Friday, December 7, 2012

Don't let this happen again

The following Facebook dialogue is reproduced to help insure it does not happen again. Its source is Spider John Koerner Enthusiasts -

  • From a friend in Somerville. Received seconds ago.
    "i'm at sally o'brien's in somerville and spider john koerner is about to start playing and there are not all that many people here...looking forward to some good music."
    I call that piss poor publicity. Shameful.
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    • Barbara Hope What a shame! If I were back there, I'd be there. I used to see him and Bonnie Raitt at Jack's in Cambridge. He's wonderful.
    • Jeff Boudreau Not a word of the gig on his page, either
      Traditional American folk and country blues musician, rhythmic guitarist, song-crafter, singer, and humorist.
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    • Eli Polonsky I had no idea that he's at O'Brien's right now. It's on the concert list on O'Brien's website, but has not been for long. No Facebook event from O'Brien's, just a wall post on their page earlier this evening just before he went on. Terrible.
    • Eli Polonsky My comment to Sally's on their post: 
      "I had no idea he was there. He deserves more advance publicity than just a wall post when he's just about to begin to play. You should create Facebook events for your shows in advance and invite your page members to them, especially when there's such a noted and legendary artist as Spider John".
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    • Jeff Boudreau 
      Their page is not set up for events, which is elementary for any entertainment establishment. I mean, why bother having a page if the fundamentals are not done?
      ‎"Sally O’Brien’s, close by Union Square in Somerville..... a mecca for American...See More
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    • Eli Polonsky I thought that any "like" (fan) page could create events. I assumed that none appear there because they haven't created one yet.
    • Jeff Boudreau Events are created via a standard app that need to be added, which takes 2 seconds. Once installed any number of events can be created as required. I saw this same issue with a restaurant in Arlington hosting a Bill Lee dinner. The admin did not know how to do the initial app load so created an event on her personal page. I learned of it 4th hand. As a member of the page I should have known much sooner. Unlike the poor house at Sally's it appears the event will sell out to the admin's personal friends.
    • Eli Polonsky Well, at least I got to see him do a couple of songs on a stage with many other artists at the WBCN film documentary benefit concert in Boston last night, and he sounded great, but no word there about him playing O'Brien's tonight.
    • Jeff Boudreau Well, maybe he was comfortable playing an unadvertised gig in a bar. But had his management contacted me when his routing was being done I would have accepted a booking. Handed him close to 4 figures June '09.
      SpiderJohn Koerner
      notloB Folk Concerts has produced not-for-profit concerts in the greater Boston ...See More
    • John D. Santamaria Been waiting for Spider John to return to Sally's. Checked his web site again just last week. Strange not posted there.
    • Eli Polonsky They don't post a given month's listings on their website until just about the beginning of the month. Listings for shows that are later in a month have a better chance of being seen by more people. Listings for shows early in a month may be up for only a few days before the show dates.
    • Linda Knudsen Degenhardt Jeff, I am the one who updates John's (and Tony's) website. Please let me know whenever you know of any gigs for John/them in your area -- or anywhere, for that matter. Same to anyone else who hears that John is playing. I rely on others to contact me, and no one has let me know anything for a very long time. Sometimes when I have time, I look for things already online, but haven't had time to do that. So now you all know why the website hasn't been updated. I usually need about 3 days notice to get things posted on time. My apologies to all for not getting the word out. I am in rural SW Wisconsin --my excuse for not getting the news any other way. BTW, John is his own management.  My contact info is on the website-- or PM me here on FB. Thanks!
    • Jeff Boudreau Will do, but my connection is through a third party, who in this case obviously did not connect.
    • Katherine Werner AND on SJK's "new official website," his calendar ends in September 2012, or maybe it's 2011 = not clear.
      Spider John Koerner New Official Website, booking info, calendar (gig schedule),
      Spider John Koerner Agency, Spider John Koerner Booking Agency, Spider John Koerner Agent, biography, discography,press quotes, folk tales

      appended 12/7:

      FYI--I maintain John's "official" website-- but I cannot add what I do not know about. Please email me via the website ( if you have any information. No one has sent anything since September. This is not a paying gig, people. I do it for John. I love his music, and do it because I want to-- and because Dave encouraged... 12 years ago, his web presence was a page added to another's site, and it was rarely accessible. I learned how to make the funky current site, write html, and I pay for the space, and the extra email address, and try to keep as current as I can. It's my small contribution... But sometimes shit happens. I'm in rural SW WI, and sources are limited. Please help. (PS I need about 3 days usually to get things posted on time!) Thanks!

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