Saturday, December 26, 2009

Which side are you on?

What do...

Jim Kweskin
Jug band musician

Bill Keith
Bluegrass & jug band musician

Betsy Siggins Schmidt
Folk club manager/director

Avi J. Salloway
Roots musician

Debra Cowan
Folk musician

Mark Brine
Traditional country musician

Aoife Clancy
Celtic musician

Paul Rishell
Blues musician

Jack Hardy
Folk musician

Taylor Armerding
Bluegrass musician

Jeff Boudreau
Folk concert producer

Jack Radcliffe
Folk festival producer

Earl Fromm Ohio
Celtic podcast program producer/host

Ellen F. Schmidt
Folk musician & open mic host

Bob Childs

Gil Scott Heron
Jazz musician

Anne Feeney
Folk musician / activist

Michael Troy
Folk musician

Jason Beek
Roots musician

Erin Harpe
Blues musician

Podunk Bluegrass
Bluegrass festival producer

Dom Flemons
Roots musician

Deering Banjos

Northshore Folk Festival
Folk festival producer

Art Tebbetts
Folk musician

James Montgomery
Blues musician

Smithsonian Folkways (Smithsonian Institution)
Folk record company

...and about 1250 others have in common?

All are members of "supporters of folk and blues on WGBH".

Are you also concerned the direction "public" radio is going? Which side are you on?

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