Monday, December 30, 2013

WUMB to Deep Six the Grateful Dead Hour

From David Gans, "The Grateful Dead Hour" producer' Facebook page:
"WUMB is planning to drop 
The Grateful Dead Hour after January 12. Please ask them to reconsider - and to move the show back to a more accessible time, too!"

The Grateful Dead, Kresge Plaza, MIT, Cambridge, MA May 6, 1970

The notice is accompanied by a letter from Jay Moburg, NPR affiliate WUMB's music and program director. From
Hi David
I’m sorry to let you know that as of 1/12 we’re not going to be airing The Grateful Dead Hour. We need to streamline our programming for now.I’m sorry, if you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email.
Jay Moberg
WUMB Music and Program Director
David ends the cloudsurfing post with an appeal to Boston-area deadheads, "If you’d like the station to keep carrying the Grateful Dead Hour, please let them know ASAP! Send email to"

The programming change has yet to appear on either the WUMB website nor on the "WUMB Radio Network" blog, which was last updated on May 30, 2012.

This decision to drop The Grateful Dead Hour certainly comes as no surprise. 
Reason 1. If memory serves, about 2-3 years ago the program was moved from midnight Friday to 4am Sunday, an hour only the heartiest of arts types are awake.
Reason 2. 
For the past 5 years or so, since WUMB drank the federal kool-aid by accepting Corporation for Public Broadcasting dollars and becoming a National Public Radio outlet (one of four in Boston, the others being WGBH, WBUR and WCRB), WUMB programming has become more and more mainstream pop AAA,. Judging by its Monday through Friday programming and its member concerts, the Grateful Dead Hour and WUMB are strange bedfellows. 

It will be interesteing to see how this plays out, what WUMB replaces the Greatful Dead Hour with. My money is on some NPR syndicated milquetoast program, such as World Cafe.
And if WUMB is cost cutting (due to its extensive network of transmitters and translators (covering from southern Maine and New Hampshire to the Quabbin Reservoir to the Cape and Islands) and high administrative salaries (according to state records, Interim Station Manager and Underwriting Patty Domeniconi will make $95,804.70 in 2013)?), what's next?

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Uncle john said...

There are other options ALWAYS.

GDRADIO.NET will never drop The Grateful Dead Hour.
It airs Mondays at 9am and 9pm and on
Thursdays at 10pm (All times Eastern).