Fionnuala O'Donovan (and surprise guest Emma Beaton)
Bob Franke and Martin Grosswendt
The Folk Arts Quartet & Broken Blossoms
Joy Kills Sorrow & The Boston Boys
FRFF "most wanted" showcase Abi Tapia and BMUZ
Spider John Koerner w/ Elizabeth Butters
The Ungar Family Band
Jonathan Byrd, Greg Klyma & Anthony DaCosta
Lissa Schneckenburger Band w/ Ari and Mia Friedman
Jeremy Kittel Band (featuring Tristan Clarridge, Simon Chrisman and Bodek Janke)
Blue Moose and the Unbuttoned Zippers (second time)
Sam Weiser - NEFMA benefit
Red Hot Blacktop
Tao Rodriguez-Seeger Band
The Folk Arts Quartet (second time)

Who would you like to be presented in September and October?

Artists/agents - please read the Artist Booking Policy

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