Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Thanksgiving Post that Ain't No Turkey

Back on April 12 notloB presented Darol Anger and Emy Phelps with very special guest Sharon Gilchrist at the historic Loring-Greenough House in Boston's Jamaica Plain neighborhood. For background, read

Today our good friend "Second Cousin Curley" posted to NEFolk notice of a new article that looks back at the concert in context of one of the tunes played that night, “Cherokee Shuffle."

A Thanksgiving Post that Ain't No Turkey  
“Cherokee Shuffle” is one of the most popular fiddle tunes in bluegrass. This week at we try to untangle its interesting musical lineage with help of a tasty rendition of the tune by Darol Anger, Sharon Gilchrist and Emy Phelps from their concert last spring at the Loring-Greeenough House. Coming on the cusp of Thanksgiving, you can view this post as 
a)    a maladroit tribute to the central role of Native Americans in the founding of the nation;
b)    a pathetic attempt to populate folksy listservs and online forums with 50 centime words like “maladroit;”
c)    an inspiration to play this and other old favorites as you gather with friends and family;
d)    a brief respite from all the cooking and socializing;
e)    all of the above.Happy Thanksgiving!Yer Pal-- Curly
Read On the Trail of the Lost Indian and enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving.

p.s. Here's the video for those who can't wait.

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