Saturday, April 14, 2012

Feets Don't Fail me Now! (oops)

Kudos to "Boston's NPR music station" WUMB for producing a tribute to Lowell George and Little Feat....

Join Albert O starting at 8 this Saturday for Highway 61 Revisited, as he pays special tribute to the legendaryLowell George. The revered guitarist and leader ofLittle Feat would have turned 67 on Friday. Click hereto find out about all the specials on WUMB this week.
posted 4.12.12

...but at additional program details...
Highway 61 Revisited 8:00 amA special tribute to Lowell George of Little FeetLowell George of Little Feet would have turned 67 this past Friday. Albert O will feature the incredible work he did with Little Feet as well as the other folk rock gems from the 60's and 70's. 

oops, oops and oops, three wrong "feet" do not make a right!

Perhaps WUMB and its web editor would benefit from a remedial course in 70's rock education, else leave it to others who know better.

For the benefit of the WUMB editor, from Wiki

Little Feat is an American rock band formed by singer-songwriter, lead vocalist and guitarist Lowell George and keyboardist Bill Payne in 1969 in Los Angeles.
Founding member and band leader Lowell George passed away in June, 1979. The band has undergone several changes in its lineup, the music remains an eclectic blend of rock and. roll,bluesR&Bboogiecountryfolkgospelsoulfunk and jazz fusion influences.
Little Feat (1969–72)
Little Feat (1972–79)
Little Feat (1987–93)
Little Feat (1993-Jan. 2009)
Little Feat (Jan. 2009-Aug. 2009)
Little Feat (Aug. 2009–present)

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notloB said...

Eli Polonsky paid tribute to Lavon today, it is available as an archive for two weeks at


Hi folks,

Taking your requests and suggestions for my Tuesday edition of WMBR's "Lost & Found" 1960s/'70s show. Music of the original
"FM free-form underground radio" era: Psychedelic and "lost"
album rock, "prog" rock, folk and folk-rock, blues, blues-rock,
country-rock, and whatever else might fit.

Many programs on many stations have done tributes to the great Levon Helm since he sadly passed on last Thursday, and I don't feel that we can ever get enough of Levon, so I will be doing my tribute in the second hour of the show today. I'll span as much of his career as possible, starting with his work with Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks to his latest release with his own band, and music from the first time I saw him with The Band at the Watkins Glen festival in 1973 (and not from the bogus CD that was released that is mostly not actually from the festival), and from the last time I saw him at the Gathering of the Vibes festival in CT last summer. Any suggestions for Levon are welcome!

Also, I hope to have time to touch on a mini-tribute to Chris Ethridge, bassist, pianist and songwriter with the International
Submarine Band and the Flying Burrito Brothers (with Gram
Parsons), session musician for numerous artists from the '70s
on, and later, a member of Willie Nelson's touring band. Chris
passed away yesterday.

12 noon-2 PM EDT, WMBR 88.1 FM in greater Boston, streaming online and archived for two weeks at

Thanks for listening,

Eli Polonsky - Tuesday host
"Lost & Found" 1960s/'70s music
Weekdays 12 noon - 2 PM EDT
WMBR 88.1 FM MIT Cambridge, MA ("Lost & Found" blog) (real-time playlists) (website, stream and archives)