Thursday, November 12, 2009

Brian Quinn, WUMB program director, "laid off"

This past Saturday we learned that WGBH was dropping its "Folk on WGBH" and "Blues on WGBH" programs.

This past Tuesday, Brian Quinn, WUMB program director for 20 years, posted to NortheastFolknRoots he had been "laid off".

I have extracted several press releases going back over the years relevant to Brian's work at WUMB, mostly before it turned from folk to "music mix". Read them here, in an unpublished area of the notloB Folk Music website. This area also contains biographies of Naomi Arenberg, Brad Paul and Brendan Hogan, all late of WGBH.
that he had been laid off.

Where's the outrage, people?

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