Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2013 Northeast Folk Music Festivals and Dance Camps

Like march tree sap, information about the northeast's dance and music camps and festivals is starting to flow. As it reaches me I update the NEFolk's Festival and Camp Database with basic elements (what, when, where, URL, etc.) and, being a resource, not a service, invite the festival/camp publicist to themselves post complete information to NEFolk's 650 members.

The database has been updated with basic information about:
Start Date End DateFestival / Camp Name
02/15/1302/17/13Joe Val Bluegrass Festival
03/01/1303/03/13March Mandolin Festival
04/12/1304/14/13Fiddle Camp North, Spring Edition
04/12/1304/14/13Mandolin Camp North / Fiddle Camp North
04/19/1304/21/13New England Folk Festival
05/17/1305/19/13Banjo Camp North, Spring Edition
05/17/1305/19/13Bluegrass on the Bogs
06/07/1306/09/13People's Music Summer Gathering
06/14/1308/23/13Maine Fiddle Camp
06/15/1306/16/13Clearwater's Great Hudson River Revival
06/23/1306/29/13Northeast Heritage Music Camp (NHMC)
07/01/1307/13/13Acadia School of Traditional Music and Arts
07/12/1307/20/13Pinewoods Scottish Sessions
07/31/1308/04/13Appalacian String Band Music Festival (Clifftop)
08/02/1308/04/13Falcon Ridge Folk Festival
08/08/1308/12/13Rustic Root Primitive Music Camp
08/30/1309/01/13Rhythm and Roots Festival
....which represents only about 10% of the listings.

If you are involved with a festival/camp yourself, please submit 2013 information at http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/NEFolk/ or by email to NEFolk@yahoogroups.com
If you are a festival/camp fan and want it to attract other patrons, please inform its management of this free service.

About the database: The database, updated 2-3x/ month, lists close to 200 NE festivals and camps. Please send comments and corrections by email to NEFolk-owner@yahoogroups.com All festivals/camps with dates contain current year information; "99" in the day field indicates either no information could be found or the producer has yet to submit to NEFolk current year information. Please encourage festival and camp producers/publicists to share information via email to NEFolk@yahoogroups.com; one of the moderators will update the database. The table was developed over several years by J. Boudreau and cannot be used for commercial or other purposes without permission.

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