Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2008 Falcon Ridge / Grassy Hill "Most Wanted" artists announced

Received from Abi Tapia, 2/3:

Abi is Most Wanted

Falcon Ridge Folk Festival '09, Here I Come...

I just found out that festival audiences voted me o
ne of their favorites from the '08 class of emerging artists! This means I'll get to come back and play at the '09 festival along with Amy Speace, Lucy Wainwright Roche and Blue Moose and the Unbuttoned Zippers. Wahoo! We might do some other shows around the Northeast together, too. Stay tuned.

From a very stong pool of artists....

Jenee Halstead-Boston
Ashleigh Flynn-Portland OR
The Low Anthem-Providence RI
Katie Sawicki-Portland OR
Robby Hecht-Nashville
Gretchen Witt-NYC
Michael Tiernan-San Diego CA
Lucy Wainwright-Roche-Brooklyn NY
Brad Colerick-S Pasadena CA
Carrie Elkin-Austin TX
Blue Moose & the Unbuttoned Zippers-Boston
Abi Tapia-Austin TX
Emily Mure-NYC
Rj Cowdery-Columbus OH
Danny Schmidt-Austin TX
Brooke Brown Saracino-Northampton MA
Blind Willies-San Francisco
Anne Heaton-Somerville MA
Amy Speace-NYC
Luke Brindley-Vienna VA
Juliana Finch-Atlanta GA
Ian Fitzgerald-Somerville MA
Erin Sax Seymour-NYC

...the 2008 Falcon Ridge / Grassy Hill "Most Wanted" artists are:

Congratulations, Abi, Amy, Lucy and Blue Moose, see you at Dodds Farm in 6 short months, unless a "most wanted" tour is at hand?????

Update 2/4: As of 11am, official word from the festival itself has been posted to neither its website nor to its mail list. But the following appears on the "Camp Fruvous" Google group. Although quantitative, its source(s) are not cited, so regard as unofficial.

The votes are in and the people have spoken.

From a total of 440 surveys completely filled out this year, about a third of the usual since most were lost in the storm, the results are:

1. Amy Speace - garnering votes from 30% of the voting audience

2. Blue Moose & the Unbuttoned Zippers - a very close second at 29%

3. Abi Tapia and Lucy Wainwright Roche - just about tied with 22% and 21% of the voters respectively

They will be on the Most Wanted Song Swap in 2009. There is no official preview tour but some dates my be booked.

Edit 2/19: Falcon Ridge 2008 Emerging Artist Showcase Posted by Jake Jacobson to Facebook.

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