Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rushad a car commercial???!!!

notloB Folk Concerts artist emeritus and Berklee graduate Rushad Eggleston co-features with Tina Guo the yet-to-be released "2014 Mazda6 - Global Reveal" commercial, covering the Kinks "All Day and All of the Night"

 (note 3/1/14, the original video has been taken down, this is a replacement from Youtube)
See photo outtakes here. 
The Kinks' original:

Rushad's band, Tornado Rider, was a huge hit at the recent Grey Fox Bluegrass (Oak Hill, NY) and Rhythm and Roots (Charlestown, RI) Festivals. Rushad also performed at Grey Fox with notloB alum and Berklee professor Darol Anger and Bruce Molsky (coming to notloB in late Winter) at Grey Fox as the "Old-Tyme Kozmik Trio." 

Tornado Rider - Rushad Eggleston crowd surfs and plays cello with his teeth - Rhythm & Roots 2012
Fred Robbins

Tornado Rider - "Bob Jumped Over the Fence" - Backstage Cam - Rhythm & Roots 2012
Fred Robbins

Old-Tyme Kosmik Trio - "Cotton Eyed Joe" - Grey Fox 2012
Fred Robbins

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