Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Support Down Home Music & Arhoolie

From Nina Feldman, by way of David Gans . Please forward to California friends, and note you can purchase Down Home's offerings from the web.

Now who are you going to support, a family/locally-owned business that also runs a great roots record label, or a or big box store or web business owned by a conglomerate corporation?

Down Home Music needs our support. The store has been a cultural institution since 1976; Chris Strachwitz has been producing non-commercial roots music on Arhooliedownhomemusic.com. since 1959. Down Home is currently on the endangered species list, soon to become extinct w/out our continued customer support. Open house: Discuss ways to save the store 9/5/09, 2pm, 10341 San Pablo Ave., El Cerrito CA 94530 (510) 525 2129

–Nina Feldman

From Down Home's news page

2008 has been a pretty rough year for the retail music business and for Down Home Music. We unfortunately had to close our experiment at 1809 4th street in Berkeley due to escalating costs and declining sales. Our apologies to all our faithful fans and great customers. However, we're still hanging in here in El Cerrito and plan to be around as long as we can. We installed additional listening stations throughout the store and expanded our new and used LP vinyl room. We're currently working on a functional internet database so our far flung fans can still order good music and we've set up shop on EBAY for certain high end collectibles.

Whenever possible, we try and bring local live music and hot out of town acts to perform free daytime promotional gigs live in store. We advertise these events on flyers and community calendars. But the most reliable way to stay informed is to get yourself on our email list. Write us at mail@downhomemusic.com and we'll sign you up. Also don't forget to check this space for updates.

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