Thursday, August 23, 2012

Local Musician Geoff Bartley Donates Proceeds of "The Ballad of Dave Rizzuti" to Rebuilding New Orleans

From 3x notloB artist Geoff Bartley (8/18/07, 11/14/08 & 3/7/10)

"Dear friends, fans, and everybody else with no idea how they ever ended up on this scurrilous list,
Following Hurricane Katrina, my friend Dave Rizzuti was so ticked at the 
George W. Bush administration's indifferent response to the destruction in New Orleans that he went down there to help. When he got there, he hooked up with an outfit called Community Collaborations International (CCI). CCI works around the world to restore and rebuild communities that have suffered damage from natural disasters. Dave goes down to the Big Easy every year to help rebuild and has also been to Haiti with CCI to help down there.
I wrote a swampy bluesy song about Dave called... you guessed it... The Ballad of Dave Rizzuti... and sent it to the guy who owns and runs CCI. He liked it and sent it to his marketing guy. I suggested putting it up for sale to benefit New Orleans, and he promptly put it up at with all proceeds going to CCI specifically to help rebuild New Orleans.
If you go here: you can hear my fabulous song. Give your email and zipcode to CCI in the spaces provided on the page if you want to download my song for free.
It's a pretty cool song... bluesy and swampy. I sang all the parts, played the basic National steel guitar part, then added mandolin, electric upright bass, and two electric guitar parts... whoa!
You'll also be given the opportunity to send from $1 to $25 to CCI specifically to help rebuild New Orleans.
P.S. The page at says "support this artist"... the "artist" is CCI... this is the way all pages at are set up.

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