Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hanna Read's Pledge Project for her debut solo CD, "Wrapped in Lace"

notloB not only supports rising musicians by presenting them in live performance, we also support them when they go into the recording studio to produce their first (and subsequent) CD('s). This occasion is no exception.

Hannah first performed for notloB when as a Berklee undergrad on April 11, 2009, she was a founding member of the Folk Arts Quartet.

If you are not already familiar with Hannah, you soon will be.

My Debut Album

January 2012

Dear all,
Having grown up in Scotland and lived in Paris, Boston and now currently residing in New York City – I have managed to gather many many stories and experiences to form a little group of original songs, which I am binding together to form my debut album!
In late November last year, my band, alongside some very special guests, took to a central Manhattan studio to record a collection of my new songs. I am absolutely thrilled to have completed this initial step of the recording process, however for my album to be taken to the next step of mixing, production, printing and distribution, I need YOUR help!
Today is the first day of a 30 day campaign and I am working with PledgeMusic in order to raise funds for my record. PledgeMusic allows musicians like myself to connect with  friends around the Globe, creating a cooperative, whereby we can work together to make projects like my album, come to life! In exchange for a donation, we offer a variety of gifts such as signed CDs, new t-shirts, fiddle lessons and even house concerts (read the full list on myPledgeMusic page). All proceeds raised go directly towards funding the remaining production processes. Also, all funds raised after the campaign goal is met will be donated to the UK based charity, Breakthrough Breast Cancer.
Any contribution made is much appreciated, be it a pledge or even mentioning this project to a friend. This record can only be made possible because of you and I promise to give my very best work in return. I can't wait to share this music with you!
The wonderfully talented group of people involved are:
Hannah Read (vocals & fiddle)
Christian Li (all keys)
Kenji Herbert (electric guitar)
Gabriel Smith (drums & percussion)
Mike Bono (acoustic guitar)
Jared Henderson (double bass)
Charlie Van Kirk (producer)
and some other very special guests.

View Hannah's Pledge video!!     

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