Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lissa Schneckenburger & Bethany Waickman @ St. James Hall

Videos of Lissa and Bethany's recent concert at the St. James Hall in Kitsilano (Vancouver), produced by the Rogue Folk Club

Lissa Schneckenburger - New England Fiddler and Folk Singer
Bethany Waickman - Guitar

Lamplighter's hornpipe (trad)
Suffer the Child (by Greg Boardman)
The Lady Walpole's Reel (trad)
The Mountain Ranger (trad)
Nancy King (by David Kaynor)
The Old Beggerman (trad)
The Ranch (by Lissa)
The Minstrel Show (by Bob Coltman)
The Lumberman in town (trad)
Go Ken Go (by Lissa)

Posted with permission from Lissa and Bethany.

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