Sunday, May 7, 2017

OldTone Music (and dance) Festival announces new site plan; early bird tickets expire at midnight

Oldtone Roots Music Festival 
September 7-10, 2017
Cool Whisper Farm, N. Hillsdale, NY

has announced its layout for 2017

For those who attended this tiny gem (as they say, "Think Winterhawk/Nobett Hill!") last year, you will see a huge improvement this year. The main stage is being moved away from the farm compound, to the area occupied last year by day parking. The workshop stage will be moved to the former main stage location.

But the best news is camping has been added closer to the main grounds, above the main stage! This means campers will be able to see and hear main stage acts from their sites!

Love the new layout!

Note: map is stylized and not to scale.

From the festival:

Dear Friends and Family,
We wanted to take a moment to make sure all those that want to come to Oldtone 2017 have saved the dates & telling their friends! 
We are having a lot of fun planning this years festival, and it is challenging and time-consuming to found a Roots Arts Organization. We are dedicated and working very hard to make sure Oldtone is successful and we thank everyone we know personally that has helped Oldtone so in the last year. It has been amazing to have so many wonderful people pitch in and support our vision.
We wanted to let you know that the time to get tickets is now. Early Bird Day & Camping Tickets save substantial buckaroos! So please take advantage of it, it’s a great way to support the festival and save money too. You can get your tickets here:
Another great way to help is to be an Oldtone Volunteer, which gives you comp tickets, and makes you a part of our growing Oldtone Family. Volunteering is actually really fun, and having reliable people we know take on those simple jobs is a huge help for us! Please contact Beth if you would like to Volunteer: or click on this link: Volunteer at Oldtone!!

In addition this year we are adding the option to be a personal sponsor and financial supporter of Oldtone Roots Music Festival and join us in our mission to preserve, teach, and create experiences of the American Oral tradition that is Roots Music. Contact Beth about sponsoring a band, having your name in the program, or having your name burned into the main stage posts for the life of the stage. More info coming soon.

We’ve had so much fun planning this year’s line up. And there are some big improvements such as moving the main stage to a much better spot, with the main camping in a horseshoe shape all around it! Think Winterhawk/Nobett Hill! 

Please Spread The Word. Facebook shares, posts, and forwarding an email or two about Oldtone really does help, and we rely on you helping us spread the word.

Video Preview of Oldtone Roots Music Festival--Click HERE! 

Also: Look for SuperTONE-July 22nd, which has launched!

Thank You to all our good friends and family members that have given us such strong support, we are so grateful! 

Kip, Matt, Jim, Beth and the Hundreds of Wonderful Volunteers!
Oldtone Roots Music Festival 
Foghorn Stringband, The Revelers, Jesse Lége, Bill and The Bells and much more...
September 7-10, 2017 Cool Whisper Farm, N. Hillsdale, NY

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