Thursday, December 18, 2008

2008 FolkWax Artist and Album of the Year Awards!

The nomination process is now open for the 2008 FolkWax Artist and Album of the Year Awards! Simply send your nomination for both categories to
Please add '2008 Nominations' in the subject of your email. The Final
Ballot will be announced in the issue of January 1, 2009.

My nominations for best album and artist go to 'Blackbirds in the Pie', Geoff Bartley's (Notlob 8/18/07 & 11/15/08) first album since his critically acclaimed 'One Kind Word' (1998). It's pure Geoff. I urge you to consider giving Geoff and 'Blackbirds' your votes.

Blackbirds in the Pie CD cover artA new CD of seventeen songs and instrumentals, half of them originals, has been released! Material ranges from a humorous version of Bessie Smith's Send Me to the ..Lectric Chair with a guest appearance by Billy Novick on clarinet to the heart-warming Song of Imaginary Gifts to the personal and mystical Open Any Door, both Bartley originals. Production values range from solo resonator guitar to full band.

But if 'Blackbirds' is not your cup of Pabst, please share your thoughts.

p.s. the gorgeous artwork was done by Lisa Bastoni.

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