Saturday, March 2, 2013

Si Kahn's new musical "Precious Memories": From Eastern Kentucky to the Lower East Side

Si's last play, Silver Spoon, a delight, was developed locally produced for a decently long run by the Nora  Theater Company at the Central Square Theater. Let's hope he brings "Precious Memories" to Cambridge. Until then, please share this news with left coast friends, and work with your local producer or organization to bring the production "to your community, college or conference."

From Si Kahn

Si Kahn's new musical "Precious Memories": From Eastern Kentucky to the Lower East Side

Friends, you're probably too far from Sebastopol, California to join me this weekend for the first every performances of my new musical "Precious Memories," starring old time banjo player Sue Massek of the Reel World String Band as Bell County, Kentucky traditional singer and union songwriter Sarah Ogan Gunning.

But I want to be sure you know about the show, in the hope that some day soon you'll bring Sarah and her siblings Jim Garlamd and and Aunt Molly Jackson to your community, college or conference.

All the best, Si

  a work in progress by Si Kahn    performed by Sue Massek 
  of the "Reel World String Band"SATURDAY, MARCH 2 AT 8:00 pm

   Sebastopol, California

THE PLAY: Part memory play, part eulogy, part concert, this one-woman show written by legendary folk singer and community organizer Si Kahn traces the life of Sarah Ogan Gunning, an unsung hero of American folk/labor music history.  The play finds Sarah alone in her Detroit basement apartment on the evening after her sister Aunt Molly Jackson's funeral, as she attempts to set the record straight and say goodbye.  Although Sarah Ogan Gunning is a name almost unknown to us today, her powerful songs about the coal mining region of Eastern Kentucky in the 1930's were an influence on Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger and other famous folk singers of her day.

(Discussion immediately following with playwright, actor and director)

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