Saturday, December 29, 2012

Boston's NPR Music Station WUMB not to be outdone by Student/Community WMBR's Annual "Cheese Patrol"

In follow-up to yesterday's Bring on the Cheese!, whereas student/community radio station WMBR chooses to concentrate the playing of cheesy songs in one fourteen hour orgy, "Boston's NPR Music Station" WUMB ("a community service of UMass Boston") (some would say a disservice) has a policy of playing piss-poor songs Mondays through Fridays 52 weeks per year.

Here, extracted from Towards Independent College / Community Radio WUMB is a compilation of videos of cheesy songs (or as the page moderators call them, "klunkers") played by WUMB over the past twelve months. 

So when WMBR's "Cheese Patrol" ends at 2am tomorrow morning, be comforted to know that one can turn to "Boston's NPR Music Station" for endless cheese, er klunkers.

Presented to you as a community disservice.....

In 30 minutes, tune in to listen to some real cheese from a real college/community radio station.

WMBR Cheese Patrol 2012
Today at 12:00pm
WMBR-FM (Cambridge) 88.1 FM or
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