Thursday, October 24, 2013

UMass Boston students peel the WUMB onion and find it stinks!

Two UMass Boston students have written an historical perspective about how the radio station licensed to their university came to have a policy of excluding students from station operations and programming.

A side finding is WUMB's operating budget, when compared to sister UMass stations WMUA (Amherst), WUML (Lowell) and WUMD (Dartmouth), is astronomical.

Read the source article,

WUMB: UMass Boston's non-UMass Boston radio station

And a related commentary,

UMass Vice Chancellor Justifies WUMB's Bloated Budget and Student Exclusion on the Grounds of Prestige and Marketing

October 24, 2013 at 4:30pm

On 10/24 about 10pm the new MassMedia article had been taken down. Luckily the section containing the budgetary information had been captured, read here:

This is the second time since September a MassMedia article on WUMB has been taken down.

If the numbers reported by MassMedia are correct it is disturbing that WUMB's budget is 20-50 times that of its sister UMass stations in Lowell, Dartmouth and Amherst.

It is also disturbing that an "independent" student newspaper takes down articles without a retraction statement.

Wonder who "got" to the staffers and/or editors? My advice to the reporters is the same Deep Throat gave to Woodward and Bernstein, to keep on the story and follow the money.

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