Sunday, March 1, 2015

Ellie and Suaima | Jenna and Mairi

Ellie and Suaima | Jenna and Mairi
Sunday, March 22, 7:30pm
Outpost 186

186 Hampshire Street (Inman Square) Cambridge

Ellie & Sumaia

As long-time friends from their studies at Berklee College of Music, Ellie Buckland and Sumaia Jackson explore their mutual love of songs with accompaniment of guitar and fiddle. To this new project, both musicians bring backgrounds in American Old Time Appalachian music as well as Bluegrass and Celtic fiddle styles.  
Stemming from these influences comes Ellie's original songs, complemented by Sumaia's engaging and lyrical fiddle playing. As a duo, their delicate interpretation of songs demonstrate a deep understanding of the melodic and rhythmic aspects of traditional roots music while blending elements of contemporary sound.

Jenna & Mairi

Rooted in traditional Scottish and Appalachian Old-Time music, Jenna and Mairi have developed a sound which celebrates and explores beautiful melodies. The pair met whilst studying at Berklee College of Music and are a product of the thriving and rich Boston music community. Jenna and Mairi have both been heavily steeped in tradition, but their arrangements push boundaries with original compositions and breathe new life into old tunes.

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