Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dave Van Ronk, 6/30/1936 - 2/10/2002

Today marks the passing of folk artist extrordinair Dave Van Ronk.

I'd like to share part of a recent message from David Massengill . Back in the day, Dave took a young Massengill under his wing as his driver/road buddy.

"Thanks for remembering Dave. I think of him so often. He always had time for me. Roy Bookbinder admired many things about Dave, one being his ease at being a gracious celebrity. I thinks the world of his artistry but also personally his brotherly concern for his many, many friends and admirers. I will pass on your remembrance to Dave's wife Andrea Vucollo. Last year the People's Voice Cafe in NYC had a Dave Van Ronk night that I hosted and we are repeating it this year .... I'll send more info later....."

Dave Van Ronk was a catylist in the creation of Jack Hardy's "Fast Folk ". Jack tells the story of some trickery used for the first meeting. Jack told all other artists that Dave was aboard, and all the others that Dave was aboard. When Dave heard so many others were aboard, he said "sure" (I'd love to have the exact wording, sure it was much more colorful).

The rest is history.

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