Sunday, November 15, 2009

1000 supporters of folk and blues on WGBH can't be wrong!

On Saturday, November 6, WGBH announced it was canceling "Folk on WGBH" and "Blues on WGBH", starting it down the road to being a "single format" news/talk station.

The Facebook group, "supporters of folk and blues on WGBH", on its seventh day, reached 1000 members.

It seems WGBH management and its media consultants, are out of touch with the "folk". Or in the words of Jim Kweskin,

I can only assume this has something to do with the almighty dollar. Isn't this supposed to be public radio and aren't we the public. Folk music has been a mainstay on WGBH for as long as I can remember. Acoustic artists are as popular as ever and in some ways even more popular then in days gone by. I don't get it. WGBH should be ashamed of itself. Well, as Ma Joad said, "We're the people and you can't stop us and you can't lick us. We just keep coming, 'cause we're the people"

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