Saturday, December 19, 2009

Put the Big Stone Down

I have yet to hear "Put the Big Stone Down", but if it is half as good as "Blackbirds in the Pie", buy it on blind faith!

Geoff will be appearing solo and without amplification in notloB's "kitchen" series at at the Jackson Homestead on Sunday, March 7. Capacity is limited to 30, so reservations are recommended*.

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This will be Geoff's third notloB appearance

8/18/07 at the Loring-Greenough House (Eliza Blue opened)


11/15/08 at the Clarendon Hill Presbyterian Church (co-feature with Mary McCaslin) - CD release party for "Blackbirds in the Pie"

*Please note the new notloB Folk Concerts reservation address is


From Geoff Bartley

Dear friends, fans, and everyone else with no idea how they ever ended up on this scurrilous list,

My new CD Put the Big Stone Down is here! To receive one by mail, send $20 check or money order made payable to me to Cantab Lounge, 738 Mass Ave, Cambridge MA 02139, attn Geoff Bartley. Remember to include your mailing address. I'll sign your copy(s) upon request. Signing activates the CD so it plays in its Full Stereo-Phonic Splendor. All my CDs come with an Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee.

Song titles for Put the Big Stone Down are:

1) Put the Big Stone Down (Bartley) w/ Howie Tarnower on mandolin
2) Blue Moon on New Years Eve (Bartley) w/ harmony vocal by Miss Tess
3) Occam's Razor (Bartley / guitar instrumental)
4) Muscle for the Wing (Bartley)
5) Song to a Hawk (Bartley / instrumental w/ Jeff Stout on trumpet and Paul Lenart on electric guitar, electric bass guitar, and percussion)
6) Good-Bye Father (Bartley)
7) The Losing Part (Tom Paxton)
8) The Cat Song (Bartley)
9) Trickle-Down Theory (Bartley / instrumental)
10) Money is King (The growling Tiger) w/ Hiro Arita on 2nd guitar
11) Nobody Cares (Ed White)
12) Look Down the Road (Skip James)
13) Look Down outro (Bartley / instrumental)

Put the Big Stone Down will shortly be available as downloads. 250 physical copies will also be available shortly with a download card that you can give to a friend for a FREE DOWNLOAD of a song I have yet to choose. Each card contains wildflower seeds. After it's been used to get a FREE DOWNLOAD, each card can be planted. The paper will bio-degrade and wildflowers will grow. Cool idea from Nimbit!

This CD (and all my others) are available at the Cantab every Monday and Tuesday night and at all my live shows.

THANK YOU everyone for your encouragement and support.


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