Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bluegrass on the Bogs Goes Dry

From its Facebook page:
We would just like to formally announce that Bluegrass On The Bogs is not planning a festival for 2013 and have no plans for another festival in the foreseeable future. We would like to thank all the musicians who have played at this festival throughout the years, the vendors and all those who came for the love of bluegrass. Thank you all for your support. Many friendships have been formed over the years and those will live on. Within the next week, we will be closing this site. Again, thank you all for your support.

It is sad to see yet another small festival or music festival go under. In this case it was not for lack of patron support or losing a lease, rather it was the key individuals producing it found continuing over-bearing and could find no others willing to take up the mantle and carry on.

The Festival's website has been taken down but its 
Facebook page is still operational.


A growing, grass-roots, volunteer- based, amazingly entertaining, organically- grown and much loved festival....
Three day acoustic non-traditional bluegrass festival. Camping, jams, artisan, food vendors, kids events, workshops, holistic treatments, swimming, boating and more!

The festival had a fine seven year run at the 
Maple Park Family Campground, let's hope it will return in the future.

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notloB said...

It appears the announcement of the demise of Bluegrass on the Bogs was premature. Probably more accurately, it is back from the other side. I have word from its former organizer another has stepped up to lead the effort and it will be back in May. Details to follow when more has been authorized.